Saturday, February 20, 2010

She's Going Under the Knife

My mom is having back surgery on Thursday, the 23rd. The complicated name is Bilateral Hemilaminectomy (say that three times fast--it's fun!), but it basically means that her back hurts so much she can't stand upright or walk much, and since she plans to live another 80 years, they're going in! The risks are very low, and recovery is pretty easy, so we're all feeling very confident that she'll soon be pitching her walker to the curb. She'll spend one night in the hospital, and plans to attend Kendall's musical three days later (haha), so we'll see....

That said, since my mom (Elsie, Grandma C) loves it when people talk about her on my blog, I thought I would ask you to leave a little note for her in the comments. I don't know... just some well wishes, or maybe say something about one of the many posts I've written about her (all collected here). I'm spending the night with her Friday, and I will have my laptop (and wireless stolen from the neighbors, I hope!) I know your comments will tickle Mom and help in her recovery, so if you'd take the time, we'd both appreciate it.

I've turned comments off on this post. Will you please leave the comment here, so that it's on "Mom's" page? (You'll see a duplicate of this post there.)