Monday, June 21, 2010

Favorite Things: Kitchen Edition

Welcome to Our Favorite Things! It's a way for us to talk over the "cyber" backyard fence, if-you-will, to share our favorite products with confidence, just to be friendly.  The rules are just that--share some of your favorite things that fit in the designated category; things you absolutely love and might cry if you never saw again.  Be sure you only pick things you've never received money or a freebie for and that you aren't selling the product/service. That way, we can all know with 100% certainty that there is no bias involved.

Today's subject is "Kitchen" and includes products and services related to your kitchen (but not including your pantry; that's for later.) Here are mine!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again:  The thought of eating fruits and vegetable skins that have come in contact with God knows what really grosses me out. I mean, think of it--How many people do you think have touched that apple, green pepper, or tomato before you? Think of where their hands have been. [Shudders]  I honestly don't worry about that anymore, because I've been using Veggie Wash now for at least four or five years, and I love it. I've mentioned it on several of my Mrs.4444 Cooks recipes here and here and here, so you know for sure that I'm not kidding when I say I use it all the time.

Veggie Wash is made of simple, natural ingredients, smells great, and rinses beautifully. Just follow the directions on the bottle to wash anything from apples and strawberries to cauliflower and broccoli. After using this stuff, I will never again eat grapes without washing them first with VW; there is a big taste difference, and you get rid of all of the film on them.  It cuts through that waxy stuff on cucumbers, too.  Okay, I  think I've made my point.  You can find Veggie Wash here. For what it's worth, two years ago, I bought this 32 oz. bottle of concentrate (which makes eight 16-oz refills), and I still have plenty left. 

Another hands-down favorite thing in my kitchen is this little do-jobby that I bought from Pampered Chef more than five years ago. (I actually have the older version, which I prefer, but you get the idea.)

At one point, I had two, because during the summer, one is always in the dishwasher. I use it to take the tops off of strawberries in a swipe (without cutting off too much!). I also like it for getting rid of bad spots in fruits or vegetables and for seeding jalapenos in a snap.  I used it to pull the pulp out of lemons and limes for my delicious Black Bean Watchamahoosit recipe, too.  If I lost this thing, I would be really, really bummed.  As you can see, it's about four inches long, which explains why I am due to buy another one, because my second one is LOST.  (I hope they still sell them!! Any idea what it's called?!) [update: The new, updated version of this is called the Core and More #1176]

And finally, another Pampered Chef Product (Yes, I've been to my share of P.C. parties!)
This baby will cut a finger off if you're not careful.  Mine was purchased years ago and is in great shape; it is the coveted peeler in our house whenever two or more are gathered in the name of booyah veggie cutting, especially!  The person who uses this peeler is always able to peel twice as fast as everyone else (but like I said, be careful!!!)  Yes, Pampered Chef stuff costs more, but every single thing I have ever bought from them has lasted forever, and my peeler is no exception, so go ahead and accept that invitation; you can buy one of these little things I've shared and get out the door not spending an arm or a leg, with something you'll be very happy with.

I love sharing this stuff--Really, I hope you find it helpful, and I look forward to reading about yours. Share your favorite stuff in the comments, or write a post and then link up to the appropriate post. (If you'd rather do bathroom, click on the link highlighted below to add your link).  Here's the list of current and upcoming Our Favorite Things Topics (join in any time!):

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Lawn/Garden/Garage Edition, July 9th (to allow for the holiday week)
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Suggestions are welcome-(except Bedroom Edition--I'm just not going there.)
What have I missed?!

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So, what are your favorite things in your kitchen?


  1. Man, I don't think I will ever eat an apple again. Seriously. I run it under water, but I don't always do more than that! I need some of that stuff! :)

  2. Didn't I ever mention to you that I am definitely a "Party girl?" Love 'em! Used to be a Tupperware lady a long, long time ago and also, tried selling "Beeline" Clothing for a short time too. (Gave it all up and concentrated strictly on Avon though -no parties there, unfortunately LOL)-for about 18 years!
    But Pampered Chef stuff -yes, I love it! My only problem there is I can't afford it most of the time. But, my favorite item of theirs is the tartlet pans. Got me one of them oh about 12-13 years back and it's been put to very good use, especially making the little tartlet pecan tassies and a few others at Christmas time mainly. (Except this past Christmas when I baked exactly zilch -thanks to the doctor giving me the diet/cholesterol, carbs, sugar and exercise lecture!) I bought a tartlet pan last fall though and also, two of those little dough pusher thingys too -and gave the new pan and one pusher to my older daughter then for Christmas cause she is her Mama's daughter and also loves Pampered Chef stuff too!
    Maybe I should have a PC book party and invite all my blogger friends to attend via cyberspace, huh? Wonder if I could do that and get enough to earn a few freebies that way for myself in the process?

  3. My favorite kitchen item has to be my refrigerator. I'll do a post about my favorite gadget and hook up--it took me awhile to think of one, but now I thought of two!

  4. I love pampered chef anything. That stuff lasts forever!

  5. Jeni, I love your idea :) Count me in (I need another doojobby!)

  6. I have a favorite peeler too, padded handle, doesn't slip and can peel in a flash.

  7. Aw Mrs. 4444 - a bedroom edition could be *entertaining!* Wildly so! And just think of all that useful info! Ha Ha!

    I love Pampered Chef too and to me that little gizmo looks like a mini melon baller. Maybe?

  8. I'm with Beth, I think that is a mini melon baller. LOVE my Pampered Chef toys. I finally got around to doing a bathroom edition. Thanks for the ideas!

  9. I may have mentioned once or a trillion times that I'm a Pampered Chef snob! They do have the best stuff, and that strawberry huller/tomato corer thingy is one of my favorites, too! Can't beat the stoneware!

  10. I think the little do-jobby is caled a citrus reamer..

  11. I used to sell Pampered Chef..many moons ago as I wrote on my post on my blog. I do have so many things...I do not need another lovin' thing from PC...I have stones of every shape and size, cookbooks, need I say more?? LOL

  12. I love this idea! It'll be fun to see what everyone else has for favorites!

    Love Pampered Chef! I even have Sparky sold on the stuff! LOL!

  13. These are fun little gadgets! I get most of my kitchen gadgets and Crate & Barrel-- They have awesome gadgets and are decently priced for stuff like that-- In FACT, I KNOW I have seen that fruit top taker offer thingy that you have from pampered chef there so you may wanna check (or look online!)

  14. I freak out about pretty much anything from the grocery store. We clean our hands in the car and then again after putting the items away, at home. So, you know I'm scrubbing my fruit!

  15. I have to tell you my favorite kitchen Gadget stands about 6' tall, washes dishes, bakes, broils, grills, boils, bastes, fries, slices, dices and julliannes. No it isn't available by Ronco but it does rival the Bassamatic in hilarity. It is my very own Kahuna. He is the best kitchen gadget in the world and comes with his very own towel rack.

    His shoulder! Get your mind out of the gutter. :)

  16. I know that strawberry dodad as a Strawberry Shark. It isn't a melon baller because the teeth make it difficult to make a nice smooth ball.

    I'm not much of a worrier when it comes to germs, but I'm very good about washing my hands a lot - it comes from years in foodservice.

    Gladys cracked me up - I was thinking..."I've never heard of a Kahuna. What can it do again?" and then I read her description again and realized it was her husband. TOO FUNNY!

    Kristin - The Goat


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