Thursday, October 28, 2010

Friday Fragments, Episode #118

Ah...Fall Break!  What a treat it is to have a little relaxation after a wild week of parent-teacher conferences, party planning, and teacher in-service. I've got plenty of randomness for you this week, so let's get to it!

If you're a Friday Fragments newbie, welcome! (Please click on the tab above to learn the in's and out's. Thanks!)

***In case you've been wondering, you'll find our Halloween Party recap here.  You can also read about my Wizard of Oz moment in windy Wisconsin here.  If you need a wonderful apple cider recipe, check out my mom's Spiced Apple cider recipe here. (I took it to work one day this week, and it quickly disappeared.)

***Speaking of recipes, you really should try this one out for Thanksgiving: Berry Mallow Bake is to die for. You have plenty of time to eat a whole pan yourself try it out before the big holiday!

***I decided to sew (rather than pin) the medallions onto my costume last week. What I'd like to know is why the heck someone decided that the eyes of needles were too big and needed to be downsized along with the economy. That is pure crazy.

***I found this photo from the Green Bay Press Gazette very funny!

***I was deeply moved by Tyler Perry's sharing of horrible, traumatic childhood sexual /physical/emotional abuse on the Oprah show this week. What an incredible man. If you get a chance to see his interview, you should; he is incredibly inspiring.

***My brother Tom goes around metal detecting, and he finds many valuable things.  Sometimes, he finds the original owners and returns things to them (wedding rings, for example)!  Recently, Tom found a silver, homemade initial ring with a cursive G on it.  He asked my sister Geri if she ever went to the beach at Dykesville when she was a teen in the 60s.  She said yes.  He mailed the ring to her, and guess what? It is her ring!  Can you believe it?  Pretty amazing.

***Coby's Baby A provided my Favorite Friday Fragments this week, one of which was:

This is the same kid who was pretending to feed me Cheerios from his pocket. Only he didn't have a pocket. So he reached down the back of his shorts, inside the underwear, pulled out his hand and said, "Here you go, Mommy. Eat these. They're yum." How could I resist? Pretend Cheerios from inside my son's underwear!
The award is yours this week, Coby! :) 

To read the rest of Baby B's cute fragments, visit Finding Joy.

***I'm getting really used to the stupid Anonymous spam comments I've been getting every day. They all go along these lines...

"Thank you for your great post. You've helped me with my assignment. I will look into this further on Google."
"Please excuse my bad English. Please email me."
"I cannot view your blog in Opera. I hope you will fix it."

WTH? Of course, one cannot email Anonymous. I delete two to three of these comments daily and still haven't figured out their angle. Any ideas?

***My sweet, geeky nephew and his friends are super excited about their Halloween costumes this year. Are they planning to be ninjas? Star Wars characters? Zombies?  Nope. They are going as Steve Jobs, an Iphone, and Bill Gates. (Yes, I'm serious.)

***I didn't know Mike Rowe had a blog! I found it today while looking for cake decor ideas for Kyle's Court of Honor next week. Mike Rowe is an Eagle Scout, and he wrote on the subject here.  He also wrote a Letter to Eagle Scouts, which is excellent. (If you follow the instructions, he will even sign and send the Eagle Scout a letter of congratulations!)  Gee...I thought Mike Rowe was hot before I found his blog; now, he's even hotter! :)

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  1. I can't believe he found her ring! That's just crazy after all this time....

  2. I agree, that is amazing that he found that ring and it was your sister's!

  3. Ummm who's Mike Rowe?

    The spam comments? I read somewhere that SEO is based on the number of links back to you so leaving comments increases it - I believe that was where spam comments came in?

    LOVE the Cheerios. Thank goodness they were pretend :)

  4. i'm always surprised at how anonymous gets around too... such interesting insights...

  5. That ring finding thing is blowing my mind!

  6. The ring thing needs to be on Oprah or the Today show - that is just AMAZING!

    Thanks for the award! ;-) Guess what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow? Yup - Cheerios from my son's pants! (Pretend, of course).

  7. The cherio's story is soooo my favourite too! How adorable is this kid!!!! Awwww, as always your week is insightfully varied :)

  8. Aw man! I had no idea that Mike Rowe has that page w/ specific instructions on how to get a letter from him. I sent a request through "Dirty Jobs"...and of course, my son never got a letter. I think I'll try it his way. :)


  9. what great Frags! so many things to comment on: The ring: wow! brett's sign: funny, even though I love Brett! cheerios from underwear: hilarious, very deserving of the award

  10. Wild about your sister's ring...what are the chances? Cody lil guy too funny! Have a wonderful Halloween weekend!

  11. Funny, we had a simular episode with Social Butterfly's solid gold class ring only she had hocked it in her brain dead years. It showed up in a house at a nearby town and was returned to us.

    Geek Son would love the idea of a Geek Halloween party!

    Have a relaxing 'fall' weekend filled with loads of spooky little blessings! :o)

  12. That's amazing about the ring! Thanks for the apple cider recipe; it's just barely cool enough here to imagine a hot drink and I'm craving some hot apple cider!

  13. What an amazing fragment on the ring.

    As for those spam comments, I, too, get three or so each day. Very strange indeed.

  14. Happy Fall Break! Ours was last week and the ONLY time we left the house was to go to one movie. We didn't do much of anything, and it was awesome! Happy Halloween!

  15. That is so cool about your brother finding your sister's ring after so many decades! Wow!
    I hope you have a good and fun weekend--you deserve it after a busy week!

  16. I am loving your fragments this week and your nephew's costume idea is awesome!

  17. and here I thought I was the only one who noticed that they downsized needle eyes! I LOVE the geeky costume ideas! That's so cool (and, oddly, something that I could see my teenage D & D playin' self doing!)

    Julie @ Knitting and Sundries

  18. I had to look up who Mike Rowe is. But am tempted to get letters for my brothers now that I know!

    I heard about the Tyler Perry interview but haven't watched/read up on it fully. I have a theory that a lot of funny people are funny because it's a great way to mask pain.

    LOVE the nerdy costumes!!! That is AWESOME!

  19. Hey, something is wrong with your site in Opera, you should check into it.

  20. I heart Mike Rowe! Finally found time to do a FF post. Off to visit the others.

  21. While visiting my Bro in Chicago, we read a book on Eagle Scouts and saw Mike Rowe in there. There are a lot of famous Eagle Scouts!

    I love your Halloween party pics! That ring story is crazy!
    Happy FF!

  22. Bill Gates - really? - what does it look like? Money overstuffed in pockets and big reboot button? Bill Gates' story is amazing and he spreads his wealth to good charities but I still despise his software.

    ring - wow that's something did he get an award?

    Oh the comments and Opera - you could not allow Anonymous and the Opera browser is a very simple low memory type I believe. I have a suggestion or two for the load time of your blog but you get more visitors than I do so you must be doing it right.

  23. Love Mike Rowe. If you get to meet him, let him know i am single, ok?

  24. Mike Rowe is cool and I like that pic of the Green Bay fan! That is pretty darn funny!

  25. I am astounded by the ring story! That is crazy.

  26. Love that sign at the Packer just makes me wonder, are there any professional athletes who don't cheat on their spouses?

    I have ALWAYS wanted a metal detector. What a cool story and how crazy that he found HER ring!

    Love your nephew's costume ideas! Very creative!

    I didn't know it was possible for Mike Rowe to get any hotter, I was wrong! :)

    Thanks for hosting FF! Hope your weekend is awesome!

  27. Sorry I've been so MIA!!

    We has some super Wizard of Oz wind here, too! Yikes!

    I LOVE the Berry Mallow Bake, and will totally be making it again. And since it's my holiday to work, the girls at the hospital will probably be the ones enjoying it!! I highly recommend it to anyone reading!

  28. I love the ring story! How awesome is that? Hope you have a great weekend!

  29. That ring story is Crazy in an awesome way!
    I have been hearing about your scary weather I hope it calms down.
    Our weather has been freakish too.
    Have a great Halloween; it is so wierd to have it on a Sunday..

  30. This is my first time to play along :) I hope I did it all right. I loved your fragments...especially the cheerios from the underwear :)

  31. That is so cool that he returned the ring!

  32. That picture from Green Bay is hilarious!

  33. I have had some of the exact same comments.

    I don't know why if they want a back-link they can't at least try to make sense.

    That's cool about the ring!

    Have a great weekend- you guys have a break already? (I don't mean it like you don't deserve it- just you must have started school earlier than our kids!)


  34. OMG I love Mike Rowe or as we call him in our house MICRO. I'm back I hope I can join in again every week. I don't know where all my time goes...

  35. The football sign~hugely hilarious!

    Yikes. I missed Mike! And almost all tv this week.

    Thank you for the smile and hugs!

  36. That story about Tom and the ring is absolutely incredible!


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