Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Good SHT!

As many of you know, I very rarely post about awards. My Award Policy keeps them at bay, mostly.  Of course, there are those who dare to take me up on my offer and bravely post their "Stupid Human Trick" (SHT) for all the blogging world to see, just so that I will play along. Here's one of my favorites, from Zoesdad:

It's been months since I was given an award by someone willing to perform a SHT, so I was delighted to see Mary's offering in my e-mail box today. Isn't it brilliant?!

Along with the trick came The Gorgeous Blogger award. Of course, I had to accept. (Thank you for your excellent sportsmanship, Mary! :)
I also got this award from Amy, of Coffee Lovin Mom, who is just this talented:

At first, I thought, "What?! Can't anybody do that?!" but then I asked Mr.4444, Kyle, and Kendall to do it (curl upper lip and bottom lip in opposite directions) and they could NOT do it! (I can.) I found their faces hilarious to watch, so thank you, Amy!  Here's the award she gave me...

The rules for both awards are that you accept and thank the person who gave it to you (check). Then, list ten things about you, followed by five things you do not like. (I'm double-dipping. Call the Award Police if you want.) Finally, the awards are to be passed on to ten bloggers. Here goes:

1.  I love kids who aren't afraid to be different. (They're my favorites.)
2.  I only need to hear a few notes of a song before it is stuck in my head and I begin singing it without provocation.
3.  I love king crab legs.
4.  I have never been on a cruise.
5.  I hope to visit the Caribbean some day.
6.  I almost drowned as a kid.
7.  I do not enjoy water play.
8.  I had a bunionectomy in 1990..
9.  I can whistle with my mouth closed.
10. I have lost far more earrings than I currently own.

Things I don't like:
Dogs who wake me up in the middle of the night to pee/poop/whatever.
Parents who don't hold their kids accountable.
When middle schoolers don't brush their teeth.

Ten bloggers? Are you kidding me? Don't panic--I'm not going to do it to you. (You can breathe now, haha.)  See, I like to be different, too, so I'm going to invite you to take the awards if they appeal to you, or don't.

I would like to offer you all my favorite, no-strings-attached award, which came to me a long time ago, from Huckdoll. (Thanks, again, Huck!)  If you are reading this, you deserve the award. Thank you for taking time from your precious day to stop by.


  1. Congrats on your awards.....I can not curl my lips in separate directions either.....but I sure did spend 15 minutes in front of the mirror trying!

  2. I can't curl my lips like that, but checking the mirror to see if I could(why do I think I have time to do this?) made me positive I would NEVER try in front of anyone else LOL! Have a great day...

  3. I love king crab legs too however I can't even whistle with my mouth open LOL

  4. Considering SHTs, I think closed mouth whistling definitely qualifies. Would that include nose whistling when you need to breathe?

  5. Thanks so much! I can do it in both directions as well..too bad I didn't have a picture of the opposite. I do love watching people try to do it! Thanks for the consideration - glad I could entertain!

  6. Congrats on the awards sweetie. Yep, I can pull my lips in different directions, my mom can lick her nose, I can't. But did I ever tell ya that I can curl my tongue and and whistle Yankee Doodle through it. I can also color with my toes...guess talent just runs in the family! Heeehehehe!

    God bless and enjoy this beautiful day!!!

  7. Let me know when you want to visit the Caribean. I'll be happy to go with you!
    Congrats on your awards and the people who have SHT!

  8. Congrats your blog rocks my socks!

  9. Hilarious!
    I can not walk through a broom. I can curl my lips in two different directions but only one way, not the other (does that make sense?). I can touch my nose with my tongue, we actually recently discovered that all 5 of us have that talent ;). Does that make me a stupid human? Hee hee.


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