Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You Know You're in Farm Country When...

I was at Tinytown Drugstore tonight, picking up prescriptions, cold medicine, and Airborne, when I heard a conversation behind me.

"M'am, would you like some help?"

"Yes, thanks."

They were in the next aisle, but I could hear them plainly, since the rows are only shoulder height (It's a tiny town drugstore, remember?)

As I was waiting my turn to pay, I plainly overheard this, " when you're all 'balled up.'"

"Jeez, Lady," I said inside my head. "Do you think you could keep your personal business a little more private? I know it's the drugstore and everything, but who talks that loud and clear about their bowel issues in public?!"

"I just don't know which one to get.  My husband sent me.  He said 'Fleet' something."  A little exasperated, she added,

"To tell you the truth, it's actually for a cow." 

They chuckled.

Cue the theme from Green Acres here.  Better yet--here's the show intro....


  1. That is too funny...we live in the outskirts of the city more in the country. When ever I see a tracker driving down the street and pulling into our little grocery store it makes me chuckle!

  2. Poor cow! Having his business out there like that.

  3. I liked Green Acres--thought the wife was so funny in that. It always cracked me up and I loved the theme song! Thanks for the memory!

  4. When I was little, my dad and I watched that show all the time. He sang the male parts of the theme, I was Zsa Zsa. Good memories.

  5. Ahh to be in the country again :) I actually find it quite interesting that she didn't know what to get - I'm thinking maybe this is her first cow lol

  6. Gee Mrs. Douglas, this salve will cure all of yer ails.

    Olivah buy me some...

    Haney, thats propostrous!

    Olivah, Mr. Ziffle gives it to Arnold when he gets backed up.

    >oink< >oink<

    See? he says it made it shoot out like $#it from a goose!

  7. all 'balled up...

    It's been a while since I heard that one. (Man, I miss the South.)

  8. I hope this beloved bovine is not an indoor pet.

    (I had a high school science teacher who did keep a calf in his house during a particularly harsh winter. We lived in podunk-ville when I was a kid.)

  9. It's MY theme song! I sing both Zsa~Zsa's and Eddie's parts! What can I say, I have to entertain myself somehow on the Ponderosa. I won't even go into what we do for constipated cows down here but it involves and old garden hose.

    Have a great day, sweetie!!!

  10. They sell COW enemas in your local store? I love it!

  11. That is hilarious!!

    I love me some Green Acres!

  12. omg, too funny .. thanks for the smile.

  13. You just never know what you're going to hear in a small town country store.

    I remember Green Acres very well, and watched it as a kid.

  14. I just love farm life and the people in it. Classic!!

  15. she might need more than one......


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