Friday, January 21, 2011

Top 11 Signs Your Teacher is Too Psyched for the NFC Championship Game

11. Dumped a bucket of Gatorade on the spelling bee champ.

10. Seventh graders will be dissecting footballs, not frogs.

9. Challenges troubled students by asking "What would Clay Matthews do?"

8. Now wearing a mouth guard.

7. Throwing food now ok, as long as throws are "nice tight spirals."

6. Parents must define sick children as "Doubtful, Questionable or Probable."

5. Considers football game tapes "higher education."

4. In addition to The Pledge of Allegiance, we start every day with a coin toss.

3. Students are required to get ankles taped, every morning.

2. Students now enter school through new "playoff ticket detectors" security check.

1. New after school program to be called "Donald Driver's Education."



  1. mouth guard - good one
    I posted my fragments and if you can make it over there I would to do a blog bet on the game - are you game?

  2. Please don't hold back girl, are ya just a little excited???


    This was a great laugh!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Ha, that was cute!



  4. Very funny! We had a PE teacher who has since moved back home to WI. She would paint her face with the team colors. I am rooting for the Pack as my good friend grew up in Fon Du Lac.

    Great post!

  5. This list was great. I love the "doubtful, questionable or probable" classification of sick kids!

  6. Bet you're rocking that mouth guard.

  7. I am totally pulling for your team : ) 2 of my favorite bloggers live in Wisconsin! That is good enough reason for me!

  8. Everyone is pretty crazy around here too. I even painted my nails green and gold! Total craziness!

  9. I'm almost afraid to admit it, but we're all bearing down here. It's a product of living in Illinois, I think. Even when you could care less {husbands says I have to care!}. :)

  10. Having grown up, spending my entire life as a Vikings fan, that was one of those games that was damn near impossible to cheer for either team. Now that you guys made the super bowl again, good luck. You've reached the status of NFC champs and I'll do my best to cheer you on, just don't expect green, gold and a cheddar shape hat :)


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