Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tech Tuesday

So crabby...
So hungry...
So stressed....
So angry about this stupid Enter key that no longer works! GRRRR
So freaked out about the number of end-of-the-school-year assemblies/receptions for my kids this week, when I have a graduation party to plan for Saturday.

Okay, that was random. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest!

The school district I teach in is considered one of the most technogically advanced in our area. (Evidence of this is the fact that today, a HUGE group of teachers/administrators from schools all over the state came to our middle school today to see what we're up to.)  We're no High Tech High, but we can dream.  We have four computer labs, lots of SMART boards, many digital projectors, and a pilot program that uses iPod Touches in a math class. Tax payers have paid for only a small portion of the technology in our middle school, because we have raised the money ourselves through grants, government stimulus money, and donations from school clubs.  For example, Student Council donated $1000 to our building technology fund this year, and we were only one of many clubs chipping in to help move our students into the 21st century.

Recently, our spec ed teachers were given iPod Touches to use with students. Those of you who think of me as a computer geek may be amused to learn that this is my first iPod Touch--I am a newbie but am doing what I can to learn.  I've so far downloaded apps to help kids stay organized, plan with visual schedules, and practice vocabulary with digital flashcards. The possibilities are endless!  When I came across this article, I thought it was so useful that I should pass it on. So here you go: Why an iPod Touch in Education? The article (scroll down) offers tons of resources that both teachers and students can use.

If you are lucky enough to have an iPod Touch/Phone/Pad, I would love to hear some of your favorite apps. If you are not lucky enough, tell me what you would love one for. You could also tell me why you'd never want one, if that's the case, but I'll warn you....you may not want to ride on the information highway (beyond blogging, of course), but if you don't find a vehicle soon, you might find yourself run over!haha

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oooo perfect timing. Our elementary schools just finished getting SMART Boards in all the classrooms and so are looking for something new (although leveled libraries are the new catchphrase, but those are far less expensive than the SMART Boards). Love it!

  2. I would love to have one to see what I could do with it for special needs kids..

  3. I have an iPhone, but I don't use it in my classroom. I know there are tons of things out there though.

    When does your school year end?

  4. Wow! You got a lot on your plate lady! I am so glad you got it off your chest. I love how schools are integrating technology. I have a iphone but I don't think I use the apps well at all. I need a lists app for sure. Glad you have the opportunity to learn all this, it really is so cool.

  5. Awesome. I don't have an i - anything =(

  6. Hummmmm....is there an apt. for that????


  7. I am excited for the schools and the younger people who will benefit from the use of the new technology. For me, I am retired and have an awesome iMac and am home most of the time. So for now I have my needs met. In the past I had a Blackberry and I also had a Sidekick and could blog on it and do everything I do on my iMac. I know you will find lots of ways to help the children with the iPod Touch.

  8. Words with Friends...scrabble for i-Stuff...it's a great learning tool, both my kids play with me and they learn from stronger players!

  9. i want one, of any of the three iThings, but never ever EVER to read books on. digital books are anathema to me. never, i say. and i mean it.

    however, i would love some of the toys and games on there. my sister has the gleek app, and she is always doing her karaoke best. i'm jealous. =D

  10. The iPod sounds like a great idea! I'll pass that along (like it's really going to happen in my school system!).

  11. Thanks for this! Going to check it out. I recently downloaded a few apps for my kids and they're great!

  12. Mmmmm, apple stuff :) Always fun to play with because they're so bright and shiny.

    truthfully, if you go to the app store and search for something random that you've always wanted but KNEW no one would ever build? there's most likely an app for it. I found an app once that ONLY found pizzerias when looking for italian restaurants :)

  13. I am OBSESSED with my iPod touch. I got it from Curt for Christmas (almost) 2 years ago, and I use it for EVERYTHING. Some of my favorite apps are-- wordpress, google, yelp! paper toss, tweetdeck, echofon, and lose it! I have a ton of games on there too-- Tetris, Battleship, Bowling, Mariokart, etc.

    We did away with wireless internet at our house though for awhile (and just used a mobile broadband card for my laptop) so i haven't used it in awhile for internet usage and stuff like that so my apps are out of date-- can't wait to update them when we go back to wireless internet this weekend.

    I use mine when I don't feel like being on the computer and such. I could even blog from it, etc. I have a 16G and it's not even HALF full and i have over 1800 songs on it, 18 eps of SVU and 2 movies ;)

    I REALLY REALLY have been resisting looking at the iPad-- I haven't even touched one, seen one in person, not at ALL cause I know I will want one and Curt already rolls his eyes at how much of a technology whore I am hahha.

    How cool that your school participates in that-- That is AWESOME!

  14. Lovin my brand new iPhone fav apps are calendar notes iPod and tictactoe (when the kids need emergency entertainment). And checkers


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