Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dad's Home!

Ever since our kids were small, whenever Mr.4444 is away on business, one or both kids asks, "Where's Dad? When is Dad coming home?" One would think they might care less about their dad being gone as they became teenagers, but they have not asked less often at all; they simply miss their dad when he isn't home, and I think that says a lot about the kind of dad Mr.4444 is (and no, it doesn't say a thing about their mom, haha.) He is the best dad that a kid could ask for, honestly--the whole package; kind, affectionate, loving,  patient, attentive, giving, fun, playful, serious when he needs to be, hard-working, etc. I could not have picked a better father for my kids.

Happy Fathers Day, Mr.4444

We love you.

And Happy Fathers Day to all of you other dads out there.
Here's hoping your day tomorrow is as great as you are! :)

[note: This post probably looks very different if you read it in your Reader. I loved the "poem" I had written but had second thoughts about posting it, so I took it out, and I'm not sure the Reader will reflect the changes. That's okay; I just wanted to explain my intent.


  1. Wow...thought provoking. It does take on a new meaning depending on the home doesn't it?
    Happy Father's Day to Mr4444 :) From all I've read you DO have a great one.

  2. Nice post honoring your husband and wishing him a good fathers day. Some day the trumpet vines will peek out of the potting soil and I will send you a pic.

  3. It says a lot about a man when the teens still want him around.

    Happy Father's Day, Mr.4444!

  4. What a nice post about your husband. I hope he has a wonderful Father's Day!

  5. From everything I've ever read here about him, he sounds all of that and more. You and your family are blessed.

  6. That is so very nice and I agree says a lot that as teenagers they still want Dad around. Enjoy celebrating Father's Day.

  7. I hope he has a great day tomorrow! :)

  8. My kids all adore their dad too! Such a blessing! Happy Father's Day to Mr. 4444!


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