Thursday, March 10, 2011

Friday Fragments, Episode #136

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*Next Friday, I'm volunteering at "Friday Fun Night" at school. Close to 400 preteens will descend on the middle school for dodgeball, wii games, movies, computer fun, karaoke, and general adolescent insanity. [Note to Self: Don't forget the earplugs.] Want to hear something really cool about Friday Fun Night?  It happens about four times a school year, and it's free.  Our school district is so awesome.

*On Saturday, our high school is hosting Solo & Ensemble! Kendall is singing a duet (The Sea) and a solo (I Attempt from Love's Sickness to Fly).  Since the musical just ended a week or two ago, she's had very little time to learn this new music, but she sounds wonderful.  (I promise to post at least the audio on Sunday.)

*"I really want some moccasins. And a ukulele." This is a random text that Kendall sent to me one day last week, and it made me laugh out loud. Seriously? A ukulele?"  Yes, she was serious. Apparently, moccasins  are all the rage lately, and some kids have been bringing ukuleles in to play during free time in the choir room.

[For the record, Kendall wasn't demanding these things. Think of it as something she would send to a girlfriend; she was basically saying, "I've got to get myself some moccasins and a ukulele!"]

*I have been checking out the Welcome Home Blog since I found it recently. I can't go near it without tissues, though. Tonight, I found the post In Memory of Our Fallen Heroes especially heartbreaking and powerful. Wow. As a mother, I cannot imagine what it would be like to have a child (adult, nonetheless) on the other side of the world, sacrificing his/her safety, not knowing when they'd be coming home again. If you are the spouse, child, parent of someone in the military, thank you so much for your sacrifice.

*There are only a few major events in my lifetime (so far) that have profoundly impacted me in a permanent way. Grandpa 4444's sudden and unexpected passing was one of those events. I suspect that the inevitable passage (no pun intended) of  Wisconsin governor Scott Walker's entire budget repair bill will be another; I'm certain that my life will be impacted greatly, and I have no idea what that will look like, but thankfully, I've been blessed with my mothers disposition, so I'll get over it. [Thank you, Mom. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.]

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  1. Am I really the first one here? I was out tonight too.
    I wish more people understood the sacrifice the military family go through. I was in the USAF for 10 years but never in combat - Nobody went to war because I was there - yeah right!
    My older brother was in Viet Nam and I did worry about him but best I can tell he came back OK. The voluntary force of today is good and bad compared to draft days. I do think (many people have no clue) that we use way too many contractors in our current wars.
    Sorry to pick on just one fragment - OH I love moccasins and they are SO Wisconsin.

  2. Your disposition is a gift. I wish you could re-gift it to me.

  3. Now I'm kinda wanting some moccasins and a ukulele!

  4. I admire your attitude, and I so wish all of this wasn't happening.
    Some of our teachers had a rally near the University of Florida the other day, and when we passed we were honking, waving, and yelling Teachers Rock!
    That text from Kendall sounds like something Shelbie would send to me!

  5. I am in awe of how busy you always are and still maintain all the balls in the air.. :)

  6. I'm off to visit that Welcome Home blog now. Sounds good!

  7. I'm quite envious of your wonderful 'get over it' disposition. I'd be tryin' to fix it all! Maybe ya could get Mama to stuff some in an envelope and send some to me! Heeehehehe!!!

    I so appreciate all the many sacrifices our military go through for our country. That is why I will never miss an election even if I'm not pleased with my choices.

    Moccasins??? Really??? Guess what goes around really does come around. Each year when I was growin' up my Grandma Dow would take me to Old Town durin' my summer visits to Albuquerque where I'd purchase a new pair of 'real' Indian mocs. I loved them and was the only one back in Mo. who had 'em but I never had a ukulele! :o)

    Have a beautiful day sweetie filled with warm blessings from above!

  8. Kendall is a sweetie she must just keep you in stitches and a constant smile. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Friday Fun Night sounds pretty awesome. I like that some places still make an effort to keep teenagers productively occupied. I say that as a teenager who wasn't kept productively occupied ;)

    Will keep you in my thoughts re: the union bill. Ohio is dealing with their own, too, and I'm so sad about what it's going to mean for so many of my teacher friends.

  10. i remember when moccasins were all the rage, is that coming around again?? i remember begging my mother for some and finally had to save up from my first job and bought a pair TOGETHER with a gal pal of mine.... wonder where those are now?? ;-)

    your school district does sound amazing! i can't imagine volunteering for that. and i love the preteen age.

    i get choked up when i see the reunion of a soldier and his family. having lived it, i just can't even describe it to you. thank you for your support!

  11. You have a such a great attitude and because of that, I know that things will work out and whatever happens - you will be in an even better position than before. You deserve good things!
    Of course Kendall wants moccasins! Parker has worn moccasins everyday for weeks. It's driving me crazy!
    Happy Weekend!

  12. I used to have moccasins too! I went up to Chimney Rock and bought beaded ones from one of the "Native American Craft" stores (now looking back I wonder if they weren't made in China ;)

    Thank you for sharing the military blogs, I will enjoy checking them out. You have no idea how much it means to hear support still out there. I've lived through the deployment, and the absolute joy of the redeployment (when they come home!). There are not words to describe it.

  13. Does Kendall want to move to Hawaii? If so, I chaperone. Do you need some Xanax for tonight? I would, but I'd be there with bells on. So sorry about your grandfather.

  14. I'm not a get-over-it kind of person. I wish I were... :) You are very luck there.

    I hope for the best but expect the worst when things don't look so good. I'm hoping for the best for you. :)

  15. Moccasins and a ukulele. What a combination. I had no idea they were becoming so popular. And God bless you for volunteering for an event like that. You are a brave one.

  16. Have fun this weekend, and tell Kendell good luck with the choir thing! {Love her name by the way. :)}

  17. I think ukuleles are all the rage right now; I hadn't heard about the moccasins yet; although I have seen them at Babies R Us; so there you go what goes around comes around.
    I hope you have a wonderful although busy weekend...
    I also want to thank you for your very inspirational comments; I really appreciate your time.

  18. Not so sure about the moccasins! When I was about 5 I wanted a pair because I desperately wanted to be Native American: I wanted long black hair.

    Have fun this weekend!

  19. My parents had a ukulele when I lived at home, it was eventually given to my brother-in-law (such a musical talent) who could actually play the thing and I haven't thought of it since! :)

    The Welcome Home Blog never fails to bring me to tears for numerous reasons. Have you seen the "Coming Home" show on Lifetime? They filmed a lot here and one of my friends is featured. But that show brings me to tears with just the opening credits.

  20. Ugh, I totally understand on the bill. I'm a little frightened for all in WI. And of what's coming in IL, too.... I may not be a SAHM for long.

    But on the plus side, GO KENDALL! I can't wait to hear how she does :)

  21. Why oh why did I go to the Memories of the Fallen blog... I can't see to type now. That year my husband was gone was scary.

    I know, I'll think about ukuleles.


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