Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

I had a wonderful weekend, and I can't think of words to truly convey how much love I have
for the people I spent it with.  (Luckily, I have pics to help.)

My niece, Nicki, currently lives in California but was going to be "in the neighborhood" 
(Madison, 2 hours away) for a conference this week, so she set up a visit with us for this weekend.  My sister Geri's daughter, Nicki did not grow up seeing family a lot, so these rare visits to Wisconsin are a treat for her, as well as for us.  Her handsome, gem-of-a-husband, Yes 
(If you guessed that his parents were hippies, you are correct.) joined us, too.
Anyone who hangs out with Nicki and Yes feels richer for the experience; 
they are two of our favorite people.

The weekend flew by, and we filled it with fun and family, including Friday Fish Fry
and dinner at our house on Saturday. 
You know the company is great when the "college boy" comes home for it. 
(And no, I'm positive it wasn't just for the food!)

Don't worry-We ate a lot more than watermelon for dinner.
More importantly, we ended the meal with Apple Dumplings! :)

Followed by lots of good conversation...

sharing of family history...


snuggling with a favorite uncle...

cousins chillin'...

...and dominoes!


Before they left on Sunday, we snapped a few more...


I love this beautiful blessed to call her family.

And to think there are more than 30 people missing from this family photo...

So blessed...


  1. I love when families love to be together. It looks like such fun!

  2. What a great family gathering! Gives you perspective on the important things in life, huh?

  3. You really are blessed. Everyone looks happy and healthy. I just love it when our extended family gets together for a big shindig. Now I must admit that I've never played dominoes and don't know how to either. And don't let that "college kid" fool you. He might say he's home for food and laundry, but deep down he's there to be with all of you.

  4. You truly are blessed! Love all the smiles. Hard to see fun weekends like that come to an end! Have a wonderful week!

  5. What a great weekend. I love spending time with extended family; you sometimes learn things you never would otherwise. Sounds like a grand time was had. Yay. :)

  6. Families and friends around a table playing a game is something I wished happened more. Getting everyone involved in the game is tough with some groups.
    So his name is "Yes" and my first thought would be he must have a hard time in gatherings thinking he is hearing his name all time. Also, I guess he was running for election back in 2008 - yes we can. Please don't tell me, he has a sibling named "No".

  7. looks like a wonderful weekend indeed ...I am noticing the pants and long sleeves crazy to me I spent the weekend in shorts and flip flops still but I am rocking capris today as it got to a chilly 58* here last night ...

  8. I love love love family gatherings like this! Our next one won't be until Thanksgiving. But then another one right after when my aunt comes from CA. I love just hanging out with family and getting caught up!

  9. You really are blessed! You can see it in people's faces that they're very happy to be at that gathering!

  10. you ARE blessed. I miss these kind of days.

  11. "There is NO WAY you are 47 yrs old!", I always think those words every time a see a photo of you! Amazing genes... How blessed you are!

  12. You ARE blessed. Wonderful family!!!

  13. You have a great family!

    What part of CA is your neice in? I live in Souther CA! Small world huh!?


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