Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Fragments, Episode #93

It's that time again-Time to unload the random bits and pieces of your week that are too brief to be stand-alone posts, but too worthy to just discard. I'll guarantee you will feel very accomplished after writing a FF post (and you'll feel lighter, too!)  Why not join in?  [To learn the Friday Fragments "ropes," click here.

***The field trip yesterday went very well; my group could not have behaved better, the bus ride was tolerable, and no one puked or peed on the bus. Now that's what I call a good day! :)

***Yesterday, I posted a link to my  Go-Girl "female urination device" demonstration video. If you've never seen it, I highly recommend it; I watched if about 10 minutes ago and am still smiling.

***My Favorite Friday Fragmenter this week is Coby, of Finding Joy.  She and her husband are a bi-racial couple. Here's her winning fragment:

Last night Hubby told me, "I want to get really good at cooking something this summer. Like...ribs!"

When I didn't really respond, but just kept dipping my artichoke leaf in the garlic butter, he said, "I'll be the black man you never married!"

Nope. No stereotypes in our home.

Congratulations, Coby! The award is yours :)

***Kyle has been busting his butt to wrap up his Boy Scout Eagle Project. We are in the home stretch but the hardest part--the paperwork. It MUST be done by his 18th birthday (May 15th). (BTW, to read a great post about gifts to give Eagle Scouts, read Melisa's post at Suburban Scrawl. The only thing I would add to her list is a massage; those boys work hard!!)

***The only thing I need for Mother's Day is a clean house. Please, pretty please?

***I am sooooo exhausted.

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  1. My youngest brother finished his Eagle project last summer and has been waiting for his friends to finish their projects before having his ceremony- I'll be heading home for it on May 16. :)

  2. Yay! Thanks for the award! Hubby is taking all the credit for it. Claims he's so stinkin' funny (he is).

    I'm with you on the clean house. I want to be alone in my clean house for an hour or two. I can dream...

  3. Love the Favorite Fragmenter! My house is clean right now...but it won't last until Mother's Day, I'm sure.

  4. I think your field trip sounds like a GREAT success! We have one tomorrow. Fingers crossed. :)

  5. All I want for Mother's Day is to not have to spend it with my MIL but I very much doubt I'll get my wish. One of my friends sends her partner and their kids off to visit his mum on Mother's Day leaving her alone at home all day. Something to be said for that I think!

  6. Oooh, a clean house does sound like a nice gift. The girl I nanny for has a cleaning lady every 2 weeks. Jealous, me? Yeah, a little.

    I couldn't get my link to link, so here it is

    Happy Mother's Day!

  7. Go Kyle!

    The linky thing didn't work so here's the link to my 6 Things I Learned This Week:

    (I may try it again later--this is pretty lame. I'm sure no one will bother visiting from here.)

  8. And throw in a massage for the Eagle Scout's mom, too, while you're at it! haha

    Thanks for the plug!

    Happy Mother's Day weekend!

  9. A clean house...that's on my want list too.

    Link up isn't working for me either....

    Here's mine

  10. A clean and organized house would be a great help to me too.

    Happy Mother's Day to you.

    (BTW--I can't seem to link in this week..Help..)

  11. I can't wait to read about his Eagle project. Some of the ones from our troop have been ... well ... lame. Then there are the ones that are just wonderful.

    I can't link either, but I'll try back later. In the meantime I will NOT be cleaning my house.

  12. I have two Eagles and one on the way. No one ever tells you that the project is the EASY part. The write up is the WORST! Congrats to your soaring Eagle!!!!

  13. great thoughts and ideas. thanks/


    Mine is up, too - Linky isn't working for me.

    Great fragments today, B!

  15. Glad the ride wasn't bad!

    I was hoping for the same for Mother's Day. But since all of hubby's family is coming over...looks like I have to do it on Saturday!

  16. Oh and here is my link...I am having issues as well. I will try later.

  17. I was crying laughing about that video...too funny! Have a wonderful Mother's day!

  18. Oh baby, ya know if I was closer I'd clean your house for Mother's Day. It IS Deep Clean Friday and ya know how I love to clean!!! Loved the fragments once again ya hit the ball out of the park!

    I'm so glad the field trip went well for ya. I always figured it everyone was upright and not bleedin' that is was a good day!

    God bless ya and you have a fabulous Mother's Day weekend!!!

  19. I was thinking about you on the field trip yesterday and hoping it was going well. Good to hear it did. I read so many places in blogs where moms are very tired lately. I remember that and I so feel for you. My kids are grown and married so hubby and I live a quiet life which is what I want. I hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day and that you get a clean house that you don't have to clean this weekend.

  20. A clean house would be wonderful!

    I can't get a link posted, either. :(

  21. Boo hoo to linky! It's definitely being Mr. Stinky! I will be back later to try again.

  22. Yep - I am having problems too.. BOO Mr. Linky... stop being so pesky!

  23. Congrats to Kyle on his Eagle Scout. My boys aren't in scouts. Maybe we should consider it?

    Wishing you a wonderful -- and CLEAN -- Mother's Day!

  24. I've put in my request for a clean house, too!

  25. My son is in scouts .... this new scouting year he will be a bear.
    I hope the eagle project goes well
    I asked for a clean house to. you can read about it on my blog.
    Happy mothers day,

  26. OMG Barb. You had me absolutely cracking up at your Go Girl demonstration video. I was thinking, "I can't believe she's actually showing us that". Then you got me good. Great sense of humor you get it from your mom.

    A hearty congratulations to Coby. I know how good it feels to get this honor.

    Something tells me that Kyle will get his project done, and with flying colors too.

    A dirty house means you live in it. Enough said on that.

    Happy FF.

  27. Mr. Linky worked for me. =)

    Good luck with all the Boy Scout stuff. Sounds busy busy!

    LOL at Coby's comment.

    Glad the field trip went well. I would think they could be either really fun or really miserable. ;0P

    Hope you get your Mother's Day wish!

    Happy Friday!

  28. I've been wading through more paperwork than I ever want to see again lately so I can sympathize. I have my fingers crossed you can get through all of it in time!

  29. I just participated in my first Friday Fragments (hope I did it right)..I hope you have a Blessed Mother's Day!

  30. Will they ever invent a self-cleaning house?

  31. Have an amazing Mother's Day Mrs. 4444 ... and I'm wishing you well on the clean house wish! Wouldn't that be nice!

  32. I don't think a clean house is too much to ask for! Hope that works out for ya!

  33. Not to long ago I finally got the email added...I thought it was there the whole time and that no one liked me... OK so I am sorry I did not fragment this week ...I am going to get in on it next week and I hope you have a Happy Mother's Day =)


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