Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rants and Raves

Little Ms. Blogger does a Rants and Raves post on Wednesdays. This week, I'm joining in!

Rave...That I can change my mind about posting this video on my blog today and instead, just put the link. Warning:  Rated PG13 and possibly offensive (but I think it's hilarious.) Hint: Remember when I said I wanted an IPad?

Rant...."Warning: Chantix may increase thoughts of suicide." Is that supposed to give depressed people hope? WTH?! It's a chance they're willing to take??

Rave...We can now see the light of day when we leave for school in the morning!!! HOORAY!!

Rant...Lotions and soaps in pumps that only go down to the last 1/4 inch of the bottle, forcing you to have to either throw them out or work to shake out your last dollar's worth--Grrrrr (Thanks, Judy!)

Rant...Social networking sites that publish your full name, along with your "alias" in Google searches. Thanks, you **&^#! If I wanted to go by my real name, I wouldn't have a nickname!  Grrrrr

Rave...That "LaLa's" adoption of little Alex is still on the table and in progress. Whew!

Rant...(Sarah, this one's for you!) Parents who accept at face-value every ridiculous story their eleven- year-old lying spawn dishes out about his homework and why it isn't done. Why, of course he's right; we just lied about his not turning it in on time, cuz we thrive on controversy. (And no, this isn't about Robert)

Wow! Ranting and raving is almost as satisfying as Friday Fragments!! Now, I feel ready to start my day. Visit Little Ms.Blogger to join in the fun!


  1. Chantix is for stopping smoking, not depression. Just so you know. And since so many people talk about how smoking is right next to having sex with the pope in terms of Bad Things To Do, maybe it is worth it for some people. The ones that get me are the one for sleeping Aids, where the potential side effects go on through the whole commercial, like suicidal thoughts and nausea and vomiting and hallucinations and....and I think crap, I will just be tired, thank you very much. :)

  2. I had this moment of panic - like - where did the video go? I saw it in my reader, but when I clicked through to leave my usual thoughtful, concise and pithy comment, it wasn't here!!

    AAAAAAAanyway - As I was going to say before I was interrupted - I am SO glad to see yet another boundary fall to the wayside. *ahem*

    And that WAS hilarious.

  3. Love it and thanks for the update on lala!

  4. That sounds awfully cathartic, and I like how it has the raves so it's not all negative energy (yay for Lala!)

  5. I thought Chantix was for smoking cessation too. But you're right about some meds, the side effects can be worse than the disorder they're meant to treat.

  6. The video was funny!

    I think every drug makes you think of suicide. But if your smoking? you already are eh?

    This is why I still use soap bars.

    Why I don't do facebook or any other stuff like that.

    Rant your lil heart out honey!!

    All fun!

  7. What fun!

    The parents who believe their kids totally about school stuff- oooh, that drives me crazy. I had many parents come in throwing a fit about something their kids said...when it was so far from the truth. I don't miss that part of teaching.

  8. Glad to hear that Lala's process is moving forward.

    I know what you mean about those pump bottles. Grrrrrrr.

    Ok, that iPad video is just plain hilarious........period!

  9. Yes, I agree about the lotions and soap pumps, I have to tip the bottle and get every last drop! Gotta get my dollar's worth every time!
    Cute post! I like Rants and Raves, I might have to join next week.

  10. I teach 17 and 18 year olds, and it still amazes me when parents say, "But Susie says you NEVER give any homework. It's strange; she never has homework in any of her classes." You would think that 13 years in the educational system might teach them to verify that kind of information, especially if said child has a history of, say, 'underperforming' in school.

  11. Whew sure glad ya got that out of your system! I hack off the bottom of lotions and scrape out ever last drop. I listen to all those drug side effects and most are longer than the commercial for the drug, I always end up crackin' up before their done.

    Have a fun~filled day!!!

  12. Wow, this is great!

    I really love your first rave! So glad to see the sun. We have had sunshine for 3 days....that is a record for this February.

    Have a blessed day!

  13. Thanks, Kori. I thought it was for both smoking and depression, so now I know for sure :) Yeah, those side effects are incredible. A four-hour erection? All I can do is laugh when I hear that one!

    LCeel-Yeah, that boundary thing was the reason I backtracked on that video a little bit, haha.

    You're welcome, Frau :)

    Michelle-I don't do R&R every week, because I'm usually so short on rants. This week, however, I had plenty, haha.

    Oscar & Matty-I was worried you guys might be too yucked-out; I'm glad you and LCeel have senses of humor :)

    Prairiemaid-I even got to ride home in the daylight tonight, too!!! :)

  14. Loved the video...thanks for the laugh!

  15. I just barely ranted yesterday about the soap bottle rip off! Grrrr

  16. Great rants and raves, and I too am happy about "LaLa"!

    I've missed Friday Fragments... but this week, I think I'm find the balance I need with working, blogging and other life!!!

  17. hmmmm, was your bra feeling a bit full?

    bet it's fitting quite loose now that you got all THAT off your chest!


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