Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sundays in My City/Weekly Winners

All kinds of winners in my "city" this week....

Kendall and I took it upon ourselves to update some mother-daughter shots. 
Here's the winner that made it to my FB profile....

Then, you may not believe this, but in the last month, I have won four giveaways! One was for Karen Neuberger socks from The Mom Jen. One was from Michelle, from Honest and Truly, for e.l.f. cosmetics (Yea!)  Everyday Kathy sent me this beautiful Baccarat Necklace from her giveaway on Everyday Bliss,

and June sent a lovely bag that she made from a bed pillowcase! (That woman is a whiz with the sewing machine! Check her out at 3! A Charm It fits neatly in my purse, which means that I never forget it in the car when I go the the grocery store.  It came thoughtfully wrapped like this...

and I was just touched by her thoughtfulness. (Thanks, again, June! I've used it twice already.) And finally, because this post made Lynn, of For Love or Funny, "howl with laughter," she sent this incredible prize package,

which I will happily wear (see the beautifully made apron?! 
It reads, "Call for Takeout!") and use 
(those towels are hand-stitched! Maybe too pretty to use!)  
She was also kind enough to send the adorable applique
t-shirts for me to put in a raffle at school. 

Also, in my "city" this week, I took a few shots of nature's bounty....

Fresh summer veggies from local gardens...

Gems from Mom's flowerbed...


And one of my own flowers...

Cooper had to get in on a game of SORRY...He whined like crazy until we invited him!

And we hate to admit it, but once AGAIN, Kendall was the WINNER! 
(Gotta get that kid to a casino, I swear!)

Hope you had a winning week, too! You can't lose, visiting I am Lotus and Unknown Mami.


  1. I can see why you chose that photo - good one! I really like the game Sorry, but no one likes to play with me. I swear I grew up in a family of game haters and then married one LOL

    This truly is a winner of a post! Congrats :)

    Kristin - The Goat

  2. Kendall is so beautiful! Amazing blue eyes!

  3. Love it - she's so gorgeous (and so are you, my dear!) What a fun way to share your city right now. I'm loving that first flower. Great shot!

  4. What beautiful flowers... especially your own. :) I also really like your shot of the Sorry game. Cool perspective!

  5. Love the blue eyes. Great Mother-Daughter photo.

  6. Thanks for sharing, great photos.

    Happy Sunday! xxx

  7. Fantastic mother daughter shot, you are both beautiful.

  8. What a week you've had! Lucky you!

    I have moved to WordPress!
    I hope to see you there.
    Next week I'll be back on track and post a 'normal' SIMC post.

    Sunny greetings from Casa!
    ps. sorry I write this same note to all participants... :)

  9. Cooper looks so happy being included! Gotta love him! My cats always like to be included when we play games too! Spunky even likes to move the pieces around.

    Such a sweet picture of you and your daughter together!

  10. Congrats on your giveaway winning. I think YOU are the one who should go to a casino. Wow. What fun this month has been for you. Hubby and I play Sorry and he usually wins. Then I pout but then I still want to play another game.

  11. Tomatoes and cucumber abound here in the south...already to hot for lettuce! We tried to play sorry this week as winners because the toddler I'm watching sat in the middle of the game board... it's been awhile since I've had a toddler in the house...I'd forgotten :)

  12. oops! SORRY about that!! cause over here, I always win!!! :D

  13. You definitely had a winning week! And the shot of you and your daughter is a winner too. Very nice.

  14. Wow, you're on a roll. Maybe YOU should be the one heading to Vegas.

    We enjoy playing games as a family too.

    Cute pictures. Now which one of you is the mom?

  15. Look at you go with all those winnings!
    You have grown a beautiful flower, Mom.

  16. Look at you, winnin' stuff! Awesome!

  17. The mother-daughter picture is beautiful!!! Wonderful shots this week...but my fav is your pup getting in on the Sorry game! So cute!!

  18. What a lucky week for you. Congrats! Lovely mother-daughter shot.

  19. ooo, I'm jealous of those veggies.

    Here from SIMC

  20. I'm so loving the mother daughter photo! you two are beautiful!!!

    congrats on winning all those wonderful giveaways!

  21. your daughter is so pretty!
    sounds like a great day too, we used to love playing sorry when I was living with mom :)

  22. Congrats on your winnings, I agree with previous commenter' should be going to the casino.

    You and your daughter absolutely shine in the photo.

    Glad to see Cooper is in on the fun as well.

  23. Lovely post...and look at you, winning, so much. This year, I couldn't believe it, I won a home server, valued at $545, entering a haiku contest for Intell. I don't even write haiku!! Rhyming verse is my type of poetry. At any rate, I sold it for $400 on Craig's list, a big help with my job loss and subsequent retirement!

    You and your daughter are so beautiful... poor me, with three sons...ah, I shouldn't say that. They are wonderful young men...but I so much wanted ONE girl.

  24. Wow! You are living right-- Congratulations on all the fabulous loot you won. Woo-hoo.

    Your photo with Kendall is gorgeous. She's such a beautiful young woman and the two of you could almost be sisters :-)

    Happy SIMC,

  25. That is a lovely picture of the two of you. You both photograph well! :)

    I always lose boardgames. Always. Doesn't matter which one...

  26. Kendall is just lovely and that photo of the two of you is gorgeous.

  27. When do you find the time to get around as much as you do? Congrats on your booty (as in pirate booty)!

    Your pictures are lovely, especially the one of you and Kendall.

    Thanks for sharing and happy SIMC!


  28. Your daughter is So stunningly beautiful. And she looks JUST LIKE YOU! So that means you are stunningly beautiful too!

    Hope your week is filled with wonder. And I also hope you win another giveaway because four is just not enough! : )

  29. Great weekly winners. I would say that both you and your daughter are not only lucky but also very pretty.

  30. Great pics and a pirate's loot too.

    Wow I just noticed the eyeball bladge in your collection - thanks.

  31. I love Cooper! We have a GHolden Retriever and we're about to get a new Golden puppy. We love Goldens!

    I really like the one of you and your daughter.

  32. Well that was a delightful post! I love the shot of you and Kendall.

  33. That 1st photo is AWESOME!!! And, we LOVE Sorry. Sam is pretty darn good at 6-years.

    Those appliqued shirts are sure to be a big hit in the raffle. Praying it goes well!

  34. I love the shots from this week-- You and Kendall are like clones! :)


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