Sunday, November 7, 2010

Our Eagle

This weekend, we celebrated Kyle's Eagle Scout achievement. The Eagle Scout rank is kind of a big deal, as far as Boy Scouting goes; it's the highest rank advancement and the only youth achievement that is acceptable to keep on your resume for the rest of your life. [To read about Kyle's Eagle Scout Project, click here.]

At the ceremony, the scouts are awarded handsome pins like this:

In a touch that is very appropriate, the scouts are also given pins to award to their parents for supporting them through the process. I was very happy to receive mine and proud that Mr.4444 got his own, as well. (We're a team, after all!)

In this photo, we're laughing because, up to this point, the ceremony had been pretty serious, but as Kyle was pinning his dad's pin on his lapel, Mr.4444 cried out, "OUCH!" startling everyone and cracking us all up. (Shocking, I know!)

Of course, both grandmas were in attendance.  My mom made a beautiful cross stitch memento for Kyle...

Kyle and fellow Eagle, Jake 
(He's got his sleeves rolled up because he's outgrown them! :)

Recipe for an Eagle Scout
by Mike Gallo

Place a young boy,
Bright and shining with God’s grace,
Into a free and hopeful nation.

Add a large helping of mother’s love,
And a touch of father’s, too.

A full measure of Scoutmasters’ patience and generosity,
Kindness and care from Assistant Scoutmasters
Camaraderie and friendship from a number of boys,
And support and help from their parents;
Plenty of assistance and encouragement
From family, friends, and community.

A kind word in a moment of doubt,
A gentle reprimand in a moment of weakness,
A helping hand, a guiding thought,
Understanding and forbearance, in full measure.

Immerse for years
In a Scouting atmosphere,
Warming thoroughly with
Good examples on every side.

When done,
Decorate with badges,
And serve to the world.


  1. Congratulations to Kyle! This will follow you the rest of your life! Mom & Dad...congrats to you, too! As a mother of Eagles, I know how hard parents work along side encouraging their son's progress.

    You rock, Kyle!

  2. What a wonderful achievement! Congratulations to everybody involved. Especially Kyle.

    May it only be one of many fine achievements!

  3. Congrats! My husband is an Eagle and a scout leader. While I was reading the post to him he asked me if I knew what he did for his Eagle Project. I told him I didn't but I would give you a shout out. If you wouldn't mind sharing what was your son's Eagle project.
    p.s. I would still like to remain Anonymous just for a few more comments, I have a blog but don't really use the darn thing anymore.

  4. Congrats to Kyle. Eagle Scout is a very impressive accomplishment.

  5. Anonymous, I added a link to a post about Kyle's project :)

    For those who don't already know, the Eagle project is the final step in a long process involving earning lots of badges, taking a leadership role in the troop, and planning and carrying out a project to benefit the community. Scouts are responsible for coming up with an idea, raising funds, and supervising the project from start to finish. The hardest part of the project (for many scouts) is the huge paper they have to write at the end, outlining the entire project from start to finish, including every minute detail of the process and how it went.

    Only one percent of Boy Scouts reach the Eagle rank. I should add that Kyle now has a binder full of congratulatory letters from everyone from his principal to President and Mrs. Obama!

  6. Not many scouts achieve this level and status. It takes quite the dedication and perseverance to stick with it. A hearty congratulations to Kyle for his achievement. And to mom and dad for all their support.

  7. Thanks for the link! Did I miss that or did you edit to add the link. My husband is impressed and said "very cool" I am glad you added that part about the resume, I basically had to force my husband to put it on his resume. He understands it's a big deal but doesn't like to "brag". Which is funny because when people ask me about my husband it's one of the things I tell!

  8. Sorry to bother you again,my husband just took over the troop and he has his first Eagle scout board of review coming up. He wants to know how did your son get all the congratulatory letters? If you know how that process works that would be awesome if not we will research. Thanks again

  9. OMG!!! Eagle is HUGE!!! Congrats to him!! So many doors are opened for Eagle Scouts, I'm sure you're insanely proud!! Congrats to you all!

  10. Anonymous, the Eagle counselor for our troop sends letters out to governments of all levels, as well as the school, sharing the success of the boys and inviting them to send a letter. Our troop has been blessed to have a lot of involved parents; I am so grateful to the merit badge counselors, as well as the Eagle counselor, who put in a lot of hours guiding Kyle through the process. Because of parent involvement, our troop has produced more Eagles than any other in Wisconsin! God bless your husband for making a difference!

  11. congrats for a job that took much time and perseverance.
    Is there a minimum age for the award?

  12. Congrats!!! That is so awesome!!! Eagle Scouts tend to do great things! :) We asked an Eagle Scout to talk to our Cub Scouts. They maybe scouts in training, but they enjoy hearing the great stories!!! WTG Kyle, and Mom and Dad, you did great too!!!

  13. Congratulations! That is amazing - my jaw dropped when you gave the percentage of scouts who reach Eagle! Super cool!

  14. Congratulations to Kyle! That's awesome!

  15. Congratulation to Kyle! In this age of nano-second attention to the next thing it is quite the accomplishment to focus on years of scouting and achieving this level of excellence.

  16. Congrats Kyle... My little Wolf cub has a lot of years to go to be and eagle but I am hoping someday he makes it there. We love scouting at our house and I think it is a great program for young boys ...It combines so many elements that you need to grow into a strong well rounded young man as I am sure Kyle is =)

  17. He did it! Well, you all did it, i'm guessing. Congratulations, Kyle.

    Our son as you know went to a wilderness survival program for 8 weeks. At the end of the experience he advanced to the highest rank, earning an award that only 3% of the participants achieve...they gave him an Eagle.

    I found that very fitting.

  18. Congratulations to Kyle and to you too! It IS a big deal and very impressive!

  19. Congratulations, Kyle. And to you and Mr4444. What a wonderful achievement!

  20. Woohoo, congratulations to you very impressive man child. What an achievement for him and you as his parents.

    God bless ya and have a fabulous week!!! :o)

  21. Congratulation to all of you!! What an awesome accomplishment. Love your post and the pictures!!!

  22. Congratulations!!! I'm so happy you're now a fellow Eagle mom. Welcome to the club! :)

  23. Congratulations to Kyle and you all! What an awesome accomplishment!

  24. Congratulations to you all as this was truly a group effort.

  25. Congratulations to all of you! What a wonderful acheivement!

  26. Congratulations to Kyle! That's an awesome achievement! My husband is an Eagle Scout and I hope that my sons will someday be too.

  27. Congratulations! That is so wonderful to hear. My boys are currently a Weblos I and a Bear and I hope they continue their scouting journey to fly with the Eagles.

  28. What a good looking and well achieved family! You must be so proud!! Congrats Mama!

  29. Congratulations! Eagle Scout is quite an achievement! Your family is beautiful!


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