Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Fragments Episode #75

The holidays are at hand and I know you're stressed, so I'm glad you're here. Take a break from the holiday hustle and bustle; plop yourself on the couch and unload all of those cumbersome bags full of fragments. Wondering what the heck I'm talking about? Read this.

***We'll miss you.... Thank heaven the new season of The Bachelor is just around the corner; that should take the sting out.

***My sister Judy has moved with her husband to Tulsa, Oklahoma from Memphis Tennessee. She's told me that they don't recycle there, which makes me think Tulsa is inhabited by crazy people. (Only kidding, but come on. They don't recycle?! This is 2009!) Judy's looking for a job and for normal people to become friends with, so let me know if you live there (if you are normal, and not a serial killer or anything.) Thanks.

***What is up with the idiots who keep installing the toilet paper dispensers in bathrooms in such a way that you have to almost lie on the floor to get any from them (they're so low)? Drives me CRAZY. Is there some rule against putting them where people can reach the the paper?

***You're going to laugh about this, but I wrote an email to Dr. Phil this week, encouraging him to learn proper blogging lingo, because it drives me crazy when he says, "I wrote a blog about this issue..." Completely bonkers--I can't stand it, and he says it frequently. It's a POST, not a blog. I told him that if he doesn't want to sound like a poser, he needs to learn the lingo. I'm pretty sure he'll thank me and hire me to help him stay hip in the blogging sense from now on.

***My Favorite Friday Fragment from last week came from Hallie, of Wonderful World of Wieners....

Snow and wieners do NOT play well together. We got about 11 inches of the evil white stuff Wednesday which neither thrilled nor excited my low rider pups. No surprise there. Low riding bodies means low riding hoo-haas and hoo-hees. And those, my 2 legged friends, are NOT body parts (human or otherwise) that belong on ice.

Hallie, the "prize" goes to you this week:

***For what it's worth, we went to Tom, Dick, and Harry's restaurant one night this week but had to leave before we even got our drinks; that place (music and people) is LOUD (25 foot high metal ceiling, concrete floor.) Our decision was unanimous, which tells you this isn't just because I'm getting old.

***Here's a shot of the amazing snow angel Kyle made on the deck the other night. I guess you have to be wearing shorts and a t-shirt to get one this good :) (Check out this post for the video!)

***Made a delicious new recipe this week: Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Black Beans and Chili-Lime Dressing. Yum.

***From Mr.4444:
If olive oil comes from olives, and peanut oil comes from peanuts, where does baby oil come from? (Yeah, he's a big-time philosopher, that man.)

Okay, just dump all of your fragments under my McKlinky "tree;" we can have a little "gift" exchange....


  1. Thanks for fixing my link in such a kind way ;)

  2. Oh, I had a good couple of laughs from your fragments... Dr. Phil the poser....hee hee, he probably at most only dictates his "blogs" anyway. Hoo-haas and Hoo-hees... [snicker]. I missed out this week, I was however at MckMama's house so I'll have to get those pics up asap!


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