Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekly Winners

Lotus, at Sarcastic Mom, hosts a weekly meme that features favorite pics from her week. 
She's a brilliant photographer. Me, not so much, but I do have some offerings this week:

How most freshmen prepared for the Sno-Ball dance at Tinytown High School tonight...

(Sorry about the flower-faces, but I know at least one set of these girls' parents would not appreciate me posting their daughter's pic without permission.) Picture BIG smiles :)
(And no, this is not our house. Kendall invited me to come to her friend's house to take pics :)

How some seniors prepared for the same...

Yup; they came to our house for a pizza/movie/video game night.
(Good thing, too, because the roads are icy tonight.)

Poor Mr.4444 is still suffering from his sinus infection, which has moved into his chest (it's hard to listen to him cough!)  I went out today and bought two new netipots (plastic this time, since our other one got chipped).

We've never used a plastic one before; I'll let you know how we like it.
(And, in case you're curious, this one cost $11.99)


Cooper made a snow angel tonight!!

It's upside-down in this pic, but you get the idea. Guess which end was his tail!
(That dog loves to roll in the snow.)

For more Weekly Winner photos, visit Lotus!


  1. Yep, this old chick can see the angel if I tilt my head to the right and close the left eye! LoL All the pretty little flower faces look marvelous. I couldn't help but see one little bud lost her shoes, I sure hope she found them. Do stilettos and ice work well together? Just askin'....

    Have a great weekend and hunker down!

  2. I think that the seniors had the right idea!

  3. Okay, church begins in one minute and is a 10 minute drive away, but here I am reading blogs! Love the freshman/senior contrast! I'm not sure which group I'd rather be in :) Lydia's dance is in two weeks. She just decided what group to go with and got a dress so all is temporarily well.

  4. Girls look gorgeous! Sorry the hubby is girl is too! Neti pot are a life saver. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  5. I got my husband a plastic neti pot from walgreens for about 8 bucks. Flosses his nostrils just fine. Personally I would rather gag on my snot, but, to each his own LOL!

    I'm gonna' come back and try out Friday Fragments- love the idea!

  6. I'm sure that the freshman girls looked as beautiful as their dresses.

    Feel better, Mr. 4444. I'm recovering myself. It's been a tough season.

    Happy Sunday!

  7. Cooper's snow angel is awesome!

    The girls (flowers) all looks lovely.

  8. My cousin's high school had a "Masquerade Ball" yesterday. They all wore masks. How cool is that?

  9. Love Cooper's snow angel. My dog loves to make snow angels too.

  10. I can just tell that every single one of those girls is beautiful, even with the flowers!

  11. I think the flower faces are quite festive. I can only imagine how happy they are to be all dressed up. They're gorgeous.

    I've heard wonderful things about the Neti Pot, never been brave enough to try it myself yet.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  12. That is a GREAT snow angel. I love it. We do snowball dances a our schools, too, although they're focused on (I think?) drug abuse prevention and education. The girls' dresses are gorgeous, and I love how they all got together to dothis!

  13. Nezzy, do you think there's any coincidence that the girl who "lost" her shoes is also the tallest girl in the bunch?

    Dang! Now I'm needing the netipot! Wish me luck!!

  14. I'd prefer the seniors way. Dressing up just is like torture for me!

  15. I actually kind of like the flowers on the faces! adds a little charm ;)


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