Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Fragments, Episode #94

Doing anything this weekend? We have an insane amount of events on our calendar, including water park get-together, family birthday party (Kyle's) at Chuck E. Cheeses (yes, seriously), a graduation party (Congrats, Mandy!!!), and a special graduation mass.   I'm looking forward to all of it, but it's gonna be a whirlwind. In order to enter the weekend with clear heads, let's all unload the clutter in our minds, shall we?

***Haven't been here in a while? Welcome back! Here's a recap of what you missed so far this week: A Favorite Friday Fragmenters post, some excellent displays of SHT, a sweet story from my classroom, and my personal favorite--a cute, funny post about my mom.
***My sister, Michelle, wrote a very funny post on her friend Susi's wall yesterday. It related to this little stinker...

So, Dozer decides to sit on my lap while I'm reading New Moon. His tail falls right into the crack of the book like a fuzzy bookmark. SO CUTE! Until I realize that his bum hole left a poop mark on the page. Nice. Needless to say, I will be buying you a new poop-free copy.
LOL, Michelle. Thanks for sharing that :)

***I cannot tell you how relieved I am that Kyle FINALLY finished his Eagle project paperwork and turned it in today (two days before the deadline of his 18th birthday). Seriously, the stress of worrying about him getting it done in time (and knowing I was powerless to affect his time table) about killed me.  Now he waits to see if it gets approved, but I can let it GO.

***Need another laugh? Read a very short, FUNNY post from Meno here.

***If you have a Kohls charge card, check your statement for an "Account Ease Premium." It can be equal to the interest you are paying. It's a fee for insurance in the event of your losing your ability to pay.  You may have accidentally agreed to this (like I apparently did, TWO YEARS AGO). It's been removed, but we have paid more than $600 up to this point for that unwanted insurance. I thought I was going to have a heart attack when I discovered this. (Blogging about it should help.)

Gonna cut this short so that you linkers waiting for me can finally go to bed! You know what to do....[Please note that this Linky is for Friday Fragmenters only--All other links will be deleted, so please be considerate enough to actually read this post and follow the rules.]


  1. OMG, you paid that much???? Kohl's, I'm disappointed in you.

    I'll be back in the morning to link up. :)

  2. YIkes...that's a lot of money to shell out and not know it.
    What a cute pup...minus the poop skid.
    Have a wonderful busy weekend....and sorry about my head being like super humongous in that

  3. Oh my word. Cutest little puppy ever... So funny about the bookmark :) Hilarious!

    I am totally guilty of not checking statements carefully. I must start.

  4. OMGosh, that dog is so cute! But the poop stain, ewwww!

  5. Very funny about the poop mark, though I am sure not so much at the time. I am joining your meme for the first time. Have some fragmented thoughts on Wives in general - hope it fits with your meme. Heard about your meme through Wandering Thoughts.

  6. Too funny about Kyle having his birthday at Chuck E. Cheese! ha, I love it. And the puppy story, haha!!

  7. congrats to Kyle on getting his paperwork done on time, and congrats to you for not imploding while waiting!

    time to celebrate! (Chuck E.'s? ICK.) (but have fun!)

  8. Chuck-E-Cheese is a crazy place! I used to go there now and then with friends. One of my friends used to be Chuckie! She said she liked it except when kids would pull his tail.

    Glad Kyle got his paperwork done in time--good for him. Two days ahead of time too. You had nothing to worry about. (sarcastic)

  9. Oh that's terrible about Kohl's charge..Very sneaky, aren't they?
    The pup is adorable!

  10. Very cute puppy. But I NEVER would have spent money on a new book. That's what baby wipes are for!

    Good luck at Chuck E. Cheese. Take some advil before you go.

    Ooooohhh. Shame on Kohl's.

    Happy Friday!

  11. We have a very similar week-end :( The great news is that we are supposed to have sun :)))) I've missed that orb!

  12. Oh em GEE that pup is cute!!!

    Quick fly-by today - will be back!

  13. Cute dog, gross story :-)

    Yay! for Kyle finishing the project - congrats to you both ;-)

    Our weekend was going to be fairly quiet with only a shift at a fundraising BBQ for the school band scheduled. But the BBQ got canceled, we decided to take my mother-in-law clothes shopping (and the kids as well - apparently they grow out of the old ones, who knew?!), and we got invited to my best mate's place for dinner to celebrate her birthday tomorrow.

    Sunday is all ours though, perhaps we'll do something indulgent, maybe a ferry ride on Sydney Harbour and fish and chips on the beach.

  14. That puppy is ADORABLE- even if he does need to learn to wipe before cuddling!

  15. My calendar is crazy full as well!

    That little cute dog...that story...hilarious! I always get nervous when our dog puts her butt anywhere near me! LOL!

    Thanks for the info about Kohls. I am going to look when I get home tonight!

  16. I still kick myself for not completing Eagle (3 merit badges and a service project)

    Congrats to K.

  17. Ewwww! So gross about the dog! Maybe I DON'T want a lap dog someday!

    We're crazy busy this weekend too: 2 graduation parties and a bridal shower on Saturday; lots of church stuff on Sunday...I'm tired just thinking about it! But it will all be fun!

  18. It's just a crazy time of the year. Chuck E Cheeses...I love it. My almost 13 yr. old grandson called it Chuck~E~Jesus when he was small! Cracked me up.

    Congratulations to Kyle all the way around...go guy!!!

    I had to go listen to your Mom again...she's such a hoot. Puppy love..Awwwww, just goes to show ya a sweet little canine is probably not a good bookmark!

    Enjoy your very busy weekend sweetie!

  19. What a cute puppy. Really cute.

  20. Fingers crossed his Eagle project gets approved! I'm sure it will. My weekend is full of scouting as well...I'll be on a camporee with the Weblos and my little cousin has his Eagle Court of Honor on Sunday!

  21. I hate tricky interest rates!

    The poop thing happened to my dad the other day... but with Boy, not a dog, lol.

  22. Tee hee - "poop free" Twilight book. I don't believe they exist. But I won't say a word since I got a "Jacob" t-shirt for mothers day....
    OH - any possiblity you'd post a picture of you with Chuck E. ? I am sure your readers would like to see it!!!!

  23. I used to work in a library-that poop stain would have been something to talk about :-)

    LOL, Princess Der and I were just talking about Golden Childs upcoming graduation..still trying to figure out a date for a party...

    This weekend we have nothing to do,but seems like we have a lot to do almost every other weekend!

  24. Woohoo! Congrats to Kyle for getting his project turned in! Please post pictures from the Eagle ceremony, I bet TT would love to see them!
    I have scout stories this week too, only I do a little more whining...
    Chuck E Cheese? Really? Eeewwww

    LOVE the puppy and the "poopmark"!

    OMG on the Kohl's! How shady!

  25. OMGosh! LOL @ the doggy story! heehee

    Congrats to Kyle for finally getting his paperwork in.

    That is INSANE that Kohl's has been charging you for that insurance! Nice of them to share that little tidbit with you when you applied. Jeez!!

    Happy Friday!! Have fun with all of your events this weekend!

  26. Oh My Gosh!
    That is a lot of money! And you know that if Kohls is doing it ... so are others! Boooooo!

    Funny puppy story! :)

    Enjoy your busy weekend!

  27. Are you telling me that Chuck E Cheeses never goes away. You've just burst my bubble, my friend...

  28. Not only do they charge that much for the insurance..good luck trying to use it. I needed it and the paper work was so ridiculous my husband just said forget it. We got rid of the insurance but it does sting!
    Sounds like such a fun weekend..have a great time!

  29. Most have already said it, but shame on Kohls that is aweful!

    Pup is cute, less the poop factor!

    Congrats to your son!

    Happy Friday to you!

  30. I so do not like cram-packed weekends. They make me want to go back to work so I can rest!

  31. I like to think that it's my fault that the charge got on there, rather than thinking Kohls took advantage of me; I should have been more responsible and actually looked at my bill a LONG time ago.

  32. I'm going to have my mom check her Kohl's credit card statement. Although, trying to get her to understand what I am talking about and actually finding it on the statement might be a very long conversation..

  33. Gosh I had no idea that was such a shitty book!


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