Monday, November 1, 2010

Frosh Fun

Our son Kyle is having a blast in college; he's taking advantage of everything it has to offer.  This post is proof:

He's rushing a *fraternity. Don't worry-He assures me that it's not "that kind" of fraternity; they are the only fraternity on campus and are all about community service. Riiiiigght. Whatever. He's having fun and has been forced (as a pledge) to do all sorts of ridiculous things, such as wearing a pink shirt for two weeks, cleaning fraternity members' dorm rooms, and putting Martha Stewart's photo up for his Facebook profile photo (which in my book beats feats of drinking-til-you-puke-and-pass-out, hands down.)

Mostly recently, I received a text from my niece Mandy, who asked, "Are you at Mr. Phoenix**?" and of course, I replied "no," since I didn't even know what "Mr. Phoenix" was.  Turns out Kyle was at that very moment on stage, at his college, competing to be Mr. Phoenix!  I still didn't know what it was, but I got the gist of it the next day, when I called Mandy.

In order to compete, Kyle had to do three things:

1) Lead the crowd (of hundreds) in a school cheer (He rocked this.)
2) Answer a question (If you had a million dollars, how would you use it to help your school?) in formal dress. (No, Lisleman, not "in A formal dress." There. I beat you to it!haha)
3) Perform a talent.

Now, Kyle can sing, so at first, I was like, "Wow! Kyle sang?!  I haven't heard him sing since that time I videotaped him singing The Star Spangled Banner in the shower.  Dang it! I missed it.  However, as he explained the next day, he had only found out the day before (from his fraternity peeps) that he would be competing. He had to come up with something in a hurry, so here's what he did...

With the theme from Rocky playing in the background, Kyle walked up, whipped his shirt and pants off, put on his swim goggles, cut the music, and proceeded to tell the dramatic tale of how he once jumped the gun in an important swim meet.  Here's a glimpse of what it looked like:

That kid definitely takes after his dad; totally cool and collected up there, wearing nothing but a Speedo jammer swimsuit and a pair of goggles. (The crowd went wild, apparently.)

Kyle didn't even bother to tell us about the competition until it was over, and guess what?

He was 1st runner up!

What I love about Kyle is that he takes advantage of every opportunity available to him. He's taking classes, working part-time, is VP of his Dorm Council, is rushing the fraternity, has a girlfriend, and has big plans to study in Spain next year. What this kid won't accomplish in his life is beyond me.

Unfortunately, his grades are also beyond me; I don't have a clue what they are.

Fortunately, I figure a kid with this much ambition has got the grades under control, too.

Right? Right?!  tap-tap-tap  Is this thing on??

*Never ever refer to a Fraternity as a Frat. The term "frat" holds negative connotations, and most fraternities are extremely offended. Some individuals may not care, so be sure to get to know the person you are talking to first. But in general, the term "frat" is taboo, so just play it safe.
 **Not to be confused with Mr. Phoenix Leather Competition (trust me-you don't even want to google that.)


  1. He sounds like an awesome kid. Plus he knows how to have fun!!!

  2. Ah, you made me laugh out loud TWICE tonight...
    once with the Martha Steward profile pic (hahaha!)
    and again with the very thought of you tape-recording him singing in the shower! (hahahahaha!)

    What a great kid! What a great mom!

  3. I think that's a nice, safe attitude. Can't go wrong with it. Your son does seem to have it together though, I think you're ok....tap tap tap, is this thing on?...loved that!

  4. He certainly is adjusting well to college life. Making friends, joining a "fraternity", a girlfriend, and good grades. He's a well rounded kid. But then again it doesn't surprise me. After all, look at the fine job his parents did with him.

  5. Wow he is doing just fine! You and Mr. 4444 did good! I love his style and attitude!

  6. He sounds like a real 'heads up' kind of kid. I can tell how proud you are - I am SO glad for you - and for him.

  7. That is really cool that he could pull this off at the last minute and place 1st. Natural charisma!

  8. Wow. It seems like the stories of kids going to college and having fun without going crazy are so rare. How great for you both! What a cool kid...

    Also, thanks for the sweet comments on Saturday. They made my day!

  9. What a great kid you and Mr. Fours have raised!

    I wish I had been more involved when I first started college! When you said "...the only fraternity on campus and are all about community service. Riiiggght." I almost died laughing, it seems like that's what every kid tells their parents when they want to join a social group in college! :) I have to agree though, his rush sounds a heck of a lot better than some of the things Mr. Ski had to do as a pledge!

    Kyle's determination is awesome and will serve him well throughout life. You did good mama 4's, really good!

  10. Wow, your son is awesome! I would have had a crush on him in college. :)

  11. Hmmmmm.....maybe Kyle and Sheldon could have a date and we could be the proud parents. She joined a sorority for math teachers this year but saved herself from being completely nerdy by running in the upcoming Miss Arizona contest.

  12. He must want in there badly! Good for him in sticking to it!

  13. Ya got a great and talented kiddo there Mrs. 4444's. I heard ya tap~tap~tapin', of course his grades are great! You go Kyle!

    God bless ya and have a most magnificent Monday sweetie!!!

  14. I have nothing but the best memories of rushing my sorority- no drinking involved! He is taking college head-on and will never regret it!

  15. You should be a proud mama having a kid like that! He is going to come out in a few years a new man with no regrets for taking advantage of everything offered to him. He will have friends for a lifetime and memories to match.

  16. I too, am betting that he has the grades under control.

  17. Sounds like he is having an awesome time!

  18. Sounds like he's having no problem adjusting to college life!

  19. Huh. I wonder when frat went out the window. They were always frats when I went to college NOT THAT LONG AGO.

    Kudos to Kyle for making such a great leap into a new life. Fingers crossed his grades are where they need to be. He's got a lot going on there! What a neat kid :)

  20. He sounds really creative to do that for a talent! Good to know about not calling fraternities trays.

  21. That is awesome! He sounds like he is a very confident young man.

    Way to go, mama. :)

  22. That is one amazing and awesome kid- you've done a great job with him, Mr and Mrs4444!!

  23. Isn't it so wonderful to know that he is adjusting, happy, and having fun - good fun??? Congrats! I'm sure his grades are right up there!


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