Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Good Kind of Drama

It has been almost two weeks since the drama in Wisconsin began unfolding, and it's been emotionally tough. Thank goodness it's not the only drama we've had--Kendall performed last weekend in Tinytown's production of The King and I.  Finally...after weeks and weeks of work (and staying after school for hours and hours), they were able to share the fruits of their labors, and it was worth the wait.

The costumes were great and quite colorful. In addition to high schoolers, the musical featured grade school children who often stole the show--They were adorable.

"Anna" was terrific; I'm sure her parents are proud as heck!  Of course, she sang beautifully, but I was also very impressed with her wardrobe! Each of her dresses were gorgeous...

Take at look at this next photo and consider for just a second that it took me four hours to simply paint that blue sky and the clouds (the photo shows only about half of the sky). They had at least four major backdrops and sets, all which had to be built, painted, and/or assembled. So don't pat me on the back for helping; clearly, my help was just a drop in a very, very large bucket.

This trio was wonderful in its supporting role.
(These scenes are the Uncle Tom's Cabin play-within-a-play scene.)

 There's Kendall, in the greenish skirt; she was one of the king's wives. They did a wonderful job, too.

And here she is (in the teal skirt) in the scene in which the wives were all dressed up in western clothing in order to impress a visiting Englishman.

Here's Kendall with my mom and Grandma 4444, who could not praise the show enough--so proud of Kendall and the whole cast.

I'm so happy that Kendall enjoys doing musicals so much and has two more years to continue.

I've heard that teenage girls can create a lot of drama;
thankfully, this is the kind Kendall loves best :)

p.s. Many of these photos were taken by a friend with a much nicer camera than mine.
(Thanks for sharing, Rolean! :)


  1. I love The Kind and I. Such a great play.

    Hard to believe that this is a school performance...the sets and costumes are so incredible. Seriously. It is beautiful!!

  2. Gorgeous costumes! What a wonderful thing to share as a family.

    I've always loved theater, and although I've definitely got a Drama King for a son, he's never been willing to take that to the stage.

    Glad Kendall enjoys it :) Makes for some awesome family memories.

  3. Wow, those are some impressive production values! Such a wonderful thing for Kendall to be involved in, I'm totally jealous of her ;-)

    We'll be going to see my kids' high school (yrs 7-12 here) production of Little Shop of Horrors in a couple of weeks. Neither of mine are in it, but Caitlin is certainly looking forward to being involved in future shows.

  4. The costumes are gorgeous and the scenery is spectacular. I can only imagine how wonderful it was to be in the audience and watch the performance live. Congrats to Kendall and the entire cast.

    ("The King and I", with Yul Brynner and Deborah Kerr, is one of my favorite movies. I also loved the book "Anna and the King of Siam" - love this story.)

  5. My daughter, too, is involved in drama (and marching band, winter guard, that sort of thing). It has given her an amazing core group of friends that are mostly on the honor roll and who do not get into trouble. Having this sort of community within her school has been huge for my daughter.

    Kendall (and the entire cast) looked wonderful ... glad it went well :-)

  6. i stinking LOVED drama in school!! wish i had time to get involved with local theatre... but alas. i also love that show!! i would have been in the seats chearing away and being all sorts of emotionally invovled with the play. i am so glad your daughter got involved and it looks just amazing!!!

  7. Where's the coverage from your Flip camera of her performance or after show reception? Carry it everywhere with you.

  8. Wow! That is amazing. Looks like a wonderful production.

  9. A King and I and a star in the makin' does it get any better sweetie???

    I just love a great musical. I have a feelin' that doesn't surprise ya'll!

    God bless and have a beautiful day sweetie!!!

  10. Wow! Those costumes and the sets look incredible! I'm sure you are very proud!!

  11. yes this type of drama is much better than some of what my teen age daughters gave me.
    So you are a set designer in your spare time? Your talents know no end.

  12. The King and I was one of my most FAVORITE musicals to do in high school! :) Congrats to Kendall, I'm sure she was incredible!

  13. Lots of work goes into a production like that. It's amazing how well the high school performances are! Great pictures too.

  14. Great pics. Very sweet generational pic. Too bad YOU weren't in there!

  15. My years in drama were the best ever! That looks like a fantastic production.

  16. Very impressive costumes! I'm glad there was a bright spot on your Horizon. Someone should put video of it up on the evening news to show why teachers should get paid well.

  17. Beautiful pictures. And, what fun it must be to have her in musicals/drama. =)

  18. Congrats Kendall and cast! What an amazing set and costumes unbelievable! I hope the drama stays on the stage and your State gets a clue and stands up for the teachers and workers it's so sad. Hang in there!

  19. Your "drop" was quite an effort. And it shows.

    Congratulations to Kendall and everyone involved for a great show.

  20. One of my fave shows and it looks like it was a wonderful production!!

  21. Oh, that picture with the two grandmas brought tears to my eyes!! What a precious shot to have.

    I like the dancing feets of the 3 in red.

    And the pretty one in the greenish skirt who was one of the wives.

    Oh -- and THE BACKDROP SKY, with clouds!! Your art added so much heart!!


  22. The costumes and the set looks incredible! It looks soooo professional!

  23. My daughter likes BOTH kinds of drama. Ugh.

    Congrats to Kendall!

  24. very cool costumes!

    and the SKY! did you see that SKY??!! It was so...so...blue! with CLOUDS!! it was a terrific SKY!! looked fantastic! I just can't say enough about the SKY!!



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