Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekly Winners/Sundays in My City

Holy cow! I almost forgot to post tonight, and I'm deliriously tired for a Saturday night. Forgive me if I talk nonsense...

We attended the Conference Swim Meet today, in Manitowoc (man-i-toe-wok), Wisconsin. You know you're at a conference swim meet when you see this....

(They're in the stands because they are the divers of their team, and diving was yesterday.)  Thank goodness they can shave it off eventually.  Kyle's is more yellowish, and only two kids on his team (captains) were brave enough. (Sorry....I forgot again to take a pic of his....he was wearing a swim cap, anyway!!)

For the record, the bathroom floor at Lincoln High School is freakishly annoying; see if you don't agree....

It was really hard to look at (even now, it's making me a little queasy) and actually made me feel a little disoriented. What were they thinking (about a 100 years ago, when they built the school)?
I couldn't help but notice a similar pattern in this shot, but I found it much more tranquil....

The calm...

Before the storm...

Kyle (on the far block) was so ready...
He achieved two Personal Record times today, in the 50-Free and 100-Free. After the 50-Free, he stopped by where we were sitting nearby, all lit-up and happy, wanting to share the great news (as if we hadn't noticed.)  As he walked back to his team, the lady in front of me turned around and said,

"Was that your son? That just warms my heart."

Mine, too.

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  1. That floor is strobing at me! :D

  2. Love that he came over to you!

    And the floor is giving me vertigo which is weird because I'm sitting down...

  3. Wow my eyes went wonky when they saw that pattern..not fun at
    Congrats to your son! that is awesome. Have a wonderful week!

  4. What a great accomplishment for your son! Thanks for sharing his sport. (and congrats on being featured on Life2Us).

  5. I love the picture of the window lights! Very pretty! The floor is psychodelic for sure :) Way to go Kyle! He rocked it!

  6. great pics!!!wonderful accomm.for your son

  7. Fantastic!!!! I love that he set some records!

  8. Congrats to your son! Warms my heart too! I love it when our children do something awesome!
    I love your pics, and yes that bathroom floor is hideous!

  9. We have been to tons of high school events and the bathrooms are soooo old. The floors have got to be 20-30 years old in any bathroom we use.

  10. Congratulations to your son!

    And those tiles were making me a little light!

  11. very cool!! whoah, those tiles did freak me out a bit...

  12. hang on, my equilibrium is off .. ok, much better. Congrats to Kyle, that's awesome.

  13. I agree with the bathroom floor - yikes. Great pics! Visiting from unknown mami's.

  14. Sooo cool!!

    That first pic cracks me up. Only a mother could love heads like that. LOL!

  15. I agree. That floor gives me a headache.

    Go Kyle! Congratulations!!

  16. Way to go, Kyle. Dontcha just love watching your kids do what they do? The hair on all those boys cracks me up. In my own classes, I never have to ask which kids are on the swim/waterpolo/dive teams. The hair always gives them away.

    And that bathroom tile? Makes me dizzy just looking at it!

  17. I think that floor messed with my vertigo! YIKES!!

    COngrats to Kyle!!!

  18. Ya go Kyle Dude, Congratulations!

    Have a great week my friend!!!

  19. YEAH KYLE!!!! The hair is a hoot-- Come to think of it, so's the floor.

    Thanks for sharing your Sunday.


  20. Hi.

    The floor does make me dizzy!

  21. uhh, I've seen floors like that....

    what's with the platinum blonde look?

  22. Yay Kyle!!!

    What is up with that bathroom floor????


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