Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Newbie Love

Remember back in the days when you first started blogging? You hit Publish and then waited by the computer to see if anyone would read it. You made the rounds to other blogs to introduce yourself, set up a reader, and slowly became immersed in the phenomena that is blogging. And that comment thing? It's what you checked first thing, or every chance you got throughout the day. Validation, friendship, positive reinforcement; it became your crack.

Today, I'm shutting off my comments and sending you instead to comment at the blogs of some new friends who'd love to meet you, I'm sure; bloggers who are either just getting their feet wet or have fewer than 150 posts in their archives. I'm not saying you have to comment on all of them, but a quick hello on at at least one would be nice :)

Sketches by Mary has been blogging for just a couple of months. She's a cat-loving elementary school teacher and has only a few Followers so far. Her posts are almost always brief, so it won't take but a moment to say hello!

Kerri, of Kerri's Klutter is hilarious. Her first Friday Fragments post cracked me up! She's got a little over a hundred posts under her belt and is sure to become a lifer.

Matty Thoughts
is a wonderful guy with wit and sensitivity. He's also got a brand new photography blog called I can See Clearly Now. Matty is a stand-up guy, so you should meet him if you haven't already had the pleasure.

Long-time blogging friend, Amie, has a new blog called The Dark (in)Side. She's a grad student in a land far away from family. The Dark (in)Side is her place to vent her frustrations about random stuff. You might share some of her frustrations...

Ocean Girl is also relatively new to blogging, having less than one hundred posts but plenty with substance. She lives in Kuala Lumpor and is a fine writer. She's a sweetheart who also has great photos.

So, there you have it. Why not make someone's day by stopping by to say hello? :)