Monday, December 28, 2009

My Favorites Cup Overfloweth

I'm still working on getting through the last two weeks of Friday Fragments, but I thought I'd share a couple of Favorite FF so far....

***SmellyAnn's recently offered this one...
☼ Sophia said, "Mommy, when I'm a grown-up, are you going to die?" And I said, "Well, yeah... eventually, honey." And she said, "No, you won't, Mommy, 'cause I'll take care of you!"
Awwww. ♥
☼ And then she said, "And tell me which way to go to get to the doctor!"
She's always worrying about how she's going to find her way around (to the store, to the movies, everywhere) when she's a grown-up. Like I'm just going to blindfold the poor kid, spin her around, and throw her out into the world!

It cracked me up, and Kori's resulting comment was priceless, as well:

My 10-year-old used to ask me all the time if I was SURE we weren't getting lost...Later, I found out that he was half BLIND, so maybe that's why. Because he hasn't said that since we got his glasses....

***My heart goes out to Karen Meg, who had her first-ever Christmas without her dad and reflected on what helps.....
"Thank goodness I have my kids. They are bringing the spirit of the holidays into our household whether I want it here or not. I especially love the singing, the excitement in the little one's eyes as she pulls out each decoration to put on the garland or tree, humming a holiday tune:

"Elyse-mommy-da, elyse-mommy-da, elyse-mommy-da, la-la-la...Elyse-Mommy-Da, mommy, guess what? It means Merry Christmas -- in FRENCH!"

God, I love my kids.

With a week to go, Elyse-mommy-da to you all ..."

[updated. MUST add another one!] From Michelle, at Just Eat It

And then coming out of the bedroom I kicked my
most favorite rechargeable handheld device
down the steps. Noooooo I cried in slow mo watching my day spiral down the newly snaked drain...
Thank my lucky stars it came to a clattering stop at the first landing.
I use that thing every day. Sometimes 3 times a day. Except the days I'm at work cause by the time I get home I'm just too tired.
But man, what if its cracked? Will it still work?
Will it get the job done?
How will I get through the holidays without it? And the last thing I want to do is drag my kids out to shop for a replacement...
All these thoughts raced through my mind as I ran down the steps to assess the damage.
Flip the switch...
Music to my ears...the reassuring hum... the weight of it in my hand...

Dustbuster. This girl's best friend.

Thanks for the gems, girls...


  1. My Dear Mrs. Fours. I do hope you had a Merry Chrsitmas - and I hope you have an even happier New Year. MWAH. And a big HUG.

  2. Awwwww, I adore the 'elyse-mommy-da,alllllllllllllll-la-la!

    Hope yours was as blessed as mine!

    Have a wonderful New Year!!!

  3. sooo cute. Happy New year.

  4. Thanks for the linky love, girlfriend ... and for your efforts with the FF every week, such a great gathering of wonderful bloggers- I don't know how you do it all!

  5. Welcome! Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments:) I am blessed with great kids. I enjoy taking pictures as well. It is a great way to relax and hold memories forever. I am not anywhere near professional status, I just like to snap things that make me smile. he he I love your name! Very creative. Stop by any time. I will do the same. Have a fabulous New Year!

  6. Gonna drag that button to my sidebar...

    This is a darn proud moment

    Thanks Mrs 4444!

  7. OH MY WORD. You are the best friend EVER. I can't believe my gift. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. I think you've inspired me to blog, even if I have to give up sleeping to do it. Thank you. You'll never know how much it means to me.

  8. Ah yes, the beloved dustbuster. I like anything that makes housework easy and painless.

  9. Mary Ellen!!!! I'm so glad you got your gift, but more importantly, that you're ALIVE!! Seriously, I was starting to worry!

  10. Mary Ellen!!!! I'm so glad you got your gift, but more importantly, that you're ALIVE!! Seriously, I was starting to worry!

  11. Thanks for the award, yay! Cute (other) comments, too! :D

  12. Too funny! I have to admit that this is NOT what I was expecting when I was reading the rechargeable device. And ummm sadly, I don't even own one. Shhhh.

  13. This post made me laugh out loud and shake. Which, because I hurt my back isn't a good thing but a little pain was worth it.


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