Monday, March 21, 2011

Support Your Local "Fire Fighters"!

This kid? He's amazing. He was a 7th grade cancer survivor when I shot this video, 
and he has recently become the owner of a brand new heart!

That's right; the drugs required to save Zack's life damaged his heart so much that he needed a new one. What a tough kid. Inspired by Zach (and my Different Makers students) I have allowed my arm to be twisted to the point of agreeing to captain our school's Relay for Life team, and at the risk of giving stalkers way too much information, I'd like to invite you to please visit my donation page. The Difference Makers and I would appreciate it very much!

In a world aflame in need, I liken leading my Difference Makers to handling a powerful, out-of-control fire hose; their enthusiasm is unquenchable, their depth of compassion measureless. Those kids are so stinking cute.  They latched onto the Relay for Life idea and wouldn't take "maybe" for an answer.

Mrs.4444! We could all pitch in with the work!
Mrs.4444! We could have a karate chop fundraiser--people could pay me to break boards!
Mrs.4444!  I'll bake a cake for the cake walk!
Mrs.4444!  Can I start making the posters?

(Yes, I do hear my name called over and over during our meetings; they are always clamoring to contribute ideas.)

Upon signing up on-line, the second bit of information we were asked to offer was our fund raising goal.

How much do you think we can come up with?" I asked (thinking $1000 might be reachable)

"E" chirped, "$5000!"  She was serious. (Very serious.)

$5000? Are you kidding me?

I laughed out loud, but E was adamant. Her eyes twinkled. Her smile was set. The enthusiasm in the room was overwhelming.  Finally, I convinced the kids to compromise at $3000. They already have a penny war and "hat day" planned. The band director just told me he'll dedicate the profits of a 50-50 raffle to our team if we sell the tickets at an upcoming concert. My own personal goal is to raise $400 towards the $3000.

If anyone can do this, it's the Difference Makers--They've dampened numerous fires already.

Life is worth the fight!

To make a donation to The Difference Makers Relay team and see their cute selves (parents gave consent) click on our team page or my individual page.


  1. What a lot for that child to have to go through at such a young age! Great video! It's wonderful how enthusiastic they are to help others--hope they always keep that enthusiasm! Off to make my contribution.

  2. I love what this group of kids is doing. What a blessing the difference makers are for each other, you and every heart they touch.

  3. How thrilling it must be for you to see the excitment of the kids when plans are being made to help someone out! Thank you for being such an inspiration to them, as well as the rest of us!

  4. Inspirational is the word that comes to mind. I wish I could harness their enthusiasm.

  5. What an inspirational video. It must do your heart good to see how involved your make a difference students are!!!

    That's because they have a great teacher! :o)

    I adore relay for life, we have a big 'rally' here each spring!

    Have a terrific day sweetie!!!

  6. Awesome, Mrs. 4444! I'm sure you'll keep posting reminders of this -especially for people like me who have a lot of senior moments and are a tad forgetful -so I keep this in mind. I'm in the midst of trying now to pay doctor bills galore from all my procedures last year and fall and if/when I can see my way clear, I am going to try very hard to find a few extra buckaroonies to toss out your way. It won't be much, just something though to give these great kids a bit of a hand if I can. But, you and I know, every little bit helps and counts. Makes me really proud to "know" you via blogging and FB and to see what a difference you and your students are making and WILL succeed in making when this campaign is completed! You ROCK! And especially so do those kids!

  7. Ka-ching! Nothing like having a nice big number. It will inspire your followers and friends to help these enthusiastic and awesome kids to new heights of helping! I'll dangle that 3000 number someplace where I can see it all the time---and send my GB kids to help out.

  8. You are making a difference in the world with your dedicated work with children as well as other aspects of your life. I heart you and the inspiration you bring to me.


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