Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Might Have Missed My Calling

I noticed him right away, when I approached the grocery store door and saw him standing outside; not smoking, no cart, just standing there, noticing me.  I didn't think much of it at the time and simply went inside to grab a cart. As I steered the cart over the stupid brick-tiled floor towards the soda cases, I noticed the guy (heretofore nicknamed "Sneaky Pete") again; this time, ahead of me.   I watched as Sneaky Pete went around behind the stack of soda cases and stopped. As I drew near, he stuffed something into his pocket, glanced around, and walked into the bathroom nearby. Suspicious, I walked around to that side of the soda cases and saw an out-of-place shopping basket with products in it. Clearly, Sneaky Pete was up to something!  Had he come inside to retrieve something from his stashed basket, only to hide it better in the restroom?

I went to get a store employee. The first two I approached could not help me, but the third called someone, and while I waited, I saw Sneaky Pete come out of the bathroom and disappear into the store aisles.  The employee who came to address me walked with me back to the soda area as I explained,

"He just looks really shifty; I saw him out front, first, kind of loitering.  Then he came inside, and I saw him put something in his pocket and then look around before he went into the bathroom.  He has a grocery basket stashed over there, too."

When we there, I didn't see Sneaky Pete and I saw that the shopping basket was no longer there. Apparently, he had decided to load up some more!   The store employee asked me what Sneaky Pete was wearing, and I told him (jeans, a dark zip-up sweatshirt, dark-colored knit cap.)  I told him I would just continue shopping and would call the store number if I saw Pete again. He asked me to first share my story with Security, who we then waited for.

A moment later, the staff member said, "Here he comes...."

And guess who walked up?  (I'll give you a hint--He was wearing jeans, a dark zip-up sweatshirt, dark-colored knit cap.)

Sneaky Pete (basket and all)!

I guess I should have named him Not-So-Sneaky Pete!

(Boy, was he embarrassed.)


  1. too funny! I worked retail for many years and can usually spot the undercover security. I love your name for him though! Have a great day!

  2. At least your were being observant!
    But what did he stuff in his pocket and take into the bathroom??

    Happy DEEP Freeze holidays to you!

  3. haha, well, I wouldn't STOP being observant...good try!

  4. Whatever the outcome there isn't any doubt that he was acting pretty sneaky. If it was enough to attract attention when you're in the middle of a grocery run. . . .

  5. That's hilarious!!!! We knew the undercover security at our local Target... only because we saw the same person there EVERYTIME we were at the store... dead giveaway... but he probably wondered why we were there so often too? haha!

  6. I am not the slightest bit observant and probably would have run over him with my own cart and never noticed. Maybe that's why no one ever hired me as security.

  7. I am dying here -- that is a hilarious story!

    Thanks for the laugh. Tomorrow when I am doing my Christmas shopping, I will be looking for the Not-So-Sneakies!


  8. a little slow here - so it was the sneaky pete security services.

    Good story. Good thing you don't shop anywhere around my area, you would be turning me all the time.

  9. Just goes to show ya'll that a teacher will see 'all' even when outta the classroom! Heeheehhe, this was great.

    Did he have a 'stash' hidden in the boy's room???

    God bless ya...ya little crime-fighter you!!! :o)

  10. Its like they say, If you see something suspicious, say something! I'm damned proud of ya!

  11. Good job! and ol' Sneaky Pete needs to look less suspicious!

    Too funny.

    Kristin - The Goat

  12. If I ever open a retail establishment, you will be first on my list of undercover security candidates.

  13. Sounds like Sneaky Pete is Barney Fife. What a hoot. Funny story.

  14. Oh, that is so funny! Maybe he needs to hone his craft? :D

  15. Well, heck, sounds like he was acting suspiciously, so you did the right thing.

  16. Your powers of observations amaze me!


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