Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sundays in My City, Dance Edition

Our annual neighborhood block party was last night. 
It lasted quite a long time (I left the diehards at 2am), and started with some introductions...

It wasn't long before the DJ was rolling and kids were tearing up the "dance floor"....

I loved the looks on the little girls' faces, watching the big kids do the Macarena...

Of course, there was plenty of line dancing...

And every good Wisconsin parent knows it's his/her role to teach the Chicken Dance to their offspring...

And the Hokey Pokey..."You put your left foot in...."

"You put your head in...."

"You put your backside in, and you...." (sing with me!)

And, of course, there was a LOT of this...

Good thing I wasn't drinking last night; my head hurts just looking at this karaoke flashback.
(Seems like just yesterday, little Kyle was shouting singing, "Who let the dogs out?!")

 The kids had a ball, because
(like the Hokey Pokey)

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and see shots from communities all over the world.


  1. Block parties rock. And I'm impressed that you lasted until 2:00.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun!! Our block did that a few years ago...we really need to try to do another one now that we're even closer than we were then!!

  3. How cute! I wish we had things like this in my lame town. :)

  4. Your block party looks like it was an absolute blast!!

  5. Looks like a fun time was had by all. Loved the expressions on the little girls faces watching the Macarena.

  6. Fun times for sure. And yes, good thing you weren't drinking. Ha.

  7. Wow, this is some serious block party fun!

  8. what a great time - hokeying and pokeying....

  9. It looks like you all had a great time! You all are serious about your block party - having a DJ and everything. That's great.

    Kristin _ The Goat

  10. That looks like one awesome Block Party! I haven't lived in a neighborhood that did that in years. But we had them all the time when I was a kid. That for the trip down memory lane.

    Happy SIMC, jj

  11. I want to live in your neighborhood! In our younger years, we were known to be up cavorting and playing cornhole with the neighbors until the wee hours.

  12. Now that looks like one FUN party : ) I love when we can party with our kids! Although, I will admit, the last time I took my kids to a party with kids and adults the adults did get a little crazy... Darn it!

  13. I think I want to move to your town! That looks like a blast, and what a way to end the summer!

    The Chicken Dance is just something everyone should how to skip and tie their shoes.

  14. Out of all the songs I've taught my kiddos, I had forgotten about the hokey pokey! Ok, that's happening tomorrow. My 3 year old is going to melt into fits of laughter.
    Block parties are so fun! Maybe I'll resurrect the idea in our 'hood.

  15. Looks like major fun. I have no idea who most of my neighbors are. Many barely speak English so there is a disconnect.

    Thanks for the lovely pictures!

  16. Fun stuff. It beats (by miles) the non-fun I had watching our beloved football team make a poor showing on national tv.

  17. What an impressive party.
    I wonder why we never have block parties here, they look like fun for everyone?

  18. Very cute! I want to live in your neighborhood!

  19. What a fun time a block party must be. If we had one down here on the Pondersoa it would just be a party of two. Heehehehehe! Unless we counted the critters. :o)

    You have a blessed day,Hon!!!

  20. Looks like the folks in your hood know how to have fun. I can't believe it went on so late.

  21. wow what a great way to bond with your neighbours


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