Thursday, September 16, 2010

You know you want to meet this kid...

This morning, in 6th grade Social Studies, we played President Obama's Back-to-School video message to American students and asked them to reflect on it, in writing. I asked the students what they thought their president's message was and how his speech might affect them. Finally, I asked them to share what they can do to help make our country great. As usual, I received a variety of responses to grade. Many students wrote a handful of thoughts, some wrote lengthy, eloquent summaries, and one little girl (I'll call her Polly) busily scribbled away, excited to share her thoughts. Hers is my favorite.  This little cutie-pie idealist poured out the following. [It's very hard to see (she wrote it in pencil) and I've "translated it" for you below, where appropriate.]

I think that the speck opind up to me, 
so I'm going to...
[The speech opened my mind, so I'm going to...]

*Pay atencin      [Pay attention]
*Get better grades
*mack the world a better place

*incerig others
   [Encourage others]
*I will sowt for my golls        [I will shoot for my goals]
*Stop bullys
*Pick up trash

*I will acev my gols      [I will achieve my goals]
*Lison to others      [Listen to others]
*Make a diffrints      [Make a difference]
*I will be a friend to all.
*in prove on evry thing
[Improve on everything]
*stand up to bullys
*help kids that need help
*acomplish new goals
*and help kids acomplis more
*and acomplis there goals

That is what Obama makes me feel!

I'm hoping that "improve on everything" includes writing skills. 
If not, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to talk her into adding that to her list :)


  1. Love her list and thanks for the translation. I guess thank goodness for spell check and teachers like you.

  2. What's most encouraging about it is that she was listening and paying attention.

  3. What a great list - some good goals for all of us to remember, no matter how old or young we might be.

  4. How wonderful. I like that she was thinking of others and not just herself. :)

  5. I love it! She was paying attention, focused on the subject and organized her thoughts. Sure spelling may not be her forte but the kid's got heart!

    Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!!! :o)

  6. I had to giggle a little at her writing, but at least the thought was there!

  7. I realize that spelling and writing are not her forte but still and all, it's good to read this and for you, has to make you feel great knowing you made a difference in asking the kids to voice their thoughts and feelings. Also, that she picked up on the message in the first place via the speech too! Easy to see why you would really appreciate her words, her thoughts.

  8. You are right! What a great kid. You can learn how to spell and write (even) better, but it's hard to teach anyone to have such a great heart. I love her and I don't even know her!

  9. What a wonderful list and little girl! I do have to say, one of the things I liked best was your comment on her paper..."you are amazing." I'm sure she was beaming with pride after receiving that back. And just so you know, Mrs. Fours, YOU are amazing. You are truly making a difference!

  10. This is really sweet! I'm so glad she took the message to heart!

  11. It's the thought that counts haha! I'm glad you added her original spelling, too cute!!!

  12. "Pick up trash" awww, a girl after my own heart. What a sweetie.

  13. She has the right attitude and that's so important.

    I guess I could asked my teacher daughter but is that typical spelling for a 6 grader? My spelling is awful so maybe she has an engineering future.

  14. What a sweet list! If only everyone had a list like that (and lived by it!)

  15. LOL, Lisleman! It's more typical of first grade. You've forgotten that I teach students with disabilities (mixed into the regular ed classroom).

  16. I love it! This looks like my kids' writings sometimes, I have to read them out loud to translate.
    She will be an asset to your class!!


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