Monday, December 7, 2009

Our Daughter, the Wench?!

On Thursday night, Mr.4444 and I took the grandmas to the Madrigal Dinner at Tinytown High School. The kids really had the place decked out. It was tough to get a good shot in the dark (no pun intended), but here's a glimpse of the head table.

I had never heard of a madrigal dinner before, but essentially, it's dinner theater set in the middle ages, with a Christmas theme. They performed five shows from Thursday through Sunday (all on a volunteer basis!)

As a freshman choir member, Kendall and her friends played "wenches" who served as waitresses. Having never waited tables before, they did a great job, and the singing was great, as usual. Here's a shot of the grandmas with Wench Kendall :)

Again, in keeping with their lower, freshman status, the wenches got stuck with the dishes at the end of the night. As you can see/hear, though, they made the best of it.

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