Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Fragments, Episode #110

Given that this was my first week back at school, I'm feeling pretty relaxed! (Of course, the partial week, followed by a 3-day weekend doesn't hurt.)  While I've been short on time, I'm not short on random thoughts from my week. I'm guessing you aren't either--Let's frag! [To learn all about Friday Fragments, click here.]

I'm just going to put this out there. A lot of people think of me whenever they see crafts/gifts with apples on them. I've probably received 15-20 such gifts over the past several years, and I am dead-sick of them. I'm just not a "theme" kind of gal; you won't see "country," "fruit," "patriotic," or anything other theme in my house, because my taste is just more eclectic, I guess. I'm not sure how other teachers feel, but I'm pretty sure we're all sick of apple decor.

Don't you hate it when you finally decide to go to bed and find a bare mattress because you forgot to move the sheets from the washer to the dryer (AGAIN)?!

This video, entitled "Words," is awesome, but also a challenge to understand. I believe it's worth it. Each time I watch it, I understand more about what they're trying to share.  It's very cool if you can be patient enough to figure it out.

Cooper, The Kitchen Bandit, has been demonstrating very odd behavior since Kyle moved away to his dorm. One night this week, after going to bed certain that there was nothing he'd be interested in, I awoke to find that the had eaten two large bananas, including all but a small piece of one peeling. What kind of dog eats bananas?!

I'm linking up one of my own posts this week for Saturday Sampling, Putting Things in Perspective. Don't forget to link up your favorites, too! I publish at 9pm central time on Friday nights.

I really enjoyed Matty's fragment last week. It was a little long to put here, but here's a taste of Matty's trip to the dentist:

While working on me from the left side, she pulls in real close and I found the left side of my face completely buried into her breasts.  A short while later, she moves behind me and leans over the top of my head.  Yep, the next thing I know, my entire face down to my mouth is sandwiched right between those babies. 
You know you want to read more, so check out the rest of it here.  Matty, enjoy your award!

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  1. I love clean sheets, but I sooo hate it when I forget to put them back on!

    That Matty is a funny fellow.

    Hope it's a wonderful school year for you!

  2. wow I really need to slow down on reading through the fragments. I thought I read, "bare ass".

    teacher - apple - it is traditional. My brother (lives in the middle of nowhere if you remember that post) gave me an odd piece of "decor" when visited him last. It's the foot of a pheasant mounted in a piece of wood. He ate the pheasant. I'm still wondering what to do with it.

  3. Lisleman, that's hilarious. I think I'd like to meet your brother :)

  4. Matty's fragment was one of my favorites from last week, too! Excellent choice :)

    I read your Saturday Sampling post the other day. What a way to think about it :)

    No apples, huh? The joke has worn off I bet.

    Kristin - The Goat

  5. okay, got my post I'm desperately trying to remember how to do this picture thingy.....

  6. I hate it when I forget the sheets, too! You're all tired and ready to crash, and then you can't.
    We have a kitchen bandit too, but I don't think she's ever eaten bananas! Interesting. Maybe she needs more potassium in her diet! LOL

  7. Oh my! That's some trip to the dentist.

    I hate it when that happens with my bed too...thank goodness for the sleeping bag!

  8. Oh my! That's some trip to the dentist.

    I hate it when that happens with my bed too...thank goodness for the sleeping bag!

  9. Even worse than a bare bed is when your new puppy comes running in and pees on your clean sheets at bedtime! Have a great Friday! :)

  10. ahhh - but there's nothing like getting in a bed with fresh sheets... heaven!

  11. If you are sick of apples, should we just give you mugs with something else on them? ;)

    Congrats on taking your baby to college! That is huge! I cheated and read your post early - get Kendall Skype and then she can show her brother the shoes and he can tell her they are stupid live and in person!

    Enjoy your long weekend!

  12. These are a few of my favorite things...clean sheets, your Mama and your frags!!! My none favorite things would have apples on 'em. I kept such wonderful 'gifts' in the classroom and when I retired they didn't come home to the Ponderosa with me. :o)

    God bless and enjoy your L-o-N-g weekend!!!

  13. Yesterday must have been change the linen day. Good Guy had to make a trip to the basement for me to get a top sheet out of the dryer and also be sure his bathrobe was back upstairs.

    I hear your pain, with the apples! The things you have to consider before making a career choice! Who knew?????

  14. I totally for get the bed. Then I go to bed really late and find it naked. Sometimes I cheat and throw a blanket over it and sleep.

    Matty's masseuse obviously isn't charging enough!

    Have a great weekend!!

  15. love the WORDS video! I seriously do that with my sheets all the time!! hate making the bed after washing, but love the fresh cleans sheets.
    have a great weekend.

  16. I think I'd get pretty tired of apples if I was a teacher too. LOL

    Yes, I definitely hate it when I have a bare bed because I forgot to put sheets back on it.

    My dog likes bananas but I don't think he'd ever eat the peels. Ick!

    Oh gosh! Gotta go read Matty's post for sure now. Haha!!

    Happy Friday!!

  17. I was cracking up at Matty's post last week. It was almost like some kind of erotic torture.

  18. I do not like themes or to collect certain things either. Have a wonderful long weekend!

  19. No sheets..the absolute worst..I have done that 2x..never again!
    Welcome back to school! I have collected apples my entire life and I am not a teacher; someone told me once I was a good witch because for whatever reason they love apples everywhere. I have never given an apple anything to a teacher as a gift. I would usually give them a gift card and if I felt I got to know them something more personal.
    Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

  20. For the record I have never bought my kids teachers, or my teacher family members or friends any apple related items.

    As for the sheets, I always pull a set out of the linen closet and put them on as soon as I strip the bed so I can't forget to make the bed before it is time to crawl in. When I decide it is time for bed I fall in and crash, finding no sheets on the bed would not make me a happy girl.

  21. or you get ready to put your child to bed & do the same thing!

    Poor Cooper!

    I would never give a teacher apple-themed stuff!

  22. We just got in tonight from a week away at the Jersey shore. I didn't have much of a chance to use a computer. But it should make you feel good to know that this was one of my first stops after signing on.

    Dogs feel more than you know. I'm sure that Kyle's absence is affecting Cooper. But at least now he's getting his share of potassium.

    I love that Words video.

    And thank you for the award. With so many great FF each week, I'm humbled to even be considered, let alone getting your final vote.

  23. A banana eating dog... too funny! He's probably having some sort of post traumatic stress after having Kyle move away!

    We don't have ton's of closet space but I make sure there is room for an extra set of sheets! I HATE going in and realizing the sheets are still in the washing machine!

  24. I came across a great post this week at "Knit By God's Hand" about a little girl's funeral and how a friend of hers handled it. The title was "Have A Great Time." They had heart shaped paper so the funeral attendees could write the dead girl a note. I thought it was a very nice idea so linked it up here.

  25. "Don't you hate it when you finally decide to go to bed and find a bare mattress because you forgot to move the sheets from the washer to the dryer (AGAIN)?!"

    This is the WORST. I even get all upset when the sheets are clean but just not put on the mattress yet. It makes me want to cry.


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