Saturday, December 19, 2009

Secret Santa Revealed!

Gorgeous card, huh? And it's handmade. No, of course I did not make it; whoever made this card has a lot of talent and a heart of gold, as evidenced by the loving care she put into my Secret Santa gift, which I received in a nice, heavy package in the mail on Friday. Seriously, the card is so beautiful, I would have been content with that (well, and the licorice and chocolate-covered pretzel rods.) Just look at the care she took in wrapping the gifts. ( Dina, I feel like such a slacker for putting yours in a gift bag. Sorry.)

Try not to be too jealous of this loot:

The photo does not do the scarf justice; it's absolutely gorgeous (and made in Italy, no less!) How did my Secret Santa know that I have been wearing long-johns, scarves, and gloves at school every day? Yes, it's that cold in some classrooms (blasted school budget cuts!!) This scarf is going to make me look stylish and distract students from my red, cold nose and chattering teeth. JK

So, yes, totally spoiled on the treats, as well as the card and the scarf. But there was more. Check out this amazing, one-of-a-kind, hand-made scrapbook; it's a thing of beauty...

Every single page is a work of art...

I hate to put too many pics in it, for fear of covering up the handiwork!

I guess I was a good girl this year! (or at least very sneaky about the bad stuff.) Thank you, Secret Santa, whoever you are! If Santa is half as good to you, you'll be very, very happy!

And thank you, Georgie and Amy for hosting the 2nd Annual(?) Secret Santa Soiree! I hope Santa is good to you :)


  1. Awesome! You secret santa is VERY creative!!!! And generous! What a great way to start Christmas week!!!

  2. I am so amazed by people like that! She totally hooked you up.

  3. Lovely!! Really thoughtful stuff! I got my package today, too, I have to blog soon!

  4. oooo. I am so inspired. I am going to get off the computer.

    In about ten minutes.

    And do something creative and gifty..

    just fifteen more minutes, I promise.


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