Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sundays in My City

photo by Evan Siegle, Green Bay Press Gazette

Yesterday, a record-breaking 15,050 walkers/runners took part in the 34th annual Bellin Run, in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The tail end of the race passes near Mom's house, so we love to head down to cheer on the participants. It was a little drizzly today, but that didn't keep Mom from hiking the two blocks to sit in her lawn chair and visit.

Runners/walkers come in all shapes, sizes, and ages, and many of them pair up. I really love seeing them encourage each other.

Another fun thing about the race is seeing so many people I know in it. It's hard to get pics, though, because by the time I recognize some people, they're almost past me!  I did my best...

Cousin Nancy! (It's about time I saw her at something other than a family funeral!)

My nephew, Caden, was running in his first Bellin Run. He had his eye on the finish line!


His mom (my sister Michelle) made sure to grab Caden's brother, Logan, for me to snap a pic!

Of course, the outfts are always interesting...

After watching the variety of boobs bouncing all over the place at these things, I'm certain I would never run without a very good bra. [no photo for that one, sorry.] 
I really love cheering, because most people are very appreciative of my clapping and, "Four more blocks!! You've got this!! Good job!! Keep going!!" I love watching faces light up. Many, like these kids from a school "team," pick up the pace when they hear that the end is near, and most look very relieved.

Of course, some people hate hearing that they have four more blocks to go, but so far, they've never thrown anything at me but dirty looks, haha.  At the end of the race, in fact, a guy went out of his way to walk up to me at the end and thank me for doing "a great job cheering."

See...spectators are important, too!  Maybe I'll run/walk next year.

Also this weekend, in my sister Geri's city of Anchorage, Alaska, there was a big run, the Run for Women. It's a walk/run to raise money for breast cancer programs.  Geri sent a link of the story, and I loved the pics so much, I thought I'd share two here.

The first was taken by Erik Hill, of the Anchorage Daily News...

The second was taken by Marc Lester, of the ADN.

There are many, many more wonderful Run for Women pics here, and to see other fun happenings from all over the world, visit Unknown Mami's place!


  1. Hi, those are fantastic!

    I was wondering if the tail end passes not far from your mom's house what about the head? Do they go another way? Sorry I was distracted throughout reading with this. ;)

    Love the variety of people running and I have an idea of the breast in bad bras, I had a similar experience the other day whilst watching a dance show. I wanted to go shopping with a lot of them and buy them good support bras!

    Have a super Sunday. xxx

  2. Looks like a lot of fun, for the participants and the spectators. And healthy too. Now after seeing those bras on the runners in Alaska, I can only imagine what guys would be wearing in a run to support prostate cancer awareness.

  3. Fun action photos which depict the day very well. I love the smiles on everyone's faces. So wonderful of you to cheer them on. Thanks for your kind comment when you visited my blog. :)

  4. I've been a volunteer cheerer at similar events. The participants do love it! It's wonderful to see groups come together for a good cause, working hard but smiling. You captured it all beautifully.

  5. very cool. love seeing the smiles!

  6. Even if you don't walk or run, being a cheerleader is a way of participating too. Good for you to encourage others. I like the photos of your family members.

  7. Thanks for the great pics, Sis. You know, it's hard for cousin Nancy to go to many functions due to that pole implanted in her head. Sorry, I coudn't resist.

  8. Michelle, you're a nut!haha

    Yes, the start of the race is the same place it ends, pretty much, but it's a big loop.

    Matt, EWW! Thanks for the visual!

  9. Three cheers for all the runners. I really take my hat off to them. It's a big job and usually very early in the morning to get up and get moving. YEAH to all of them.

    Love the hot pink bra photo. What a hoot and definitely in the spirit of things.

    Have a great day,

  10. Wow thats so wonderful! Im so loving those hot pink bras!

  11. How cool to live near the route the runners/walkers take. Great pics, looks like a really fun event. THANK YOU for giving me one more good excuse for not running. Can't believe I didn't think of excessive boob-bouncing on my own! Have a great Sunday.

  12. That looks like a blast! I love the last two photos of the walk in Anchorage!

  13. Not from WI, but right next door to ya in MN. :-) I love Green Bay, it's got such a friendly, small-town feeling to it.

    Sweet post!


  14. Aw you are so sweet cheering them on! Lve the bra ones, we have a moonwalk here in July I think, it raises money for breast cancer awareness, women walk 13 or 26 miles during the night. Lots ofpeople decorate fancy bras to wear. One year I will train and I will do it! Maybe next year! xx

  15. very cool I love all the pics ...

  16. Wonderful pictures! My father used to run marathons and there is something wonderfully inspiring somehow about watching a big race, all that effort, all those worthy causes people are supporting, all those friends and family who come to watch. Just wonderful.

  17. That is just beautiful! So many people coming together for such a great cause. I love it!

  18. What a fun day! YES! A good sports bra is a MUST!
    Have a pretty day,

  19. I did a mini marathon once (well, I tried it twice, but that's another story). Having all those people along the route cheering made such a world of difference. What a fun tradition it would be to have a front row seat to the cheering!

  20. That's so great!! I love all the fund raising and awareness raising runs and walks that are going on this time of year.

    And yes a great cheerleader is super important!!

  21. I love these sort of events and I always get all choked up. I absolutely think the cheering spectators are VERY important.

  22. Hmm I'm thinking maybe my outfit I wore at the gym on Friday wasn't quite so bad now.... ;)

    I've never done a race, but I LOVE the idea of people cheering on strangers - especially at the end!

  23. I love all your pictures!
    What an awesome event!!

  24. This was a wonderful post! Thanks !

  25. cool, looks like lots of fun, I miss ya and your blog!!


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