Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sundays in My City

Please forgive my premature SIMC post, published on THURSDAY!! (If you commented, I have a copy in my email box and will answer some day soon :)

Unknown Mami

This week, my city is wet. So was Milwaukee when my friend Dawn and I were there last week.  
Before everyone arrived at Shawna's and Kris's house for the bocce tournament on Friday night, 
Dawn and I went out to the garden, to gather salad ingredients.  

As you can see, the soil was a little mushy....

(Dawn, who knew you'd grow up to be a foot model?!)

That's it for me this week! Tune in next week for snaps from 'da U.P.! 
And visit Unknown Mami today for more photos from cities around the globe :)


  1. Holy muck! Good thing you didn't bother to wear shoes!

  2. Great photo of real feet in real mud.

  3. come on down to Florida to swim every day of the year!!

  4. And to think the early roads in the midwest were made of this kind of dirt/clay mixture. Concrete and asphalt - that's where its at now.

  5. I did notice this post was a few days early...but who cares! :)

  6. Oh perfect mud puddle!! Nice and gooey without being splashy!! I wanna come play!


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