Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sundays in My City

Lately, it's been snowy our neck of the woods, and I'm quite happy about it. 
I always say that if it's going to be cold, we might as well have snow. 
When I'm not keeping both hands on the wheel to stay on the road 
during my daily commute on country roads, 
I'm pulling over to take shots like this one...

Last night, we got 4-5 more inches of the beautiful white stuff. It floated down in big, fluffy flakes...

A little while ago, I mentioned that Cooper likes to make snow angels, 
and since Lisleman (I think) asked for pics, 
I took my camera out with the dog last night, hoping he would oblige me, 
and I'm thrilled to say that he did! Here's Cooper,
rolling in the snow like a pig in slop!

And here's his masterpiece!

In case you can't make it out, I've outlined it for you here...

Pretty ironic, isn't it? Cooper, a snow angel?

For more scenes from around the globe, visit Sundays in My City, by Unknown Mami.


  1. That first picture is amazing!

    I love the Cooper Snow Angel. Cute.

  2. Love the solitary tree shot and Cooper is gorgeous :-)

  3. The top photo is great, I hope you do have it in a frame in your home. I showed the dog angel to hubby. Cool dog.

  4. Do you have favorite trees along your route that you "watch" as the seasons go by?

    I love your new header, by the way.

  5. LOL! I love the snow angel! I saw it before you outlined's perfect!

    I also am just in love with the photo of the beautiful!

  6. Thanks so much! Yes, I have two favorite trees along my route, and I love to takes tons of pics of them, year round. That top one is the only shot I took that day--It was so perfect; just begging me to snap it.

    I really should print that! Thanks.

  7. Cooper is a nut! Love the energy that dog has! Have a wonderful Sunday and stay warm!

  8. That is fantastic.. My boxer doesn't like snow or anything wet that has to do with water.. she's a sissy! However, I had a Golden Retriever that would pull us youngins around on sleds.. that was fun! Your dog is so cute!

  9. Love your tree pictures! They are always so beautiful, anytime of the year!

    May we borrow Cooper? Tootsie becomes a grasshopper in the snow. If she isn't digging her nose in it to see who has stopped by, she's bouncing around like a ball of flubber!

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. I find it so hard to be annoyed by snow that is so beautiful. Your pictures are great!
    I love Cooper's angel...hmmm...

  11. Snow looks so much friendlier when it's happening elsewhere.

  12. Beautiful! I love the shot of the tree.
    Also, hubby and I were just giggling today because our dog does the same thing!

  13. that is sooo nice that Cooper honored my request. What a good dog and we have never met. I owe him a treat (I stopped eating them BTW - old post about that).
    Thanks for the snow angel!

  14. That is the first doggy snow angel I have ever seen.

    The first picture is awesome.

  15. What an excellent snow cooper! That is so great!

  16. Cooper is a great dog--and talented too! I never saw our dog roll in the snow. She likes to dig in it and sticks her head into it though. She prefers rolling on grass.

  17. your dogs snow angel is adorable. we just got a round of that big, fluffy snow...I loooove it!

  18. The first picture could be framed. It's gorgeous.

    I think it's hysterical that your dog makes snow angels!

  19. Cooper is a hoot! and what a great dog to honor the request of a fellow blogger. Good dog!


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