Sunday, February 14, 2010

They're Baaaack

Just a quick note to let you know that I've turned Anonymous comments back on. I had turned it off because of a series of spammer comments that I grew tired of. I miss hearing from those of you without Google accounts or blogs, though (Cousin Lisa :) , so I'm going to give it another go!

Also, I'm having major computer problems with my old desktop (where my email is set up.) If you've emailed me and haven't heard from me, I apologize. I'm afraid I might just end up losing all of the emails in my inbox right now and hope to figure out how to get them onto my laptop, but I just don't have the brain power for that right now (feeling sick again!)  Wish me luck in getting things straightened out!


  1. I wish you tons of luck!! I had puter problems for two weeks and i just got my laptop back, so I feel your pain. My emails are overwhelming and I am thinking of just deleting them all... its so much easier!

  2. Oh, no...don't get sick again!

    Good luck with the computer. It really sucks when they flake out on us.

  3. Thanks Barb! I miss commenting here...but I am back. I did try to set up a google acct.but got frustrated because it always said I used the wrong password. Hope you are feeling better soon....

  4. Oh, the previous comment was from me, cousin Lisa:)

  5. Girl, take care! I hate to hear your not feelin' up to par right now.

    Now your computer problems must by why ya'll didn't receive the fudge. You had a post talkin' about chocolate and I shot your my Christmas candy tray. 'Another day.

    Take care and get to feelin' better. God bless ya!!!


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