Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Fragments, Episode #103

Hooray! You made it to Friday!! I'm glad you're here. Kick your shoes off, pop open a cold one, and get ready to unload all of those random thoughts from your week.  I went a little overboard last week, so this week, I'm going to keep it short...

Be sure to link up your favorite post from this week (or the past) to Saturday Sampling tomorrow, and then read some of the wonderful posts that find their way there.[I'll put the post up at 9pm central time, Friday night.]  I'm not going to put anything new up, since I dumped a load on you Thursday, but I will definitely be there to read your posts.  Please keep SS in mind throughout the week, too; if you come upon a post that you think is a stand-out, by all means, invite the blogger to link up; the more, the merrier. 

Just thought I would mention (unsolicited by anyone) that I recently purchased my Halloween costume from BuyCostumes and am very happy with what I got.  The price was reasonable, the fit is perfect, and the costume doesn't look cheap, like so many do. I do have to drop about five pounds to look as good as the model, but I'm very happy. Here's a pic (And no, that is not me. I am much sexier!haha)

Green Bay is one of only six ports in the United States chosen to once again host the Tall Ships Festival.  If you are a fan of tall ships, you shouldn't miss it! It's scheduled for August 13th-15th this year.


One day, Mr.4444 decided he wanted to do some sporting goods shopping on-line. As a result, he found out what happens when you just Google "Dicks".  Let that be a warning to you!

My Favorite Fragmenter this week was Everyday Kathy, who heard this from her 3-year-old daughter:

"Mom, I have an idea. Don't watch me and it won't be too dangerous." 

(Let's hope those weren't "famous last words.")  Here you go, Kathy!

Kathy also has a new and fun idea in her blog sidebar; she's got a "Resource" Linky and invites everyone to link up relevant posts. Check it out~

As promised, that's it for me. Now it's your turn! Link up your FRIDAY FRAGMENTS post (following the rules here, as usual) and then meet some new friends or say hi to some old ones; it's always great to have company :)


  1. Your Halloween costume is pretty sexy indeed. Why did you get it now? Are you practicing wearing it?

  2. I bought the costume now because I usually wait til the last minute, which is stressful, and I learned in early June that there is a "Roman Feast" every year at the end of the 6th grade year. This year, I went in a flannel sheet toga. Next year (assuming I can flip this costume to make it Rated-G), I'll be better prepared! :)

  3. Oh, nice costume. Are you practicing the sexy look like the model is demonstrating?

  4. I'm cracking up at the thought of him googling Dicks. LOL

  5. Love the tall ships parade!!! It used to come to my hometown when I was little and it was AMAZING! I don't know if it is the exact same one, but it was marvelous to see all the neat ships! I'm envious!

  6. I can identify with Mr. 4444's, I wanted a recipe and google "Chelsea Buns"...'nuff said.

  7. I really enjoy Saturday Sampling. I'm still working through them :)

    I've never heard of the Tall Ships Festival. Wow - I bet that's an incredible sight.

    Love the Favorite FF! Don't watch me and it won't be dangerous LOL Love it!

  8. already preparing for Halloween - wow.
    Well I was prepared for the FF feature this week.
    Many years ago I dressed up as one of the zz top guys. Wish I could play guitar riffs like they do.

  9. I love this week's favorite fragment! That's hilarious.
    I can't believe you already bought your Halloween costume. I feel like the biggest slacker!

  10. The tall ships were just in Cleveland-- They were gorgeous!


  11. Whew! I hope it wasn't too dangerous! lol

    Your costume is really cute.

    Your husbands funny.

  12. I sniggered out loud about the "Dicks" thing. Hehe!!

    I bet you'll look HOT in that costume. Can't wait to see it on you. Pass it to me next, 'kay? Actually, maybe I should get a costume this year, now that it's actually fun to dress up. :)

    Happy FF!

  13. This is the first that I heard of a Tall Ships Festival. There certainly is something for everyone.

    Not to worry about the costume. I'm sure you'll look just as good in it.

    I had to laugh at the "Dicks" search. Classic.

    And I just love that comment by a 3year old girl. That is memorable moment for sure.

  14. LOVE the costume...and that festival sounds great!

    Have a wonderful weekend, friend!!

  15. Yay! Finally friday. I had my FF post written on Wednesday and waiting for 12:01 am. ;) Have a great day.

  16. I love the costume. I would buy one if I had somewhere to wear one.

    Not sure I'll be linking anything up tomorrow brain has been quite mushy this week.

    Have a great weekend!

  17. Worse than googling it is assuming the store's website is store name dot com. Did that at work once. *sigh*

    Nice costume!! You will be gorgeous!! You already are!

    I wish I could come up there for that Tall Ships Festival!! I bet it's amazing!! When I was growing up in Cincinnati, we used to enjoy the steam boat festival each summer. One year, my dad got to be the ship doctor for the BEcky Thatcher so I go to spend the day on the boat with him. It was great!!

    Happy FRIDAY!

  18. UGHGHGHGHGHG.... once again, I'm frozen at the picture part of linking up!

    I've gotta try it from my home computer & see if its just this computer... or maybe it just doesnt like my face! :)

  19. We love Dicks - as horrible as that sounds. I finally put a link on our last computer because I stopped enjoying the Google results after the first search.

  20. Mr. 4444s really couldn't have been THAT naive, could he? Either way, I love it.

  21. Oooh! Love the costume. So my kids aren't the only ones looking up what they want to be for Halloween already??
    Love the tall ships. That would be something SO cool to take the kids to see. I mean, when would they otherwise get to?? The photos would be fabulous, too!

  22. Wish I lived closer to Green Bay. That would be amazing to attend.

    Hope you'll post a pic of you sporting that sexy costume come Halloween!

  23. I can't believe you already got a Halloween costume!

  24. I know I am probably a little late on this, but love the new header!

    Now that you have your Halloween outfit, are you going to start on your Christmas shopping?

    Congrats on your 1000th Post!!!! YIKES!

  25. What if I dressed as a tall ship for Halloween?

    I love your costume. Classy, yet just sexy enough.


  26. Ohhh fun costume! =)

    LMAO @ Googling "dicks". Bet he'll never do that again!

    Those ships look awesome!!

    Kids come up with the funniest things. Love it!

    Happy Friday!!

  27. I can't even imagine what he found when he googled that word...yikes! Wish I could get up there for that festival--I bet it's beautiful!

  28. Thanks for suggesting I link up one of my posts. That costume is great!

  29. Wow I just love your halloween costume - so far I have not felt brave enough to wear one. Reminds me I need to order my daughter's before all the nice costumes are sold out which usually happens some time in August! Love the story about Mr 4444.

  30. My daughter pulled that 'don't look and it won't be dangerous' thing on me all the time. My son was always usin' her for his experiments.

    Love the costume....hummm...Halloween in July!

    God bless ya'll and have a delightfully blessed weekend!

  31. What a great costume - you'll look just smashing in it, I'm sure! Talk about planning ahead, you rule!

  32. I could have sworn I replied to this this morning. Hmpft.

    I contract work with Dicks Sporting Goods and everytime someone asks where are you working next and I say Dicks they look at me for a second as if they are confused who I am name calling. LOL!

    Love the costume. I surely couldn't pull it off, but am sure you will look great in it!

  33. I'd love to go to the tall ship events but will be busy with another commitment. Thanks for posting the alert.

  34. Were you really shopping for a Halloween costume already? Or did you just happen upon this one?

    Tall Ships looks awesome. Probably a landlocked city like Indianapolis will never get it, huh?

  35. Why the heck are you thinking about Halloween already? Nice costume though.

  36. Too funny - I have my Halloween costume already too, although I look nothing like the model. Someday though, right? (with lots of plastic surgery of various types)

    I love the way little minds work :)

  37. Tall ships are awesome, and everything I know about sailing them I owe to Horatio Hornblower :-)

    My kids' school fete and Christmas markets is being held on Halloween this year, I'm going to campaign for all the parent volunteers on the day to come in costume. Halloween's not a big deal here in Australia normally so they might take some persuading but I reckon the kids would love it.


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