Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Fragments, Episode #85

Having been married for 20 years now, I think I know the secret to a happy marriage-- it's Friday Fragments! [Just kidding. I got nuttin' for my intro this week; it sounded believable to me, so I'm going with it. [To learn more about Friday Fragments and how to join in the fun, click on the button above, and don't forget to link up at Friday Night Leftovers, too!]

***Mom is recovering nicely, thanks. This morning, having spent the night, and while preparing to leave for school, I asked, "Do you want me to make the bed, Mom?" She replied, "Oh, no. I'll do that later; it'll keep me out of mischief!" She cracks me up.

***Felt like I was on Little House on the Prairie last night at Mom's; no internet connection, my cellphone died...we went to bed at nine o'clock! It's good to be back on-line :)

***My absolute, hands-down Favorite Friday Fragment this week came from MattyThoughts, where I laughed and laughed (along with many of you and, hopefully, Matty) over his fragment about making my Baked Mostaccioli recipe. It's a little too long to paste here, so please stop by his place to read it; it is hilarious; I promise. Matty, the award is yours this week!

Honorable Mention goes to Caution, for these "people will notice" tidbits:

If one volunteers in the church nursery and successfully delays changing a bad diaper until after the service is over and the parents arrive, people will notice.

If one fails to squeeze one's buttocks tightly enough during a sneeze and ends up with an embarrassing snart as a result, people will surely notice.

Caution, I've been there (not saying which one) so I could relate, and I really loved the "people will notice" angle on your fragments.

And to Coby, at Finding Joy, who shared this about her potty-mouth twin:

A couple of days ago I heard Baby A dropping F-bombs left and right. He did not learn this from his parents, I assure you, and he's not in preschool and doesn't really watch TV. So where did he get it?

"What are you saying, son?" I asked him.

He giggled and said, "Crows say, '#*@!, #*@!, #*@!'"

Apparently this is his translation of caw, caw, caw, because when I asked him if caw was, indeed, what he was saying, he answered yes. Hm.

~I loved Coby's fragment, because I remembered when my own two kids accidentally dropped f-bombs as toddlers. Yikes!

***Just want to say a quick thank you to Amy, of Pretty Babies for helping teach me the ropes of Gmail this week. I am slowly figuring out how to rebuild an address book!

***Want make a new friend or two? Connect with some old ones? Link your FRIDAY FRAGMENTS post up here and then play eeney-meeny-miney-mo to visit another fragmenter (or six.) I can pretty much guarantee that you'll be welcomed with open arms.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh yes Mrs 4444, I laughed right along with you. And I so richly deserved it.

    It's so nice to hear that your mom seems to be doing well. Her sense of humor never fails.

    I'm giving Caution and Finding Joy a high five. Those comments are just priceless.

    One again, happy anniversary to both of you.

  2. I was setting up my blog to publish tomorrow morning and accidentally published it my surprise you have set the link must have foreseen my screw up...
    Glad to hear you Mom is doing well AND that you're back on line. I couldn't imagine being without cell and computer...oh my..
    Have a wonderful Friday and Weekend

  3. I'm so happy to hear that your mom is doing well. What a hoot about Little House. I feel like that without all of my connections, too!

    What a funny groups of posts! Thanks :)

  4. I loved Matty's Friday Fragment last week too. Bless his heart- I love a man that can cook and admit his goof ups!

    Thanks a million for hosting this feature. This is my second week of F.F. I met so many new bloggers after joining in last week. It was a real treat.

    Hope your weekend is fun!

  5. So happy your mom is doing good she is a hoot! Matty is a gem loved his attempts at your recipes too funny!Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. I get kinda jittery when I get no reception on the iPhone and I have no computer within 100 feet. I need help. :)

  7. Glad to hear your sweet mama is recovering nicely! And glad you are now electronically (re)connected!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  8. Your mom reminds me of my Grandma, she used to say the CUTEST things and I miss her so much!

  9. Oh I've been missing these Fridays!! I'm back and hiding under the title Optimistic and Nasty. I have to keep you on your toes ;)

  10. I can't even take a walk at the mall without holding and checking my cell phone. Somehow I've turned into a teen. Golly!

  11. I think I'd welcome a night to go to bed at 9pm. Not sure if it's with no Internet connection. What about TV, does she have that?! Glad she's feeling better! She sounds like quite the whippersnapper! House that for Little House:)!

  12. Of that naughty crow! Coby had a great frag there for sure.

    I love all things Little House, so I wouldn't be opposed to reenacting it on occasion! :o)

    Have a great weekend, Mrs. 4's!!

  13. So glad to hear your mom is doing well! She sounds like she's super cute and a lot of fun

    And no internet?!? No phone?!? Yikes :) I don't know if I could survive!

    Another week closer to conquering the world!

  14. haha, snart!

    Losing internet would bum me out, but I'm not a phone person so I'd be ok :-)

  15. Hooray for your mom!

    I kind of think a day without internet, phone, cable and all that might be nice... OK, maybe limited internet. I gotta get my fraggin' fix after all!

  16. Good to hear your mom is doing better.
    Wow..the F bomb was dropped here this week too. It came from Abby who said it came from...Diamond in the sky..yup..that was the name she choose.
    we celebrate our 20th in Aug.

  17. It's crazy how lost we feel when we're away from the net for a day or two!

    Glad your mom is doing well.

  18. Glad your mom is doing well. Sorry I wasn't around to find out what was going on.

    LOL @ being back on Little House on the Prairie. heehee

  19. My internet went down for three days a few weeks ago.....I thought I wouldn't survive =) I think I have computer issues!

    Good to hear that your mom is doing well!

    I'm off to go visit some of this weeks fragments!

  20. Glad to hear your mom is feeling better!!
    My 3-yr-old was repeatedly talking about "all this crap!" and I had to stop her. The word "crap" is a no-no, and I suppose that should go for me too! Totally my fault.
    I really missed internet at my SIL's. I couldn't believe a young couple with school aged kids and every other technology in the house would not have internet!!!! It was frustrating!

  21. I can't EVEN remember what I was going to say-so have a happy day.

  22. It's so great Mama's up and needin' something to keep her out of mischief. The woman could have her own TV show!

    Your fragments are especially good this week. I'm off to enjoy some others.

    God bless and have a marvelous weekend!!!

  23. I loved Matty's fragment too! I couldn't stop laughing.

  24. Oh I think you've got it right on the marriage secrets. You aren't old enough to have been married for 20 years, but I'll forgive you.

    And the toddler issue? Thankfully, the wee ones have yet to break out with that, but I used to babysit a toddler whose parents thought it was funny to teach him a different word for truck. Sh-f. We took him to a toy store once, and you can imagine the disaster. Ugh.

  25. Happy Friday, glad to hear that your Mom is better. I've been having issues with connection lately too and it's amazing how out of touch you feel even an hour without internet!

  26. Sometimes I kind of wish for a little bit of Little House on the Prairie time, but it only takes a moment of contemplating a couple of days without my cell phone to make me realize how tough that would be. My name is Donna, and I have a cell phone addiction.


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