Thursday, April 29, 2010

Friday Fragments: Episode #92

Welcome to Friday Fragments!  Speaking of bits and pieces...earlier tonight, I fell (going into the house carrying all kinds of crap!) and came close to breaking my right forearm. I think the bone is okay, but I smashed the muscle quite beautifully across the metal threshold.  Luckily, I started this post earlier in the week (and the brace on my arm is allowing me to type the finishing touches!  Anyway, welcome! [For more information and Friday Fragments do's and don't's, click on the button above.]

***So excited to go to the "Willy Wonka" musical at the middle school tonight, with Kendall. It's going to be amazing!

***BTW, Qoop gave me a full refund on my printing order. They invited me to re-submit my invitation photo with different parameters. I'm sticking with Office Max.
***Hey! Guess what?!
Quoteables In The Blog World

I was quoted on a blog I've never been to, until I was notified.  Quoteables in the Blog World is "a list of phrases said during the week that stood on their own and were funny as hell. They were phrases that not only inspired giggles and snorts, but frequently prompted the question "what brought THAT up?" Check it out--you'll get a good laugh or two.

***40 x 2 x 10 to 15 =  800 = 13 hours (conservatively) that it takes to reply to 40 fragmenters via email, plus spend quality time reading and commenting on each FF post and then catch up on each individual blog if I can (since I enjoy catching up and try to do so often). That's 13 hours per week, in addition to my full-time job and life, if I'm a perfect blogger, which I am not. Just wanted to explain why I sometimes don't get to your blog in a timely manner. And remember, that those 13 hours only refer to Friday posts, and I haven't even calculated the time it takes to reply to other comments, so thank you very much for your understanding. I appreciate you very much and hope you know it. Love you guys... [Oh, and P.S. Replying to your comments is much easier when you leave your email address or have it in your profile, hint hint :)]

***Adrienne is featuring Half-Past Kissin' Time on her "Tip Top Spot" on her blog, All These Things. Thank you for the recognition, Adrienne; you're a sweetheart.

***I've done very little except work this week at home, in the evenings. Summer cannot come soon enough...

***My cousin Margaret left me the best birthday greeting on Facebook!

The number 47 is not only odd, it's a PRIME number (it can be divided by no other number besides 1 and itself). Honey, you are in your PRIME! Happy Birthday!!

Thanks, Margaret!!

That's it for me; gotta get off the computer and ice my arm again. Now's your chance to make some new friends and link up your FRIDAY FRAGMENTS POST. But for heaven's sake, be careful!


  1. Firstly, OW!

    Have fun at the musical. My son's school did The Wizard of Oz this year, it was brilliant.

    Congrats on all the bloggy recognition, you deserve every bit :-) I'm amazed you do manage to get around to everyone's blogs at all - it's a huge task. Thank you for providing this lovely community building event each week, I've met a whole bunch of fabulous people through Friday Fragments.

  2. The musical sounds lovely and please never ever think you have to comment I know how hard it can be to make your way around the blog o sphere...I love your blog and I enjoy FF! =)

  3. Darn I started talking to buggy and forgot to tell you I hope the arm feels better soon ...I have frequent faller can be rough!

  4. Ouch! I hope it feels better over the next few days! Hugs to you as you recover!

  5. Ouch! Hope the arm feels better quickly. I'm a natural klutz and am always tripping over something.
    Congrats on being quoted, you deserve it!

    I've been meaning to tell you, I was listening to your Mom sing Happy Birthday the other day and somehow permanently downloaded it to my iTunes, so she is now in my shuffle playlist. LOL!

  6. Oh my! Big ouch for sure on the elbow accident! Now be really careful from this time forward not to fall, no injuries because (in case you don't already know this) once you get into this age range, it is like entering a danger zone for women with falls that often are likely to result in a broken bone or two! It has something to do with the combination of age, menopause and that good old bone disease -of which I can't for the life of me remember the name of it, but it's wicked anyway on the bones! Osteoporosis? I think that's it. Anyway, just take extra care from here on forward and DO NOT FALL, DO NOT BREAK ANY BONES! Please?

  7. Hello Mrs4444, thank you very much for letting me join Fragmented Fridays, I discovered you through Unknown Mami.

    Have a pleasant day with lots of links and followers.

    Regards. xxx

  8. Ouch, I hope your arm is ok!
    I love that Quoteables blog, it's a hoot.
    Happy Friday!

  9. All that time you devote to FF is certainly making you famous!!

    Hope you're arm is better ASAP so you can have a great weekend! XO!

  10. You're a gracious hostess, but I never want you to think you need to make a reciprocal visit to my blog. There: you just regained 10 minutes. See how easy that was?

  11. I love the prime number thing :))

    Get well, arm!

    Happy weekend Mrs4444 xoxox

  12. Sounds like you have had a full week with good and bad. Hope your arm heals faster, and have fun at the musical.

  13. Congrats on being quoted. Have a great weekend!

    I linked up today!

  14. OW! You poor thing! You must retire to the couch immediately and have the family fetch and tote for you.

  15. Youch! That injury sounds very painful. Rest up....

    Have a great weekend.

  16. That musical sounds like a bunch of fun!

    Sorry your arm is hurting!

    I love it when you have time to stop by my page! :) You are a great blogger!

  17. Oh Mrs4444, I do hope your arm gets better, and you have a good time at the musical.

    Congrats on your recognition!

  18. I still love the new McLinky thing; so neat to see all the pictures! Thanks again for making mine. Hope your arm feels better very soon!

  19. My first time with you today. Great idea! Although some how my picture/link went twice. Sorry! I got an error the first time. So, if you get around to it please delete one! Sorry!

  20. Hope your arm feels better soon!

  21. Have fun at the musical Ms. Prime!!!

    People don't realize what a time commitment blogging is... I don't know how you do it with Friday Fragments! My goal this week is to visit at least 10 new Fraggers today, because I was just thinking how neglectful I've been lately, lol.

  22. I came across the blogsphere and found your blog. I Like it so much!

  23. You are in your prime!

    The thumbnail I put up makes one of my eyes look like it's X-ed out. I look like a drunk cartoon.

  24. OUCH! That hurts just thinking about! Hope the ice is helping and that you heal quickly!

    Great age quote!

  25. Ouch! Hope your arm is better soon!

  26. You poor thing, take care of that arm. I'm still takin' my mulch pile down and not bloggin' much. ( Now I just realized ya don't know what the heck I'm talkin' about if ya haven't read my last post. Heeehehe)

    Take care of yourself and rest up this weekend!

  27. Happy Birthday (again)!
    I wish I had known all the trouble you were having w/ Kyle's grad invites, I would totally have set them up for you no charge!!

    AND - YAaay summer!

  28. By the way ... don't you EVEN feel bad about not being able to comment everywhere every week! About 3 months ago I ventured onto this meme (my very first) for the first time ever and my blogging journey kicked into overdrive. That first month or so I tried (Lord knows I tried) to comment everywhere and follow most. Since then I have relaxed into doing the best I can do. But what I wanted to say is just basically that even if you hadn't commented, which you have, you made my life, and blog, better just by being you and being here!

    Thank you!

  29. I am so sorry you fell!
    I never mind if people don't comment on my blog. Well, I take that back, there are a few girls from college that I comment religiously on their blogs and they NEVER say hi on mine. I would totally understand if they had like 10 comments a day or something but they have 2 or LESS! I mean, come on, if you don't have that many comments you definitely need to go and say hi to your REAL LIFE FRIENDS : ) right?

    I agree about the email being linked to the comments. Isn't that so much handier?

    I hope the end of the year flies quickly for you.

  30. I'm always happy to see that you've visited my blog. But I know that life gets in the way, sometimes. I'm finding myself doing blog reading just once or twice a week and trying to catch up on past posts and comments then. No sweat from the 4th Frog!

  31. Glad your arm is ok. I fell digiing my pond yesterday and smashed my shin on a tree root- owwwww.........

    I know about the time blogging. I visit blogs and comment EVERYDAY and it takes hours!

    But what a fun way to spend hours :-)

  32. No wonder I love you so much, we are so alike! Sorry about your fall! I have been known to go down a few times in adulthood, with bruises and no broken bones, yet! LOL

    It takes me time, too, to read the blogs I follow and to respond to comments, via e-mail. I don't have nearly the following you do, LOL but still, it takes time, I think we can all understand that! :)


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