Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Sampling, July 31, 2010

Welcome to Saturday Sampling, a collection of best posts from around Blogdom this week (with a few oldie-but-goodie posts thrown in).  This week, since I didn't win any Pulitzers, I took the liberty of linking up three posts that I read this week. I put stars by them, because they are perfect examples of why I created Saturday Sampling--They are excellent posts, and everyone should read them. You, too, are welcome and encouraged to link up anyone's post that moved you. (I will also add a star to any post that someone else raves about in the comments of this post.)

Remember, SS is a place to showcase your blog and your writing; if someone read only one of your posts this week, which one would you want them to read? If you didn't write anything special this week, link to an older post, or just sit back and read the ones here. To learn more about Saturday Sampling (and please do, if this is your first time here), click on the tab at the top of this page.

*By the way, I put a star by posts that have been highly recommended by people other than the authors themselves :)

P.S. This week, I stumbled upon Big Mama Cass and learned about her Saturday meme, especially for replaying older posts from your archives.  After linking up here, stop over to her place and double-dip! I'm sure she'd love it.


  1. sorry there were no fragments from me this week...I have been blah and absent from blog world =(

  2. Thanks for hosting again - I SO wanted to do a FF post this week as I had so much to put in one, but I had to follow on from my perspectives post with my first work of fiction. So next week will be a double edition :-)

  3. Thanks for allowing others to post. I sent a blog posting on a favorite sci-fi movie of mine. Its a gas if you really think about the concepts! Mucho gracious.

  4. I've really enjoyed the contributions this week.

  5. I have my laptop back! :) So, I'll be back in the morning to read some of these. Glad you included the Grasshoppa's post- it was so good!

  6. I love this idea! Thanks for starting it! I've participated in Big Mama Cass' Saturday meme before, and am happy to be here now :) Can't wait to check out all these fantastic posts!

  7. This is my first week doing SS. I linked up the post that you asked for "I Fought With a Color".

    I'm excited to read all the others!

  8. I wondered why I was receiving comments on this post!! You are just the sweetest!

    Thank you so much for including me!

    Chilly actually had a 5% improvement in his kidney function! Something that is really almost unheard at his stage of kidney disease. I think all of these prayers are working!

  9. Dawn (Bee and Rose) that is AWESOME. Every little bit counts, right?! You're welcome about the link--It's such a great post, I had to link it up!

    Tracie-I'm very glad you did!
    Welcome, Natalie, Kramer!
    Adrienne, I understand. Glad you stopped by, and I will look you up when I get home.

    Thanks for linking up, everybody! :)

  10. Second time for me...I hope 'my way' to participate is okay...
    Now it's afternoon in Casa and we get dinner guests tonight - so I'll start SS hopping tomorrow morning.
    Have a great day!

  11. I had several suggest this post as my Sampling offer:

    But I went with my Serious Subject post instead since it came from an experience close to my heart.

  12. Very much enjoyed the "Monastery" post by Astrofish! It was a quietly spiritual entry that deserves a lot more attention: my own thought is that most writings of that sort, on the internet, are far too loud.

  13. I added No. 24 from the Ad Master because I thought it was such a helpful article for all bloggers.

  14. I've found some really great blogs through this feature. THANKS a million for making it happen.

  15. Wow. I am honored to be on the list. Much gratitude.


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