Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rants and Raves Wednesday

It's been a while since I ranted and raved about anything, so I'm joining up with A Little Blog About Nothing's meme this week.

RAVE:  I'm going with my friend Dawn to Milwaukee this weekend!! We're going to the Jack Johnson concert at Alpine Valley, watch a bocce ball tournament, play for a day on a lake, take a tour of Pabst Mansion, and a stop at TRADER JOE'S on the way home!!!  Best of all, we get to stay at Shawna and Kris's house (Hi, Shawna and Kris!!  Thanks so much for your hospitality!! I can't wait!)

RANT or RAVE?  Bubba, (the miniature pinscher down the street), that was quite disgusting when you walked up to us in the garage tonight with a long, skinny mouse tail hanging out of your mouth! At least it was dead (and you killed it--Bravo), but that was just SICK.

RAVE:  Grandma 4444 took me out to dinner last night! :)  I tried the new dry seasonings on Buffalo Wild Wings wings and am happy to report that they were fantastic!!  I loved the crispiness and the bold flavors of Desert Heat and Buffalo flavors (they let you mix 'em up!) Warning: My lips were on fire after a while, but in a good way, haha.

RANT:  The Salt & Vinegar flavored "Buffalo Chips" at BWW? Not so fantastic. I recommend the "chips" if you like your potatoes a little soggy. I'm sure they'd be delicious with just salt and some ketchup, instead.

RAVE:  This post (Angels), from Debbie, at Finding Normal, really touched my heart this week. It relates to encounters she's had with people in the past two years since her daughter, Addie, was born with a genetic disorder two and a half years ago. Read it, and you will be inspired.

RANT:  What do I have to do to get "people" to learn that THE LIDS ON BOTTLES ARE NOT RECYCLABLE!  STOP PUTTING THEM BACK ON BEFORE PUTTING THEM IN THE RECYCLE BIN!! SHEESH!  [So glad I got that off my chest!] 

RAVE:  Cooper did not eat one single loaf of bread this week!

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  1. I did enjoy reading on "Finding Normal"! Inspiring, and I love your last Rave about Cooper. :0

  2. I didn't know that the lids weren't recyclable. (hanging head in shame)
    Love this post!

  3. I will definitely check out "Finding Normal." Thanks for the heads up.

    I love the idea of Rants & Raves! Thanks for sharing. I promise to even out my "raves" with my "rants."

    Have a great time on your weekend adventure!

  4. Oh baby, do I need help 'Finding Normal'...Heeehehehe! I'm gonna check it out.

    I did NOT know the lids were not recyclable. Are you talkin' about plastic lids on plastic bottles or metal lids on glass bottles. A girls just gotta know!

    Have a blessed day my friend!!!

  5. I'm going from memory here... but I think you can recycle plastic bottle lids at Aveda (make up people). They use them to make packaging and containers for their products, I think.

  6. Oh!! And YAAAAAY for a trip to TRADER JOE'S!!! My faaaaavorite grocery store!!! I am heading there this weekend to stock up on sparkling water and good cheese and cereal bars for the kids and granola cereal for me (they have a yummy one with ginger in it that I adore) and soy and flaxseed chips and black bean and corn salsa and oodles of yummy frozen foods and... we love it!

  7. A mouse? A mouse?! UGH! I am running away just thinking about a mouse!

    Enjoy your time with your friend!!!

  8. Poor Coop must be starved! Have a great time in Milwaukee. Sounds fun!

  9. love your ranting and raving hope you have a awesome time in Milwaukee...I love Jack Johnson..lucky!

  10. Ya know, I'm 53 and have never been to a concert. I need to put that on my bucket list.

    I did read that somewhere on a blog once, about removing the lids before recycling. I don't always remember, but I'm working on it.

    I didn't eat a loaf of bread either this week.

  11. According to my local recycling rules, lids (milk, soda, laundry soap, etc.) are NOT recyclable and need to be removed before placing in the bin. I guess I could have worse problems to complain about in my marriage/family...

  12. I'm ashamed to say that I did not remove my lids when I first started recycling. The little guys that helps out at the center pointed it out to me one day. Actually, he almost dived into the bin to gather what I had so flipantly thrown in with a lid on it. I got the message!

    And hey - I tagged you in my blog: Join in if you like!

  13. Your trip sounds like so much fun, you will be fitting so much into the time you are there. Do you have a sign on the recycle bin saying NO LIDS YOU Numbskulls or something like that?

  14. Love the rants/raves!
    I have been wondering about the dry seasoned wings. Man O Mine and I both love wings...he prefers the wet/soggy wings at Bw3, and I prefer the dry ones from Pluckers. Now that Bw3 is offering dry we might both be happy!

  15. Bubba probably wanted you to BBQ it. You cook BBQ ribs right?
    (I wonder if the miniature pincher info was dropped, how many would be wondering if Bubba was human)

    It's been awhile since I was at Alpine Valley or Milwaukee did they move them closer together? Well I guess it's not Chicago traffic anyway.

  16. Sounds like a fun weekend!

    Bubba was giving you a gift! You should be grateful! :)

    Whats BWW?

    I always remove the lids. But then again, I recycle everything!

    I'll have to check those links out!

    Oh so Cooper didn't "pinch a loaf" LOLOLOL

  17. How are you aware so many people are returning bottles with lids? Where are you hanging?

  18. I love this Rant & Rave thing-- great idea! I may steal it!

    YAY Cooper! I am so proud of him ;) hahahahaha.

  19. Well, my comment vanished! I just wish I could remember what I typed.

    Thanks for the reminder that, contrary to my assumptions growing up, everyone else but me did NOT have a perfect home life.

  20. I love Trader Joe's! Have you made your shopping list yet?

    Husband likes the dry spices at BW3. I've discovered the awesome wings at Quaker Steak though, and can't enjoy BW the way I used to.


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