Saturday, June 12, 2010

Favorite Things: Bathroom Edition

Like Fraulein Maria, I have a number of favorite things, and I love hearing about yours, too. Hence, this series.  All you do is write a post that features your favorite products that you use (in this case, in the bathroom.) Then, link your post up here. The catch is that you cannot post any product for which you have ever received a "perk," such as a free sample or coupon because you are a blogger. That way, we can all be 100% certain that these are our absolute, unbiased favorites.  I'm going to start with a post about stuff I use in the bathroom, and if this goes over, I'll host other editions. Here goes...

Products I refuse to do without in my bathroom:

Q-Tip Brand swabs. 

We are big fans of Q-tips in this house, and no other brand has met our ear-cleaning standards. (They don't bend and are very comfortable.) And don't try to warn me of the dangers of Q-Tips in the ear; we will not be swayed and have so-far avoiding going to the ER.  Of course, we use them for a variety of other things, too, but clean ears is the top of our priority list, so there. For history on Q-tips, click here. Note: This week, I bought the Equate brand of Q-tips (from Walmart), because they were out of Q-Tip brand, we were desperate, and I like to try generic products, too.  The jury is still out, but they are so far pretty darned close to Q-Tip brand!

If you hate flossing, maybe you haven't tried using Glide floss (from Oral-B).
I love it, because it slides right in and out, without giving you flashbacks of Nazi dental hygienists going to town in your mouth.  BTW, because I floss every day, my teeth-cleaning appointments are a breeze.  If your gums are bleeding during a cleaning, it may be because they aren't used to being flossed! (Or maybe you have a medical problem.)

This may be TMI, but we are also fans of wipes in the bathroom.

This reminds me of a funny story. When a "friend" of mine had surgery and needed help in the bathroom, I was thrilled to see wipes sitting on the ledge. However, when I went to take one, I found that my frugal friend had cut all of her [generic, thin] wipes in half!  WTH?!  They were like 3 inches wide and paper-thin!  Needless to say (or "Seedless to Nay," as Mom would say) I said, "Look. If I'm going to be wiping your butt, there is no way I'm only using half of one of these!" haha  She was temporarily disabled (and in kind of a vulnerable position, obviously), so I got away with it.

So, back on-topic, I've tried them all (including generic and "green" products, and there is no comparison to me--Cottonelle is the best. They're safe for septics, and I especially like that they have a refill pack that is environmentally friendly.  They also participate in the Boxtops for Education project, so that's an extra bonus.  I'm not sure what's up with the ridiculous dog-in-a-bathrobe graphic on their website, but I'm not going to hold that against them.

We're all trying to save money these days, but everyone has something they like to splurge on. Here's mine...My "Splurge" item has to be Bath and Body Works Sugar Scrub in Jasmine Vanilla scent.

It feels so luxurious, is exfoliating, negates the need for shaving cream, leaves your skin silky smooth, and smells fabulous.  I'm not the flowery-scent type, and I love this one. At $16 a jar, it's pricey, so I pretty much only get it for my birthday and Christmas. The only bad part about this product is that Kendall loves it, too, so now I run out of it even faster. Even Kyle loves sugar scrub (I buy him the Eucalyptus Spearmint scent.)

So, there you have my favorite bathroom products. I'd be interested in learning about yours, so post away! (or just leave your recommendations in the comments)

For favorite products/services in other categories check out this schedule:

Bathroom Edition
Kitchen Edition, Monday, June 21st
Pantry Edition (all things food!), Monday, June 28th
Lawn/Garden/Garage Edition, July 9th (to allow for the holiday week)
Sporting Goods?
Cleaning Closet??
Suggestions are welcome-(except Bedroom Edition--I'm just not going there.)
What have I missed?!
Okay, here's where you link your FAVORITE THINGS, Bathroom Edition blog post. FAVORITE THINGS POSTS ONLY, PLEASE!


  1. Ooo, cute idea! I'll have to come up with a couple. I know of one right off the bat(room!) <---sorry that was cheesy and I know it but it is late and I'm silly when tired.

  2. I LOVE my Glide floss! And sugar's the best!

  3. Ha! I've got everything you have, except my sugar scrub is instead EO's Rose Geranium and Citrus bath salts. Anybody touches them and they die. LOL

    Fun idea!

  4. So, is it wrong that i want to join in because I love the button??
    This is a great idea...

  5. Great idea and I love the button! Can't wait to see what next week's topic is. As for the bathroom, I think you can't beat suave on price and quality for body wash and body lotion but I have yet to find any hair product that can make my hair look glossy and not flyaway!

  6. I am a very fussy bathroom shopper.
    Q-tips- no other and I use them for cleaning my keyboard and a lot of other thing besides ears,,
    We are also big fans of Crest w/Scope..
    I love Dove body wash and hair products..
    My husband will only use Irish Spring and Pantene(all in one) shampoo.
    I am also a big fan of cottonelle wipes and also insist on them at my job(cause I wipe a lot of butt)
    And my biggest must have is Scott toilet paper. It is by far the most economical and longest lasting..
    That was I have been challenged to figure out how to put photo's in my posts.

  7. Very cute idea! Love the button.

    I have to use q-tips, too- and I don't care what they say about not using them to clean out your ears...ew, gross, sorry but I have to clean mine.

  8. Love love LOVE... Wet bathroom wipes!!! I spend so much less time unstopping the toilet now that we have these as a staple in our bathroom!!! I have a child that MUST make sure he is ABSOLUTLY clean! This makes it SO much easier!!! LOVE THEM!!!

  9. Glide is the only kind that my husbands too-tight-teeth can handle!

    And I hate when people say q-tips arent made for ears... seriously? Then why does EVERYONE use them to clean the ears?

  10. What a great idea! I enjoy talking about products that I love to use - this is perfect. I'll have to join tomorrow or Monday.

    Kristin - The Goat

  11. I always have a box of Q-Tips in the bathroom. I've tried the off brands, but nothing compares to the original.

  12. Oh, what a fun idea. I'll have to join in when I get a chance. Totally agree with you on the Cottonelle wipes and Q-Tips, though!

  13. Its your fault I'm hooked on the Jasmine and Vanilla Sugar Scrub. You brought it to my house two years ago on your visit here in Cali. I actually bought another one yesterday, I was so excited because the sign said 2/$20. Of course when Igot up to the counter she informed me that the sale was not valid on the sugar scrub...
    So here is a deal, if ANYONE goes to the store and notices the scrubs are truely on sale, you must post back and let me know.. I need to stock up on it as Carly, like Kendall, steals mine.

  14. Darn, forgot to contribute a favorite thing... Mr Clean Erasers...

  15. I love this idea! I will try to link up next week, I usually don't go on the internet during the weekend, but for this I will try!

  16. Sugar scrub in place of shaving cream, really? I'd never even thought of that use. My mom taught me conditioner (umm cheaper than shaving cream and it smells better?). You always have great ideas.

    And yeah... TMI. That's not the image I want of you ;)

  17. Heads up!!!
    Ms 4444 called me this afternoon at work to let me know whats going on..
    Bath & Body Works where she lives (far, far away from me) and where I live in California are having a deal where you buy 2 scrubs, you get 2 free.. I called and confirmed it so off to the mall I go again..
    Part that sucks is that on Saturday I bought one FULL PRICE.

    Hmm. maybe I will find my receipt and take back the full price one as I have not even opened it yet.

  18. I am soooooooooo far behind in my blog reading but I LOVE this idea! I might jump in a little late =D

    I like Glide floss too, but it needs to be the kind in the silver box. It's funny though because my husband hates it!


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