Saturday Sampling

Saturday Sampling
Raise your hand if you're behind in reading your favorite blogs.

Yup. That's what I thought.

One of the things I love about blogging is all of the friendships I've made. The problem is, because I've made so many connections, it's impossible to keep up with every blog in my reader. Especially during the summer, we all want to be out there, enjoying the kids, the weather, and all that summer has to offer, right?   I always feel bad about missing out on important or heartfelt posts you've written.  I have a solution...

Anyone who's honest will admit that every single post we write is not our best work. Some stuff is just for fun or entertainment, but sometimes, you write something you wish more people would have seen. Saturday Sampling is the place to link up your favorite post, to give it a little more play and let people know you have something that really means something to you.

Here's your invitation to link your best/favorite post from the past week or two; the one that's close to your heart or important to you because it really means something to you for one reason or another. Maybe it's a post you felt was good/great writing. a post you think is pretty darned funny, or one you'd like some feedback on.  If you've been in a glut lately and don't have anything special to link to, skip the link and just visit some of the other blogs listed, or link up to an old favorite, if you like; we all have popular posts from the past that are worth resurrecting :)

Because no one can possibly get to all the posts on all the blogs in their readers every week, this should (theoretically) be a great place to at least catch up on posts your friends feel are important or special.

So, here's your chance--If we only read one of your posts this week, which one would you point us to?  Link it up to the most current Sampling, and then read some others in the list.  In the title spot, please put the title of the post, too (not just your blog title). That way, people might be able to recognize if they've read it already.  You can also include a one-word tag, such as Humor, Parenting, Pets, etc.(or I will do it for you)

You may link up any number of posts from other blogs, but please link only one of your own posts. Please add a * to the front of any post you add that is not your own.

I'll put it up once a week (publishing at 9pm Central time, Friday nights), but you don't have to link up every week --just when you have something special. (Just linking a random post up misses the point.) 

In respect to everyone's time and the integrity of this idea, I reserve the right to delete links that do not follow the very basic expectations, found bolded in this post.

Here are the links to Saturday Samplings so far...

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