Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sometimes, You Have to Push 'Em a Little

Believe it or not, I practically had to drag Mr.4444 down the wedding aisle, after years of whining. I totally ruined the whole engagement fantasy for both of us. In fact, I believe the actual proposal went something like this (fast-forwarded 6 years):

Him: I know I'm going to marry you some day. I just don't know when that's going to be. I'm not ready.

Okay, but what will it take for you to be ready?

I don't know. Sorry. 

[Later, rinse, repeat about ten times.]

Me: I'm done. We're done. I'm not waiting anymore. Have a nice life.


Four quiet days later, I received a bouquet of roses with a card which read, "Will you marry me?" Mr.4444

It wasn't exactly intimate (really, the poor man was terrified), but I took it and ran with it.

A year later....

Where's my ring? 

Alright! Alright! I'll get you one! 

Okay. Nice ring. Let's set a date!

Do we have to? [smiles]

I gotta tell you, though, once the ceremony was over, Mr.4444 threw off the fear and embraced the magic. He became a poster boy for Happily Married Man.  Twenty-one years later, we are still in love; holding hands and snuggling like newlyweds. (My favorite place in the world is falling asleep in that man's arms.)

Happy Anniversary, Mr.4444 (away on business). I love you!!!!


  1. Happy Anniversary
    The best things in life are worth the wait. all the best to both of you.

  2. Happy Anniversary to ya! Best wishes for many more!

  3. Happy Anniversary--hope it's a wonderful one!

  4. Happy Anniversary... that was a nice post. :)

  5. Awwww...Happy Anniversary!

    I hope you have many more years of happiness.

  6. What a stressful engagement! Since statistics claim that married men are the happiest, and married women the unhappiest, I wonder why we bother. I guess the really unhappy women must make up for us happy ones.

    Happy anniversary, whenever you get to celebrate.

  7. Happy Anniversary! :-) March seems to be a good month for weddings.

    Our engagement story is very similar.

    Just had to tell you this -- the word verification to post this comment is "buthot". I can stop laughing. :)

  8. Happy anniversary, with plenty more in the future :)


  9. LOL, I would love to hear HIS side of this story.

    Happy Anniversary!

  10. Cute story, Happy Anniversary! Lisa R.

  11. I have to laugh with the vision of ya draggin' the man down the isle! It's great when the love story lives on!!!


    God bless and enjoy the day! :o)

  12. Awesome story. Happy anniversary!

  13. That is a wonderful story and so much like mine!

    We were together 5 yrs, yes, 5 yrs before we got married and he never did propose. I finally said I cannot play house forever, either we get married or you gotta go! lOL and he finally got a ring and gave it to me on Valentine's day the year we were married, May 3, 2003~ and we are still happy. It is hard let me tell you with a mixed marriage of step-kids and such, not to mention a mixzed racial couple!

  14. What a wonderful post and sentiment.

  15. Wow! Happy Anniversary to you both. I’m as romantic as he was. Judy and I were at the mall at a Electrolux store to get some vacuum bags. We were sitting on a bench waiting and I ask her if she and her two kids would be my tax deductions that year. (we were both accountants and with business degrees.)

  16. Happy Anniv. and it is Lexi's 6th bday too.
    I love the comments too.

  17. Love it! Happy Anniversary! Ditto to what someone else said - I'd love to hear his version!

  18. Guess those four days without you made him realize he didn't want to lose you. Glad it has all turned out so well! Happy belated anniversary!

  19. That's kind of how our engagement went. Not exactly a fabulous story to tell. I even designed my own ring. Well that was pretty cool. Happy Anniversary.

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  21. Sorry--I had way too many typos in the last post! LOL!! Happy Anniversary #21!!! Doesn't matter really how we all get long as you are both going in the same direction to the same destination. I don't even remember being proposed to, was an assumption. What determined "when" for us was which October the Church and an available day. ;-)

  22. Awww! It took me 6 years to drag my man down the aisle, too ;) We've been married 10 years this past year. Where does the time go? Happy Anniversary!!


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