Saturday, May 15, 2010

Already?! Where Did the Time Go?

Formspring is a website that allows you to create an "Ask Me Anything!" account on which people can ask you questions (anonymously or not) or just leave comments. Such a thing has no appeal at all, to me, but it does to my teenage kids. Kyle just joined this week. Yesterday, someone who did not identify him/herself left this message for him:

"You're truly a remarkably beautiful person, from the outside in."

I could not agree more.

Happy 18th Birthday, Kyle.  We love you.

P.S. Matty asked a great question about Kyle's future plans. Kyle has a full-time job lined up this summer, in the technology department of our school district. He'll also be working weekends for a company that rents out bounce houses (he supervises the bouncers :)  In August, he'll head to U.W.G.B. but will live on campus. At this point, he's planning to become a chiropractor. Can you imagine? FREE CHIROPRACTIC for the rest of my life?!  Go, Kyle!


  1. Happy 18th Birthday Kyle. And to the proud Mama too.

  2. Handsome kid. I mean adult. Mixed feelings, huh, Mom?

  3. Wow, time flies. He's a great looking kid, and now he's an ADULT! With his whole life ahead of him. What are his post HS plans?

  4. Happy Birthday, Kyle!

    Congratulations to you and Mr. 4444!

  5. Happy Birthday Kyle! So impressed he already knows what he wants...good job Mr. and Mrs. 4444's raised a great young man.

  6. Happy B-Day, Kyle! But watch out for Formspring. Meanies will use it to dump on you anonymously, as well...

  7. Happy 18th birthday, Kyle (and the rest of you!).

    From a fellow May 15th-er -


  8. 18, wow! Happy Birthday to him!

  9. A very happy birthday to Mr. Kyle Dude. Congratulations to you proud mama!

    Have a blessed day!


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