Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thousand Words Thursday

A Thousand Words Thursday is a photo meme hosted by The Mom Jen, at Cheaper Than Therapy. Visit Jen for more pics that say a thousand words....

This is perhaps my all-time most favorite pic of Kendall. She had decided to go outside by herself to build her first snowman. I'm not sure why I wasn't out there with her (It was about 1998 b.p.c. (Before Personal Computer), so I couldn't possibly have been surfing the internet, instead, (haha), but I kept watch now and then from the window and was rewarded with the most perfect display of how temperament means so much in terms of happiness in life.

Kendall had gathered up a bunch of snow, carefully doing her best to create the snowman that was in her mind's eye. Her first try was top-heavy and fell down. She made two more unsuccessful attempts, and I felt myself tempted to go out and help her, but that's when Kendall demonstrated the spirit that we saw in her first days of life and continually see today; instead of becoming overly frustrated and crying or stomping on that danged, uncooperative snowman, she simply took what was left from the mess that had fallen and pushed it together to make a smaller one.

A moment later, I opened the front door to a rosey-cheeked little girl wearing a HUGE smile, asking, "Mommy, can I have some stuff for my snowman?! Come and see my snowman!"

And my three-year-old daughter showed how happy you can be if you keep an open mind and persevere. She showed why it's good to let your kids make their own mistakes when they're cheap (so that they have confidence in themselves when the decisions are more important ones*.) And finally, know this: If you ever need a lift in spirit, and have the chance, build a snowman; it'll be sure to make you smile :)

p.S. I learned this very important philosophy from Barbara Coloroso, who wrote the book, Kids Are Worth It, a must-read book for parents who don't want to be "jellyfish" or "brickwall" parents, but rather, "backbone" parents. If it's still in print (I've had mine for 17 years), I highly recommend it!


  1. That is an ADORABLE picture, and an awesome little story to go with it. She is precious.

  2. What a great picture and the snowman is absolutely adorable!

  3. That picture is wonderful! And she's so proud of it! Makes everything worth it, doesn't it?

  4. that is so so sweet, that smile and her cute little snow man!

  5. I love this picture!

    I'm going to go check out that book!

  6. Thats so cute!

    Don't you just love moments like that! Going through that kind of stuff with my grand kids!

  7. She is so sweet! Very awesome post!

  8. Excellent book my dear. All new parents should read it.

    I am quite smitten with Kendall's teeny tiny 'Frosty', how sweet it is! I'm also lovin' that precious proud smile on three year old Kendall's face. Sweet!

    Have the best day, sweetie!!!

  9. This is a great story. I like that you allowed your daughter to work out her own issues and she came out with a big smile and success.

  10. The little snowman is precious!

  11. So glad you did take the picture - never knowing how many people you would be sharing it with!
    She has a beutiful smile. Does she still build snowmen?

  12. You captured a wonderful memory there. Her smile has that touch of happiness and pride.

    Sounds like her natural personality and her parents skills have really taught her well.


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