Thursday, July 8, 2010

Friday Fragments, Episode #102

Today's fragments are brought to you by ????

What do you think of that? Maybe I could get someone to sponsor Friday Fragments!
That's it! That's how we can raise $4000 to buy a new furnace in the next two months!
Yeah, yeah. That's the ticket! Let's see, at just $200 per week, you, too, can
help bring air conditioning and heat to the 4444 family!


Okay. Never mind.

 Allow me to unload the bits and pieces of my stressed-out brain this week:

I am  really crabby. As you may have gathered, our furnace croaked this week, and we are trying to figure out how to pull $4000 out of our...well...our empty bank account. If you are a long-lost, rich relative, this would be a really great time to stop by.

GREAT NEWS from the BBC: Untidy Beds May Keep Us Healthy

The debut of Saturday Sampling last week was wildly successful!  Thirty-two bloggers linked up their favorite posts, and I happily read every single one of them!  It was a real treat to have so much wonderful writing all in one place.  Since there was a lot of positive feedback, I'm going to plan to put up a SS link each Saturday.  I'll put it up Friday night, around 9pm (central time), so feel free to read the details and link up. Please note that I've decided to reserve the right to delete links that don't follow the directions. I do this, not to be a control freak, but to protect the integrity of the idea; people are coming to Saturday Samplings because they don't have time to weed through their readers looking for substance.  Each week, the button on my sidebar will be linked to that week's Samplings. If you'd like to grab the share button, scroll down a little further in the sidebar for the code. Oh, and one more thing! If you read a post someplace else and think it should be linked up, but it's not yours, throw it up there (or encourage the blogger to do so) (but shoot me an email to let me know that you did, thanks.)

My friend Mel has been getting her Fishing and Wishing review blog off and running, and I'm really impressed! Until Sunday, for example, this handsome, stylish dog collar by Cristyle is being offered up in a giveaway!  If you tell her I sent you and if you follow her on Google Connect, she'll give me another entry!  Contest ends Sunday, so do hurry, will you? Who knows? Maybe you'll be the winner!

If you know who Hallie (of Wonderful World of Wieners) is, or if you just want to help a woman who is facing the darkest days of her life, please light a candle in memory of her son, CJ. It would mean a lot to her. (And wow-that candle site is wonderful; wish I'd thought of it.)

Kristin, of The Goat offered up my favorite fragment this week. It's a brilliant idea for a quick way to save potential FF links!

Sometimes it's the simplest ideas that make a huge difference.  I always seem to find interesting things that I want to include in my Friday Fragments posts.  I had a draft in blogger where I would add links, but after a few months it just wasn't working for me.  I couldn't click on the links easily in draft form so I had to write a description of the link when all I really wanted to do was park the link quickly as a possible idea and come back to it later.

So I put a folder in my bookmark toolbar marked FF.  When I see a cool link that I might like to include in a future post, I just click and drag it to that folder.  It's easy to click, it's all in one location.  i can easily delete the link once I post it in a FF post, and since it's in my toolbar, I see it all the time, so I don't forget to use it.  I'm now very happy with this solution.

Confused? In Firefox and most versions of Explorer, put your cursor just under (or on) your taskbar at the top of your page and right-click. The option to open a new folder should pop up. Click on it. Type in FF or whatever you want to call it. Then, when you're on a page you think you might want to link to in a FF post, simply click and drag it by its tab up into that folder!  This is brilliant, Kristin. Thankyou!

Here is your award, Kristin!

Melisa (with one l) cracked me up with this tweet during her Saturday night road trip through Kentucky: 

Just got passed by a car whose driver has her left leg out the window. I am worried she'll get in a wreck and split in two.  

Gina, of The Crazy Coxes is going insane, getting ready for a trip to Cambodia. Consequently, she's been hilarious. Case in point, this gem of a fragment:

I accidentally went to the gynecologist for my annual exam.
It was an accident because - who goes on purpose?
I thought I could get the necessary tetanus shot there (So I was going under false pretenses - they thought I cared about my health and I was really just using them - wait, does that make me a whore?  Spreading my legs for a tetanus shot?)

Surprise! Gina, you, too, get the Favorite Friday Fragmenter award, and so does Rebecca Belle (even though her fragment totally freaked me out!)...

*Depressing Frag ... I thought I noticed something yesterday when I put my mascara on, but thought, "Nah, that's just my imagination".  But alas, I saw it again this morning - driving me to sulk a bit.  What am I talking about?  A GREY EYELASH!!!!!  ... Oh, I just sulked a bit more saying that... Me & my 10 yr old dog now match with our gray eyelashes... your eyelashes gray, too?!  I'm going to buy more stock in VERY BLACK mascara...

Need to laugh? Check out Sleep Talkin' Man.

Okay, I need a distraction. Please link up your Friday Fragments post here:


  1. No air conditioning? I hope it's not blazing hot there. We had crazy 100+ temps for like 3 weeks. *shudders in horror*

    Off to check out the rules for your Saturday linky!

  2. Eeek! Sorry about your furnace.

    I love the tip by The Goat, too. And, that gray eyelash frag is such a winner!

    Hope you have an awesome weekend!!

  3. At least you're finding out about the furnace now and not in December. I keep holding my breath that our air conditioner will last the summer. Otherwise, I might be in the market for blog sponsors, too!

    I haven't found any gray eyelashes, but gray eyebrows? Yep, got em. Sigh...

  4. good tip about the folder for collecting links. I use a tumblr account to collect links or pictures. It's free and works like a simple blog but there is a "share on Tumblr" button for your toolbar so it's easy. Of course you need to remember to look at the collection before it's too late.

  5. You should get a furnace company to sponsor Friday Fragments. They can give you a furnace to review.

  6. Oh, great idea from Kristen about the linking.

    Those comments by Gina and Melisa are classics.

    As for the furnace, not to worry. I have an extra $4000.00 sitting here waiting to be spent. I'll wire it in the morning.

  7. Great FFFs from last week!!

    Sorry about the furnace. We are in the SAME boat. A year ago, we took out a home equity loan to replace ours, and guess what? It has a leak, and we can't afford just now to fix it. We are DYING in this heat. ugh.

    Thanks for the shout-out on F&W!! :D

    Guess I better go write my post now...

  8. There are few things worse to spend money on than boring house needs. I hope you find a solution, it's super freaking hot where I am and I'm a wimp when it comes to climate control.

    Looking forward to participating in your new features!

  9. Untidy beds are healthy! WHOOHOO! I knew it!

    I loved the Sat Sampling and am glad you are keeping it as a regular feature!

  10. I am a compulsive bed maker so not even knowing leaving it unmade will deter bed bugs is going to stop me! Great news about the Saturday link-up, I love the whole idea. Sorry about your furnace - it is proving an expensive week here for us too but not quite to the tune of $4,000. Maybe a giant garage sale might bring in some funds?!?

  11. Our a/c is limping through the summer. We know the replacement has to be done next spring. Maybe you could get one of those $400 portable units and wheel it around the house with you. No, I'm not kidding.

    Those gray eye lashes? I've met them and their distant cousins.

    I'm not sure what your Saturday blog hop is, but guess checking it out should be my next project - right after I don't make my bed.

  12. No air?? How are you still breathing and blogging?

    I live in the armpit of hell, otherwise none as the South.


  13. Aww I kind of want to be in misery with you. Let's go have a drink together! :) LOL!

    Some funny stuff going around in blog world, I was crackin' up! :)

  14. ...le sigh... why cant I ever get Linky to work for me?

    Thanks for the shout out for my grey eyelashes... thats I'm still suicidal over! haha!

  15. Girl, as soon as I win that Publishers Clearing House Sweeps, ya know the one that gives you $5,ooo.oo as week....just send me the bill, I'll take care of that stinkin' furnace! Heeehehehe.

    Now if I DO win, ya'll heard it here and I'll step up to the plate...I'm just that kinda girl!

    I've missed the 'Fragments'. God bless and have yourself an excellent weekend sweetie!

  16. OH Yuck on the furnace going out. That just sucks. I know the feeling...we're trying to figure out how to come up with the $$ for a new (to us) truck. Man O Mine's 92 Mitsubishi just isn't going to hang in there much longer.
    LOVED the gray eyelash bit. I remember reading about Gina's "accidental" visit to the doc.
    Kristin hit on a great idea! I may have to try that, one of the reasons I don't post links and stuff is trying to keep up with them.

  17. Sorry to hear about the furance. You shoud go with Unknown Mami's idea, that sounds great!

    I like that dog collar! Very cool!

    Thanks for hosting! I love this one the best!

  18. I wish I was a long-lost relative with money .. I might not give it to you, but I'd at least think about it ... as it is, though, I'm broke, too, and carless because when my car broke down, I didn't have the money to fix it, so I feel your pain!

    I like the saturday sampling idea! I think I'll join in this week!

    Julie @ Knitting and Sundries

  19. ohh exciting I did not know you had a Saturday thing ... I am sorry about the furnace

  20. Hi Kristin,

    Here from An Inch of Gray! Found your blog via For Love or Funny.

    Hope the furnace/air thing works out SOON. We got a new one for Christmas. Yippeeee.... not really.

  21. Sorry about the furnace. Does it help at all to know that would be next to impossible for us to raise that kind of money too? Good luck.

  22. I hate to hear that about your furnace...those types of things are definitely my least favorite aspect of home ownership.

    I will be linking up my post (as you so kindly recommended, by the way, thank you for that made my night) on Saturday. I think it's a really cool idea! Can't wait to read everyone else's gems!

    WOOT! So glad I don't make my bed! :) Bed bugs = creepy!

    I have been thinking of Hallie a lot lately, it's all so heartbreaking. I try and visit her blog often even when I'm at a loss for words and can only tell her how sorry I am.

    As always, thanks for hosting my favorite Friday activity!

  23. I HATE spending money on things like heat pumps or siding or roofs. Espeically to the tune of $4,000

  24. Grey eyelashes??? I just didn't know it was possible... life is definitely over as I know it!

  25. Well, I somehow missed last Saturday's Sampling, but will surely stop by tomorrow. And thanks for the great info on saving fragments, etc., and then retrieving them for a post. I will sit down with my blog/computer for dummies book and translate everything. I'm sure I will slap my forehead at some point.

    It's okay to be crabby. We will all still love you!

  26. You may need to hold a Booyah party for the furnace! :)

    I enjoyed the Saturday Sampling although I still haven't gotten through them all yet, I have a feeling that will be my song each week lol I usually average about half the FF & hope to be able to add in at least half of the SS, too!

    Thanks so much for the award!! :)

  27. You and your family need to pool all your talent and have a family fund raiser to put together the money for the furnace.

  28. Oh man... NO A/C? It's been a brutal week too. I am so sorry. Hopefully today you are feeling a little cooler. The breeze down in these parts has been really nice and I actually opened up the house for the first time this week.

    My Mother would rather have bed bugs then leave her bed unmade...and I am just as damn anal about it too! Crap.

  29. I feel bad you have no a/c, but I am poor too. I will send positive money vibes your way though! And I knew there was no point to making that damn bed!!

  30. We live in an older home and we tried to live with no a/c for 4 years, but last year when our furnace went out we put in a/c at the same time, and it has seriously chnaged our lives!! Good luck getting everything up and going...

    I would loan you the money, but I am a school teacher and basically make minimum wage. :(

  31. Way cool tip. And something that someday when I have time and energy I'll wonder where I read it as I try to implement. :)

    And what IS it with furnaces? TWO of my friends from Mister Man's kindergarten class had them conk out this week. I'm not paranoid - VERY paranoid - about ours. This is a sign telling me to have it serviced on Monday.

  32. yikes about the furnace - love both of the funny award posts .. very funny.


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