Saturday, March 13, 2010

More From the Drama Queens

This a follow-up story to the OMG Moments in Education, Part II, sure to make you smile (again.)

The next day, I found this note in my mailbox at school. Chuckling, I tucked it into my "Funny" file (for those days when I need a laugh) and sent an email to Sassy, by way of her teacher, Mrs. M:

"Dear Sassy, Thank you for the nice apology note. I forgive you, Mrs.4444."

The next day, I stopped to supervise a growing group of students whose teacher had not yet arrived to open the classroom door. Sassy, Silly, and Spunky were there! Apparently remembering me from our "incident," one cheerfully called out (even though she was directly in front of me), "HI!!"

Because I still didn't know, I smiled and asked, "What is your name??" She replied, “Sassy.” Remembering that Sassy was the one who signed the apology note, but Spunky (who is now standing nearby) was the one who smacked me, I said, “Aren’t you the one who wrote the apology note to me yesterday??” Instantly somber, Sassy nodded and replied,

“Yes. I hit you. I’m sorry.”

“What are you talking about?! You aren’t the one who hit me!” I said, pointing to Spunky. “She is!”

Sassy immediately thrust an accusing finger towards Spunky and shouted, “SHE did it!”

Spunky announces, “I did it!” jumps up to me, puts her head on my shoulder and says, “I sorry.”

Thoroughly confused, I again went to Mrs. M to gain insight. It turns out that after the incident, she and the aides weren’t really sure who had smacked me, because I hadn’t known who was whom. When confronted after lunch, Sassy had been the first to reply to the question, "Which one of you hit Mrs.4444?"

“I did it. I hit Mrs. 4444.”

“No!" asserted Spunky. "I did it! I hit Mrs.4444.”

I hate myself for what I've done!” a forlorn Silly insisted. "I hit Mrs. 4444."

All three drama queens insisted that they had been the one to smack me, and they begged to be the one to write an apology note. Mrs. M and the aides could not figure out who had been the "spanker," but figured it was Sassy, since she had been the first to "confess," (and it fit with her history.) Sassy, full of self-importance (her friends jealous) got to write the apology note.

That is how I met Silly, Sassy, and Spunky (and how I learned where to go if I ever need to squeeze a false confession out of someone.)


  1. Yeah...keep them around...just in ;-)

  2. This is's the "it was disgusting" thing that cracked me up! Quite the little trio those characters.

    God bless and have a super Saturday!!!

  3. That's adorable and you told the story very well! Can almost see those precious little girls! Laughed out loud at "It was disgusting!" Looking forward to more adventures in education!

  4. Gotta love it!

    Again... why... you.


  5. Too funny. Oh if we could get our own children to confess to things as easily. Life would be so much simpler,

  6. The first thing that strikes me about this, is that you wrote an acceptance letter back. Very classy.

    And the fact that they stuck together to share the blame reminds me of the special olympics. During a 100 yard dash, one of the runners fell down. ALL the other runners stopped, went back and helped their fallen opponent to his feet. They then resumed the race.

  7. Oh my gosh! That is too funny. Makes me think of tonight at church when the priest asked if any of us parents had a child who'd been especially difficult and disobedient this week. While I didn't raise my hand, my son shot his up in the air and pointed to himself. Ha!

  8. A false confession and an apology note that is funny. Here's to the drama queens for making you and us smile, again!

  9. Just when I thought the note was priceless, I read the rest of the story. Love it!

  10. I love this! All of it! Too stinkin funny.

  11. that's hilarious!

    what's really funny is that when Sonshine gets a time out at school I'm making him write "I'm sorry for..." and then I'll write "the rule is:...." with his autism this seems to help him remember the rule so he can get a sticker on his behaviour chart the next day. since he's "failing" handwriting it's good practice too!


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