Thursday, February 18, 2010

Friday Fragments, Episode #82

I've been training hard all year, but especially this week, for the Olympic event known as Freestyle Fragmenting. What? How can there not be such a thing? That's ridiculous; everyone knows that Friday Fragments take a LOT of work and skill.

What? Oh, yeah; Friday Fragments are just about the easiest, yet most-satisfying blogging event known to man. Okay. So, it may not be an Olympic event, but I do love it every bit as much as staying up til the crack of dawn watching the Olympics. Don't you? [Confused? Read FF how-to's here.] Let the frags begin!

***My heart broke for Hope Johnson, American Idol contestant who (ironically, her name is Hope, right?) got cut this week. She seems like such a fighter, having grown up in poverty and keeping such a positive attitude. I wish she would have made it a little longer.

***I switched my commenting back to allow Anonymous comments and am again getting stupid spam comments, buried on old posts. Don't worry, Judy & Lisa, I will take one for the team until I can decide on a different system.

***Speaking of spammers, some jerk put a car up for sale on AutoTrator (misspelling intentional) in my neighbor's name! A stranger came to her door in the evening, asking to see the car. Of course, she didn't have one to show him. Later, he called her (unlisted) phone number to ask about the "car for sale" again. She ended up confirming for herself that "she" had a car for sale on-line. The police and website were notified. Very unsettling...

***I subbed for a health teacher on Thursday and showed the puberty video he had left for me. I'm not ashamed to admit that I learned a few things. Hey, they didn't have frank videos like that back in the day; I just got the period video and ZERO other information from school and my mom. Thankfully, I'm all caught up now.

***I've received a ransom note notice from Quicken that if I don't pay the $80+ for their upgrade, I will no longer be able to download my banking transactions on-line to the Quicken program I've been using for about ten years. Now what? (I'm not paying it.) Any suggestions, other than the good old-fashioned paper register?

***Forgive me if you've emailed me and were beginning to wonder if I'd fallen off the face of the earth. I will definitely get to my email this weekend, but this week has been another crazy one; I'm working on it (and my Favorite Friday Fragments from last week, too.)

***Kendall is in the chorus of Footloose (the musical), at Tinytown H.S., which opens this weekend. She is loving being in the chorus this year; they have a lot of downtime when they're not on stage, and she gets to hang out with her friends. The kids in the star roles this year are reportedly fantastic; I can't wait to see the show (though my tickets are for next weekend), so I just might have to go twice.

***May your weekend be filled with the things and people you love, and may it give you the rest you need :) Hugs to each of you!

It's time for the exhibition of your Freestyle Fragmenting! Please put your FRIDAY FRAGMENTS link here:


  1. Freestyle Fragmenting? Interesting idea, but what's the scoring system like? Points for difficulty level? Originality? Style? And who is the judge?

    As for those spamming comments, when I first started blogging, and YOU were my first follower, you suggested that I remove the word verification because you had never had a problem. I took your advice and never ever had a problem either.....until recently. I just started getting them too. Maybe it's a passing thing where they're randomly going around, and will disappear soon.

    I never saw the period video in health class. I wonder why?

    I don't use Quicken, so I can't offer any suggestions on it.

    Best of luck to Kendall in the chorus. I never had a singing voice, and you definitely don't ever want to hear it either.

  2. I can't believe the health teacher did that to you! Oh, my! What a thing to leave a sub.

    I'll be back in the morning to link up.

  3. As I type this, I am up way past my bedtime, yes, watching the Olympics. I'm a gluten for punishment. Really.

    LOl about learning new things from the video. Crazy that even though we're married, have kids, and are (obviously) grown up, you still learn things. I think this is actually kinda scary!! ;)

    Have a great weekend!!

  4. I hate spammers... It is bad on my work blog....I want to train for the freestyle fagments...

  5. I'm cracking up at your learning about the birds & bees this week!
    I had to block anonymous comments too.

  6. Whoa! The story about your neighbor's car ad is crazy!!

    Hmm... a puberty video. Well, if it makes feel any better, my mom pulled me out of the sex ed classes because she felt those were things I should learn about at home... but then she never got around to discussing any of it with me. You'd be amazed at the things I still hadn't quite figured out by the time I got married. ;)

  7. Oh I agree - it should be a winter olympic sport - no, maybe summer too.

  8. I'd love to see the Footloose musical!! Can I come?

    That is really odd about the neighbor's car "for sale." Scary.

  9. Too funny about the video! I think we watched the Miracle of Life in our health class. I love the Friday Fragments!

  10. I can't tell you how much I learned when we were ttc! I wondered why I didn't know all of this back when I was trying not to get pg. LOL

    AND I did see the period video - I was probably just too embarrassed at the time to pay attention!

  11. I can't remember anything specific about sex-ed at school, except that I didn't learn anything new from it. My parents seemed to take the approach of having very informative books on the bookshelves and, being a voracious reader, I was very well informed ;-)

    Best wishes to Kendall for the opening weekend, sounds like a lot of fun!

  12. The Quicken thing is really frosting me as well. I do not want to pay up either and I may just end up downloading everything manually like I used to. Or, maybe I'll switch to something else. It is very maddening.

    My daughter's student directing our musical this weekend. I hope your daughter has a lot of fun. Great memories in the making.

  13. Footloose...that's awesome. I can't help but dance when I hear the theme song.

    Have a great weekend!

  14. What is it with sites charges for services now.. .i'm seeing alot of that now... its irritating...

  15. I felt bad for Hope too :o( I am sorry about the spammers (jerks).
    Happy Weekend and good luck to Kendall. Enjoy the show!

  16. Oh ARE you....

    I use excel spreadsheets. You can do everything Quicken does with it. I have embedded links, registers, and better control.

  17. First timer here- via Shell at things i can't say.

    My 10 th grader was in a school play - the grinch - this year and loved it. loved the camaradie. and the play was phenomanal- i couldn't believe it was done with like, no budget and high school kids!

  18. Footloose! What fun!

    Creepy about the car for sale. That would freak me out.

  19. I think Quicken is worth it myself. There's a $50 version out there too... maybe use that? I couldn't live without it.

    Thank goodness you're caught up on puberty :-)

  20. Spammers have A LOT of free time, huh?!? Crazy.

    I think you took the gold with this list! Have a great weekend celebrating. :O)

  21. We didn't even get a video, just a little pamphlet and a fifteen minute talk from the nurse.

    The play sounds like a blast! I always have fun over here on Fridays!!!

    Have a wonderful day and a fun restful weekend!!!

  22. AnnaRae took drama classes from age 6-13. She was always in high school musicals and one of the biggest draws for her was the intense community feeling that develops over the course of the productions. I hope you will be able to post a video clip of Kendall!

  23. Very creepy about the car for sale and you are so good about spelling things wrong so people can't google, I love that about you! :)

    Not sure about spam, I had problems when I first started blogging and then they just went away....

    I love Fragment Fridays! Have a great weekend!

  24. Have you tried Microsoft money? I think you can download your bank statements to it!! Oh, and what video was it? My teenager needs some education

  25. Spammers and scammers make me sick! I wouldn't pay the $80 bucks either, but I don't have any suggestions as to which service you should use now. I'm too anal to do anything but the paper register. :) I hope your weekend treats you the same way you want it to treat us!

  26. Yikes! That's nuts about the car ad.

    I'm also staying up to watch the Olympics and trying my hardest to not fall asleep. Actually, last night I DID fall asleep and missed the US guy win the Gold in men's "ice dancing".

  27. You know that's why the health teacher was out, didn't wanna show the video!

  28. awe man, I posted this on TUESDAY and then forgot to add my link once you FINALLY caught up to me!

    so now I'm all at the bottom of the list.


  29. I got that same ransom note from Quicken. Infuriating!

  30. Think I'd die if the sub left the sex video for me to show...the kids were always naughtier when I subbed and I wouldn't want to have to deal with sex giggles too! And, congrats on the play...I've been trying to get #1 to be in his school play for three years, he's SO not interested. I think #2 will go for it thought when he gets a chance...he's a one man show anyway!

  31. That car thing creeps me out!

    Good luck to Kendall. I can't wait till my daughter does that kind of stuff :)

    The only thing I can think of other then quicken. I would have to think about that one, there has to be a cheaper way!

  32. I am so sick of spam, and scams! ugh!
    I am so glad I found your blog :)

    Good Luck to Kendall!

    Hope you have a GREAT WEEK!

  33. Could you share some of your puberty insights? I think I have repressed health class.

  34. Did I already ask you why you stopped using your previous commenting system?

    This link up is huge!!!

  35. You can set your old posts to have moderated comments so that the spammers can't leave crap. It's in your dashboard. In the settings tab, go to comments, then scroll down to comment moderation and you can set the timeframe!

  36. 'thankfully I'm all caught up now"

    bahahahaha! Too funny!

    Ummm (ahem)... is there anything I should be aware of??


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