Monday, January 31, 2011

Heard in the Classroom--Journal Edition

We grade students' journals about once per month. These entries (all from the same student) were particularly entertaining to me.  [I left the spelling as-is.]

What has been your experience with funerals?

My experience with funerals are that every one is sad and, I hate them. Also, I've been to two of them. And the only thing I like about funerals is the food.

Compare your house to the McNabb's [from Maniac McGee]
My house compared to the McNabb's is nothing like his. My house is a little messy but his house is horrible, sericly. Also, my house doesn't have rats.

How do you like 6th grade so far?
How I like 6th grade so far is that you arnt stuck in just one room for the hole day.  Also, you learn French and spanish in all the grades, I think.  Sixth grade also has funny teachers and only when you get them mad they get stricted.

Pretty funny, huh?  I'll try to remember how charming my students are when I work til 7:30pm tonight (Student-Led Conferences).


  1. Too funny ....hope you next two busy days go smooth!

  2. I was happy when I wasn't stuck in one room the "hole day" too.

    I'm with him on the funeral reflections. I once was a hospice employee. I don't "do" funerals any more.

  3. Are you one of the teachers who sometimes gets stricted? Sericly?

  4. LOL, too funny! A good laugh now and then never made the day go by slower.

  5. I'm thinking he/she needs to concentrate a little more on English, before attempting another language.

  6. Oh....those comments save the day!!! I'm with kids number one. I only go to the funerals for the food!

  7. So. You teach a course in Creative Spelling? Give that young person an 'A'.

  8. Awww so cute. I'm guessing these are prompted cues? And... if so, why the question about funerals? It seems like rather a big topic for kids. Just askin' ;)

    How do you feel about student led conferences, out of curiosity? We have them starting in kindergarten, and I HATE them.

  9. just curious - are the journals hand written or did they become computerized?
    Good food is a good way to remember the deceased. I would suggest to this student that he/see not tempt the teachers to be stricter.
    good stuff - thanks

  10. Cute! My son is in the 5th grade. I think anyone who works with these tweeners deserves a medal and a nice long tropical vacation. I don't know how you do it.

  11. I agree, DM!

    Michelle, I actually love student-led conferences, at least at the middle school level. Our students all did Prezi's for theirs tonight, and they were AWESOME.

    The question about funerals was a prompt spurred by something we were reading (though for the life of me, I can't remember what it was now). We always invite our students to write about anything ELSE they want to write about if they don't like the topic or are uncomfortable with it.

  12. Okay, I remembered! In the book, Maniac McGee, an important character dies, and there is a funeral. That said, we always, always tell them that they are welcome to choose an alternative topic if they'd rather. We also invite students to keep their journals private if they'd rather. I never read those; I just glance through them to see if they are writing.

  13. I can't even begin to imagine what I sounded like in 6th grade! LOL


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