Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Fragments, Episode #135

***Kendall wears mismatched socks all the time; she could care less, as long as they are both white. I absolutely love that about her.

***Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or something in the middle, I hope you can appreciate the beauty in this video by a U.W. Madison student, Matt Wisniewski. That we live in a country in which thousands of people (from both sides) can come together and peacefully protest is fantastic.

***Did you know that the Veggie Tales guys have a new, fun website? I poked around in there (for old time's sake) and found it to be absolutely adorable. If you've never heard of them, I highly recommend the site (and the CD's, which my kids loved when they were younger.

Last week, Mel (of Fraase Family) wrote a fragment that I appreciated in a "I remember those days!" kind of way...

Jackson and Piper were both sick this week. Lots of extra laundry for pukey toddlers. I look forward to the age when they can make it to the bathroom to vomit instead of erupting like a volcano where they stand. Especially when they’re standing on my bed. Lucky for you, no pics.

I mean this in the nicest way possible, Mel--You were my Favorite Friday Fragmenter as a result of that frag. Enjoy your award :)

***When people fart in my presence, I like to say, "Conflatulations!" (This gem came from the always brilliant, sometimes offensive Lightning Bug's Butt.)

***I don't know where her dad got a hold of Walker's Budget Repair Bill, but this video cracked me up!!

***Are you "Rebecca?" If so, your comments are wonderful, but I can never reply, because I know more than one Rebecca and can't figure out which one you are. The next time you stop by, will you please leave your email address so that I can reply? Thanks.

Okay, I've got to finish up this post and get back to visiting with Kyle and a few friends who stopped by to EAT. Have a great weekend!


  1. I Love that baby video! I saw it on facebook this week and it made me laugh.
    Different socks would make me crazy and I would feel like everyone was looking at me. You have raised a very secure young woman.
    Have a beautiful weekend. I do not remember being first before. Early for a change!

  2. Isn't laughter contagious??? I'm quite smitten with that sweet little giggle.

    Mismatched socks! My dear DILove knits's just amazin' to watch her do it. She will be in-love with the color she is usin' and tire of it by the time she gets one sock finished so she'll begin another with a new favorite color blend. The girl has beautiful socks....with no mate so she wears mismatched socks!

    God bless and have a terrific day sweetie!!!

  3. The Favorite Fragmenter Awards is so sleek and slim in black.

  4. I really need to participate in this one. I love reading them.


  5. thanks again for hosting FF - I guess the veggies tales have absolutely nothing to do with the mothers of invention song, “Call Any Vegetable”.
    I off to check your favorite fragment.

  6. John showed me that ripping paper video last night, I could not stop laughing! It's SO cute.
    I wear mismatched socks, too. I'm usually happy to just find two CLEAN socks!

  7. Kendall is one practically young lady.

    I was a huge fan of the Veggie Tales in my early 20's which was like my second adolescence. With my nieces and nephews, I got into Veggie Tales, Hannah Montana and Suite Life Zack and Cody.

    ♫ Barrrbara manatee, manatee, manatee.

  8. Durr. I meant practical young lady.

    And the laughing baby vid. so perfect to brighten anyone's day.

  9. hm... Robyn totally wears mismatched socks... color is no object either... she just doesn't care...

  10. I think the same Rebecca comments on my blog. We've been discussing why her email doesn't show up and we are totally stumped. I'll let her give out her own email though, just in case it's not the same (but it totally is!)

    I really wish I could get a belly laugh from ripping up some paper! Oh, to have JOY like that again so easily.

  11. Oh my word, the video of the baby laughing is great. I laughed so hard. I just had to post that one on my Facebook. :)

  12. Veggie Tales... wow.. I've not heard that name in a long time.... Thanks for the memory.

  13. I'm one of the rare ones I guess who is not a fan of Veggie Tales. Oh, and I consider it a match if both socks are white.

  14. Awesome video of that laughing it would cheer anyone up.
    LOL @ conflatulations..too funny.

  15. I have always always wore mismatched socks too. Colours don't matter either. As long as they are the same length.
    My husband on the other hand... I fret for our (future) children!

    But also, that baby has the most amazing laugh ever.

  16. Love conflatulations!


    Also that baby video had my laughing when I saw it on Fox News the other day! too cute!

  17. My kiddos are cool w/mismatched socks, too. Good thing because they'd be sorely disappointed if they expected otherwise.

    Love the Veggie Tales. My little guy is a late-comer to them b/c he was always watching the stuff the big kids were watching. I'm totally enjoying re-discovering them with him.

  18. That baby so made my week. I can't stop laughing when I watch that video. :)

  19. Both videos are awesome! I hope Walker wakes up and ends this madness! Have a wonderful weekend!

  20. We love Veggie Tales! Best of all, it streams from Netflix through our Xbox so the kids can watch it anytime.

  21. We used to love the veggie tales! I may have to try them out again, I bet my youngest would enjoy them.

    My sis in law does mis matched socks...only not white. The crazier the better. She wears Christmas socks all year long too.

    "Conflatulations!" I have to remember that!

  22. Geez, I'm still crying from laughing so hard at that baby!

    My daughter will wear a green sock and a brown sock- she doesn't care...

    I hate white socks that aren't the same color- such as one being more stained than another...drives me nuts!

  23. I think of you every day when they cover the protests in Wisconsin. I hope it all gets worked out soon - and civilly!

  24. All of us in the house ONLY have white socks, for that very reason!

  25. I've been known to wear mismatched socks too, not realizing it, of course.

    I saw that baby video before. It's addicting. How can you not smile seeing that?

  26. When we were kids, my sister went through a phase where she REFUSED to wear anything that matched.

    I love that video, SO adorable!

  27. Glad you stopped by and left a comment. So I thought I would return the favor and am glad I did. So I will follow you with the rest of the hurd. Check out my post today for your mom.

  28. OMG that baby laughing is hysterical!

    I have not been able to blog/read in a while, I have missed you!

    Brandon doesn't nap and that was MY blogging/reading that is nil...but I did manage a post today and I have one set up for tomorrow and the next day. I may be on to something here, if I can just do a few and then have them set to post...I think I am on my way back!

  29. My kids even loved the baby ripping paper :)
    Thanks for the award!!! I like the new look!
    Aria has tons of ankle socks (I hate wearing that style), the "thing" is to wear any color, any pattern. It's nice. I don't have to match them.


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