Saturday, May 8, 2010

Blogging Peeves/Questions

Thought I'd take this opportunity to give everyone a chance to share blogging peeves. (Everyone has them.) Feel free to share.  Here's mine:

Please, please will you put your email address in your profile? It doesn't have to be your main one. I try to reply personally to every comment that lands in my Inbox, but when you don't enter an email or have one on your profile page, it makes me feel guilty, because I'm less likely to reply. [So, yeah. If your peeve is that I don't always reply to your comments, it's your fault! haha]

[Update: I thought of another peeve. I really do not enjoy it when bloggers put only one post on the front page. I almost never click to the next page, just sayin'. Also, I almost never read posts that only give you a snippet and then say, "Read more here..." That kind of post is usually on a blog with tons of advertising, so unless I absolutely love you, I will not read those posts. (My only exceptions are sites that are for groups of bloggers.)]

There are lots of blogging newbies in our neighborhood (you know who you are :), too. If you have questions, we have answers, so fire away with those, too. Anyone is welcome to answer, as well.

So, here's your chance, unload your pet peeves about blogs/bloggers (even if I'm guilty of doing one of them.)  It's a great way to vent and will even help others learn to play nice in Bloggyland :)  Have at 'er!

On a side note--I've had fewer fragmenters link up since I switched to the button link-up version. If you aren't linking up because you don't have a button or don't know how to do it, email me, and I will happily help; it's no trouble at all and just takes a few minutes to make a simple button :) [Of course, the button links are not free from trouble--I want to apologize, again, for yesterday's link debacle. I have lodged a complaint! :)]


  1. I hate word verification for comments. Most people don't need them. I say take them down unless you are getting some serious spam. I understand comment approval (doesn't really affect me) but not the unneeded word verification. Ugh.

  2. This is slightly difficult, because you already stole my biggest blogging peeve--the lack of email address.

    There is one other one.....word verification!! Please please please take this off of your blog people! If you are afraid of spam, you can turn the comment moderation on and you approve each comment before it gets publishes (it only takes a second to approve them, and you ensure that you never miss a comment this way!) The word verification slows down the commenting process hugely, and for someone like me who reads about 100 blogs a day, it REALLY gets old fast!

    Happy Mother's Day to you Mrs.4444-Hope you have a wonderful weekend! =)

  3. And as I typed my long winded comment, someone beat me to my peeve again! lol

  4. pet peeve-i don't really care about the comment thing.. because as my followers grow it gets a lil harder but my pet peeve is when i leave a serious heart felt, its obvious i took the time to respond paragraph comment more than once and its ignored... *ouch*

    Hope you have a Happy Mothers Day <--notice another paragraph.. LMAO J/K enjoy your weekend!!

  5. My biggest peeve I think, is when people have word verification AND comment moderation. Total overkill!
    Not responding to comments is another peeve.
    Consistent bad grammar.
    Sentence fragments. (kidding! haha)
    I'm full of peeves!

  6. I didn't get my act together enough to have a Friday Fragments this week - it had nothing to do with the new system (which I think is very cool, btw.)

    My biggest blogging pet peeve is one that I do! I have a hard time replying to people. I want to. I intend to. I mean to. Then I get sidetracked and I never seem to be able to go back and reply or even comment in the comment section.

    My biggest blogging pet peeve of others is the music that automatically starts playing upon arrival to certain blogs. Not being able to find the music machine that's making the noise and not being able to find the mute button are also high up on the list. I've gotten into the habit of keeping my computer on MUTE all the time just because of the music on blogs. I now miss instant messages because I can't hear the ding, but it's better than getting an ear full of music when I'm not expecting it.

    I think that's it for now :)

    Thanks Mrs. 4444!

  7. Bloggers who are desperately trying to make money off their blogs. I don't mind an ad or two, i can ignore those, but endorsing products in posts will make me stop reading a blog all together.

    Oh, and word verification.

  8. Hi, it must be the day for Pet Peeves, some are done inadvertently! In my case because of my lack of blogger knowledge.

    Anonymous followers do my head in, I only have one but it makes me wonder why they want to remain anonymous!

    I stumbled on this site today you might like:

    Have a beautiful day Mrs4444
    Warm regards.

  9. I have to admit: Sometimes I don't reply to comments because I'm not sure where to leave the comments, especially if the person doesn't have an e-mail address posted. I've only been blogging since Feb., so I'm still in the "learning curve". So, if you have any hints on this, I'd appreciate it!
    Being fairly new to the blogging scene, I have to agree with everybody else that the automatic music is a little annoying, except on this one blog that has awesome music! Sometimes when I visit her, I leave her blog up while I look at others just to sing along and listen to it!
    And, the word verification: I'm scared to death of getting a virus, so that doesn't bother me.
    A peeve I've "discovered" is so many ads on a blog that it's hard to find the posts...I usually don't stay on that blog and close it out without reading!

  10. CAPCHA... Do I look like a spammer? LOL I hate having to leave comments and type in the capcha thingy...

  11. I really have to force myself to read templates that have light text on dark backgrounds or design elements that overlap the post section and obscure the text. So there's not many like that that I'll persist with.

    I'll also admit to a grammar and spelling pedantry streak a mile wide.

    But my biggest blogging peeve is that I never have enough time to spend on it! :-)

  12. I would have to agree with the consensus with regard to music. It can be really annoying, especially if I'm listening to my own music, which I often do, when I'm going blog hopping.

    And... I'm one of your newest followers. I just found you via Coffee Lovin Mom. :-) I look forward to reading more from you!

  13. These are GOOD! I especially like the "tiny font" complaint. I just can't return to blogs that I can't see without enlarging my screen. This week, I had some tiny fonts appear randomly in two posts and had to go in and fix each annoying one, because it was driving ME crazy!

    As for Anonymous commenters who leave legitimate comments (Hi Lisa! Hi Aunt Rae!) I think they typically come from folks who don't have blogs and don't have the desire to join Google or Disqus. Am I right? :)

  14. The peeve that makes me cringe is the lack of capitalization and punctuation. I can understand a typo or few, but one long, run-on sentence is hard to read.

    The auto music is annoying to me too, but I just keep the sound on my computer turned off unless I specifically want to watch a video.

    Word verification doesn't bother me. I can't stand spam, so anything someone else wants to do to eliminate it or lessen it, is okay with me.

  15. Like Mary, I've only been blogging since January, so I don't have a list of peeves. I did want to say thanks though... I've been learning as I go, and it helps to read through comments like this and gain some insight! So... now if you visit my profile, you'll find my e-mail (didn't realize it wasn't visable)
    Happy Mother's Day!

  16. I love run on I fail there. I have never figured out how to put music on my blog, so I put YouTube videos in almost every post that way people can choose to listen or not (although 90% of the time my videos help define my post!)

    My biggest peeve? Bloggers who don't use paragraphs. They have one GIANT paragraph that goes on and on and on. They may change focus every few sentences but they keep running on. They are almost impossible to read.

    Otherwise, I have very few peeves. Most of us are not professional writers, maybe wannabes, so I read for the content and I don't care if one day you wax poetical on your kids and the next day get all militant makes it more like a conversation in real life.

  17. CAPCHA really is a pain...
    I have given you an award on my blog. C'mon over and see what it's about!

  18. hmm.. as someone who has been blogging for 5+ years, i have a ton. i just did a blog entry on this not too long ago--

    those are my top 6 for now, i'm sure i have more, i just haven't written them all down. haha.

    btw, my new email address isn't attached to this, but i think you have it. ;)

  19. I read almost every blog in Google Reader, so these come from that side.

    Feed ads drive my nuts. Some blogs have more ads then content in their feeds. Sigh. I'm scrolling damn it.

    Only putting a preview of your post in your feed. I have over 400 blogs in my reader. You want me to click through, pay me.

    The only other thing that bugs me is people that don't check their layouts in browsers other then IE. I use Chrome for a browser. If you look terrible in Chrome, I'm probably not coming back.

    Hope all is well in Wisconsin. Sorry about the rain we are sending you. It's followed by cold temps. Lovely. :-)

  20. When I first started my blog, I asked a lot of questions. Many that you graciously answered for me. I always appreciated that. Thanks. I'm no expert, but I'm happy to help anyone out if I can. They can feel free to ask.

    I don't like music that plays automatically. I absolutely hate, hate, hate that word verification. Sure, I understand why people use it. But it seems that blogger is running out of short and easy words, because they are getting increasingly longer too. The individual letters are getting jumbled closer together, and in scriptive writing and they are getting harder to decipher and type in the right letters. Sometimes I can barely make out the letters to type.

    I don't care for really, really long posts. Yes, sometimes we all do them depending on the subject matter, especially when it's something from the heart. But with all the reading and commenting that blogging requires, the shorter, the better. I try to keep in mind when I post, that the readers don't want me to go on and on.

    And I don't like awards, or being tagged to do something, and anything else along those lines. Sure, I appreciate the gesture and the recognition, but they are very time consuming. I sincerely thank people who do it, but no thanks.

  21. I don't really have any blogging peeves. Not that I am always little miss sunshine or anything. But things are rolling along pretty well in blogland over here. I enjoy reading the variety of information and feelings that people share in their blogs so much. More than my writing. Hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day.

  22. I am probably too new at this to complain about anything because I probably do all of the I read each and every one and I will try not to peeve anyone off!
    Thank you Mrs.4444 for your gracious help and I enjoyed Friday Fragment's!
    Is it Friday yet?
    Have a Blessed Mother's Day!

  23. I hate the word verification, music on the page, I super hate when people post just for comments, blah! and they comment with no sincerity at all. I hate when bloggers have like a thousand things on the page and confuse the heck out of my with tons of links.

    whoooo. I hate alot. sorry lol

  24. I think that most people have already covered my peeves! Top on the list is going to reply to a comment via e-mail and getting that blasted 'no reply blogger' e-mail!

    I agree with the abbreviated posts, although I've used them if I've done a really really long tutorial or something and all the photos make my page load slowly. I HAAAAAAAAAAAATE it when people only do partial RSS feeds. One of the ones I used to read switched over to that and I just dropped them!

    The music thing doesn't bother me so much anymore because I'm out of the US and most of the players have location restrictions now *L* SO instead of blaring music I get the player saying "Due to your location the media cannot be played." Shucks... NOT!

  25. I wish everyone would also put their blog on their profile. I have some followers who not only do not have their email on their profile but do not have their blog listed either. People, it's not that I don't care about you....I can't find you.

    It also cracks me up on the the shadow people (anonymous followers) come and go like the wind!

    Whew, now that I have that out of my system...ya'll have a glorious Mother's Day.

    Give your mama an extra hug from me...'K'?

  26. I don't like when I comment and comment AND comment on peoples blogs and they NEVER say hi. Now, of course I understand if they are a famous blogger. I even understand if they are someone that gets like 15 comments a day or something. I DO NOT understand that they have 0 comments and they STILL never say hi to me. What the heck is wrong with them? It makes me so mad.

    Also, all the photographers around here where I live never say hi to me. One even works at my church. I think that is jerky. I think they are jerky. They need to get over themselves and say hi : )

    Am I a jerk?


    You are not a jerk!

    I so agree. Those click more things annoy me. I only click on Scary Mommy's. No one else. I think those people think they are cooler than they are. They are not that cool to me!

    I did a whole complain post last week too! : ) Now I feel better!

  27. My biggies have already been listed. Music, word verification, dark background light print, weird blog colors, background that makes posts hard to read, no e-mail linked to profile

    One that no one has mentioned yet is not having an option to comment as Name/URL. I used to blog on Blogger. I actually have a couple of small blogs still here. But my main blog is privately hosted WP and for whatever reason I cannot link it to my Google account. So I may be difficult to find but it is NOT because I'm trying to be difficult or mysterious. :)

    As for long winded posts - GUILTY from time to time. I'm self described as verbose! :)

    Surprised and delighted that nobody seems to be peeved by meme addicts. :) Or over-users of smiley faces!

  28. Yes Yes, I agree. My BIGGEST peeve is when people leave comments without even reading the posts and say things like, "Following you! Follow me!" or "Love your blog. Come visit mine!" Blah blah blah! If you don't give me the time of day I'll return the favor!

  29. I hate it when bloggers link up to your meme and then not do it! It makes me nuts :)

  30. 1. Word verification
    2. Extremely long posts that seem to usually be written in a tiny font.

    That's short and sweet but I think it's all I have!

    Happy Mother's Day, Mrs. 4444!

  31. Word verification is the devil. That's all I have to say about that!

    I'm working on getting my e-mail address on my blog - as in "I've got 3 kids, it's not a priority, but I'd like to have it up because I can see how it would be a pet peeve to not have it." Yeah.

    Kinda fun to see others' pet peeves!

  32. My pet peeve is bloggers WHO HAVE PET PEEVES!

    dang it people. it's MY blog. If I want tiny font...weird colors....loud music...word verification....comment moderation..and retina screening on my blog, then don't come to yours and leave you my email GET OVER IT. Cuz it's MY BLOG.

    if you like me you'll come back. if not you won't and either way


    you gonna ring my doorbell and tell me what colors to paint my bedroom too? just wondering.

  33. The "read more" is my biggest peeve..As soon as I landed on the blog with just "read more", I am out..I don't want to read more; I just want to read enough..

  34. My pet peeve about blogs are ones that automatically play music.

    Yes, it's usually great music and I like the song but quite often I open up a few blogs at once and if you get a couple of pages playing different songs at once it's just noise. Plus I often have my own music playing at that time. It used to be even more of a problem when I lived at home and it was late at night or something I'd not know the sound was on and all of the sudden I'm blaring music when people are trying to sleep. I won't follow blogs that play music on the page load.


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