Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thousand Words Thursday

I haven't counted the words on Kendall's new whiteboard (that Mr.4444 put up in her room), but she just might have a thousand of them. Although her new bedroom decor is more mature in style, she still wanted it to be fun, so we bought a huge piece of whiteboard (4' x 8') from Home Depot, cut two feet off the long end, and hung it in her room on the big, empty wall. It didn't stay empty for long.

The other three walls are still bare, except that the multi-talented Mr.4444 also put a simple shelf above Kendall's desk...

so things are shaping up nicely :) Anyone have an extra chair laying around?

For more pictures that "say a thousand words," visit Jen, at Cheaper Than Therapy :)


  1. The huge whiteboard idea is awesome. Between you and your husband, the ideas must be flowing all the time. The shelf looks great over the desk.

  2. Always a lot to say on a white board. I have one in my office - Half the time its got silly stuff on it. Somewhere on the bottom corner is something important I think!

    Looks good -

    What, no 52" flatscreen?

    What kind of parents are you! LOL


  3. Kendall has such a cool room. I see she really enjoys hr white board!

    Have ya checked in school storage. Sometimes they have furniture they are glad to sell for very little $$$'s.

    Enjoy your day, sweetie!!!

  4. What a great idea how fun ....I think it porbably has a thousand

  5. Girls are doodlers. I still am!

  6. Love the white board! Anywhere girls can doodle is a good thing!


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